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Archived LiveATC Recordings

These recordings have been captured from a variety of sources, primarily LiveATC audio streams.
You can post your own on the ATC/Aviation Audio Clip Forum (requires forum registration)

NOTE TO PRESS: Please cite as audio source.

Time (GMT) Subject Member Name
2024-07-17 12:34:12Bird issue Des Moines kb4tez
2024-07-17 10:30:12Alaska B739 near Boise on Jul 13th smoke in cockpit kb4tez
2024-07-16 10:14:41Tornadoes Hit Chicago OHare and Midway Airports kb4tez
2024-07-15 13:42:29Engine Failure Littleton Colorado to KAPA kb4tez
2024-07-12 14:17:21Piper engine failure Austin TX kb4tez
2024-07-12 12:35:24World Atlantic MD83 at El Paso on Jul 10th 2024 engine fire kb4tez
2024-07-11 12:52:47AAL590 Blown Tire on Takeoff from KTPA ronr530
2024-07-10 20:22:36Captain is Losing His Hair ronr530
2024-07-10 10:35:06Delta A320 at Atlanta on Jul 8th 2024 engine failure kb4tez
2024-07-10 02:47:24KSYR Apparent Near Miss ronr530
2024-07-09 15:49:09Ground construction issues Denton Texas kb4tez
2024-07-09 13:46:45AAL90 Engine Failure Returns to KORD ronr530
2024-07-08 16:16:27Bird Strike St Pete kb4tez
2024-07-07 19:46:42UAL343 Cabin Pressure Problems CLimbing out of KORD ronr530
2024-07-07 14:59:14DAL136 Diverts to KJFK due to Spoiled Food On Board ronr530
2024-07-03 09:40:59Small plane flips on runway at Montgomery Field kb4tez
2024-07-02 14:29:23Billings gets busy with a B-1 in the tower pattern WLFGHST
2024-07-02 13:36:30Mayday with smoke in cockpit Dillon Montana kb4tez
2024-07-02 12:48:07Gear and Engine failure Greenville kb4tez
2024-07-01 16:32:04Amazon Brake Fire KABQ kb4tez
2024-07-01 15:28:50Landing Plane flips at Cedar City UT kb4tez
2024-06-28 14:13:44Southwest flight from Portland to Baltimore took off from closed runway kb4tez
2024-06-28 12:57:59Plane goes off the runway at Newark Airport closing a runway kb4tez
2024-06-28 09:05:462 dead 1 injured after small plane crashes in McKinney after takeoff kb4tez
2024-06-26 17:27:31Airplane makes emergency landing at Smith Jackson County line kb4tez
2024-06-26 16:28:58Pilot not seriously injured in New Ipswich small plane crash kb4tez
2024-06-25 09:55:18Pilot survives Columbia River crash landing near Troutdale kb4tez
2024-06-24 15:53:10Gateway jet bridge hit United at Newark kb4tez
2024-06-24 15:27:12Short Field landing Colorado Springs kb4tez
2024-06-24 14:59:14Blown Tire on Landing Hendersonville kb4tez
2024-06-24 11:44:54American Airlines Captain Retires and KPBI celebrates kb4tez
2024-06-21 19:37:10SFOs first landing on 28 Left after taxiway reconfiguration SQK7700
2024-06-21 12:59:01KPBI Delta flight fire indication engine 1 returns to PBI kb4tez
2024-06-21 09:35:11Low flying commercial jet skims Oklahoma City suburb kb4tez
2024-06-20 19:06:06United Airlines flight forced back to Bradley as parts fell off at departure kb4tez
2024-06-19 02:36:37DCA - US Army Blackhawk gets lased baldiedc
2024-06-18 10:31:57Pilot believed dead after small plane crashes into Merrimack River kb4tez
2024-06-15 01:34:47DCA extended ground stop due to ANC flyover go-around 6/14 baldiedc
2024-06-15 01:34:47DCA extended ground stop due to ANC flyover go-around 6/14 baldiedc
2024-06-15 01:34:47DCA extended ground stop due to ANC flyover go-around 6/14 baldiedc
