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ICAO: KLWM  IATA: LWM   Airport: Lawrence Municipal Airport
City: Lawrence   State/Province: Massachusetts
Country: United States   Continent: North America
KLWM METAR Weather: KLWM 262154Z 26003KT 1 1/4SM -RA BR SCT006 BKN018 OVC032 08/08 A2967 RMK AO2 SLP049 P0021 T00830078
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KLWM Ground/Tower
Feed Status: UP   Listeners: 2
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KLWM Ground/Tower Audio Archives
Eagle East Jet Service122.850
Four Star Aviation Jet Center123.300
Lawrence Clearance (after hours, Boston Approach)126.150
Lawrence Ground124.300
Lawrence Tower119.250
Northeast Executive Jet130.600

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