2024-06-15 01:34:47DCA extended ground stop due to ANC flyover go-around 6/14 baldiedc
2024-06-15 01:34:47DCA extended ground stop due to ANC flyover go-around 6/14 baldiedc
2024-06-15 01:34:47DCA extended ground stop due to ANC flyover go-around 6/14 baldiedc
2024-06-11 14:22:23Pilot notified OAK Tower of Seagulls and then hits one departing kb4tez
2024-06-10 10:12:234 injured as plane crashes on suburban Denver yard kb4tez
2024-06-07 16:53:31Southwest B737 at Denver on Jun 3rd burst tyre on departure kb4tez
2024-06-07 14:17:16JetBlue Flight Bridgetown to Boston Declares Emergency kb4tez
2024-06-07 10:09:27One person dead after small plane crashes on top of building in Auburn kb4tez
2024-06-05 12:24:11Plane makes emergency landing on busy Palm Beach County road kb4tez
2024-06-05 09:58:13Small plane goes off runway at GSO kb4tez
2024-06-04 13:35:48Prop Strike Pontiac and gets busy from there kb4tez
2024-06-04 10:07:15Student pilot on solo flight reported engine trouble before crashing at camp kb4tez
2024-06-03 17:35:01Debonaire N1259M-engine out San Diego, KMYF-June 01, 2024 Duffy
2024-06-03 17:26:56Piper Crash on landing approach to Colorado Springs kb4tez
2024-06-03 11:18:18Plane crashes near the Isla Grande airport in San Juan kb4tez
2024-05-31 12:14:05DCA squeeze play 5/21 (everyone is fine) baldiedc
2024-05-31 10:33:38Delta A359 at Atlanta on May 27th loss of automation kb4tez
2024-05-30 10:42:48American at DCA on May 29th rejected takeoff due to operational error kb4tez
2024-05-30 10:20:48Re: Diamond DA40 lands on Hwy 501 near Myrtle Beach kb4tez
2024-05-30 02:09:26Diamond DA40 lands on Hwy 501 near Myrtle Beach gillmores
2024-05-29 19:01:22Southwest Airlines smoke in the cabin Colorado Springs kb4tez
2024-05-29 10:46:08Small plane makes hard landing at RDU due to nose gear malfunction kb4tez
2024-05-29 10:22:06F35B Crashes Near Albuquerque Airport New Mexico kb4tez
2024-05-28 19:40:22United left hand engine fire on take off Chicago kb4tez
2024-05-28 17:08:41Wing and tail strike, Livermore CA kb4tez
2024-05-28 15:34:40Dehavilland loses power but lands outside Fairbanks AK kb4tez
2024-05-28 15:01:57Canopy Door flies off Charleston kb4tez
2024-05-28 11:14:30Nose Gear collapse Savanah GA kb4tez
2024-05-24 19:11:47Skywest Flight diverts to KGRR due to engine flame out kb4tez
2024-05-24 12:06:11Plane lands on road near Colorado Springs kb4tez
2024-05-23 12:22:55Bird Strike Vero Beach Florida kb4tez
2024-05-22 10:21:43Small plane overshot runway before hitting travel trailer in north Peoria kb4tez
2024-05-21 18:17:52Small plane crash at Hooks Airport no brakes kb4tez
2024-05-20 13:05:36Wheel seperates on landing SAN LUIS OBISPO kb4tez
2024-05-17 13:52:54Cessna lands on road near Yuma AZ kb4tez
2024-05-16 10:18:42Three dead after small plane crash in Williamson County kb4tez
2024-05-15 14:33:00UPS2949 Flight Control Issues Returns to KOAK ronr530
2024-05-10 12:34:24Sheered off nose gear Sacramento Exec kb4tez
2024-05-10 10:06:20Plane makes emergency landing near Hueco Tanks kb4tez
2024-05-10 01:50:15DAL1435 Nose Gear Problem Descending into KATL ronr530
2024-05-10 01:31:40Re: Orlando, rejected takeoff, conflicting ATC clearing takeoff and rwy crossing ronr530
2024-05-09 16:41:26Orlando, rejected takeoff, conflicting ATC clearing takeoff and rwy crossing flyflyfly
2024-05-09 02:31:47Re: SAC Executive - Porpoise landing gear failure ExPlaned
2024-05-08 18:58:08Plane crashes along side of Apopka road kb4tez
2024-05-08 14:03:06Gear up landing Punta Gorda kb4tez
2024-05-07 18:04:42KCFD Houston Approach squelch issue RblPylot
2024-05-06 18:32:15UAL381 Flaps Issue Landing KAUS ronr530
2024-05-06 16:25:41Gear Up Landing Ocala kb4tez
2024-05-06 16:15:18AAL409 Fuel Emergency Diverts to KORF due to Bomb Threat at Bermuda ronr530
2024-05-06 15:58:46Cessna 172 lands in field after just taking off from North Perry Airport kb4tez
2024-05-06 10:58:26Rockwell Aero Commander 690A crashed near Palmyra Virginia kb4tez
2024-05-06 02:00:30BAW18B at Bermuda Takeoff Clearance Cancelled due to Bomb Threat ronr530
2024-05-04 13:17:29UAL1929 Runway Incursion After Landing at KMCO ronr530
2024-05-03 19:04:47AAL747 Diverts to KDFW with Hydraulic Problems ronr530
2024-05-03 13:45:51Plane flipped over by weather Dupage Field kb4tez
2024-05-03 10:02:16A twin engine plane crashed in a field in DeLand kb4tez
2024-05-03 02:32:39AAL1263 Engine Failure After Departing KDCA ronr530
2024-05-02 14:13:00Wing Tip fender bender at Teterboro kb4tez
2024-05-02 11:10:54American Airlines Flight Diverted After Hitting Bird kb4tez
2024-04-29 09:50:24Small plane crashes into El Cajon neighborhood pilot injured kb4tez
2024-04-28 17:14:43DAL520 Returns to KJFK with Escape Slide Problem ronr530
2024-04-26 17:47:41UAL108 Returns to KIAD due to Fuel Leak ronr530
2024-04-26 17:44:40Flat Tire Landing at PBI causes delays kb4tez
2024-04-26 12:10:16American Airline go around at DFW kb4tez
2024-04-25 19:08:22DAL49 Nose Gear Fault Landing KJFK ronr530
2024-04-25 14:59:15SWA4195 Engine Failure Diverts to KDAL ronr530
2024-04-25 14:35:23Dramatic video shows Lufthansa Boeing 747 abort landing after bouncing twice kb4tez
2024-04-24 09:49:22No survivors found after plane crashes near Fairbanks with 2 aboard kb4tez
2024-04-22 21:11:21SWR17K Rejects Takeoff at KJFK due to Traffic on the Runway ronr530
2024-04-22 14:43:24Aircraft got onto access road while taxiing Burlington kb4tez
2024-04-22 14:21:29Aircraft veers off runway landing Boise ID kb4tez
2024-04-22 14:04:08UAL260 Tailstrike on Takeoff from KIAD ronr530
2024-04-22 14:03:31Aircraft veers off runway with gear collapse Ann Arbor kb4tez
2024-04-22 13:33:17Nose gear collapse Farmington kb4tez
2024-04-22 10:14:28Emergency crews rescue three people from flipped aircraft in Paso Robles kb4tez
2024-04-20 17:24:25Funny Thing I heard... ronr530
2024-04-19 15:13:32Delta flight from Savannah declares emergency upon landing in Atlanta kb4tez
2024-04-18 13:20:35EDV4903 Possible Drone Strike ronr530
2024-04-17 19:06:32Single engine aircraft crashes in field in North Texas kb4tez
2024-04-17 12:54:46Plane flips on landing Carson Nevada kb4tez
2024-04-17 09:54:56Small plane makes emergency landing at Kapiolani Park kb4tez
2024-04-16 18:58:27Gear Fire at Pueblo Colorado kb4tez
2024-04-16 14:37:001 dead after plane crash in Anderson County kb4tez
2024-04-16 12:39:14Small plane safely lands without gear in Winter Haven kb4tez
2024-04-11 09:44:42Small plane lands in grass at GRR during takeoff kb4tez
2024-04-10 11:52:41Passenger lands small plane at RDU after pilot suffers medical emergency kb4tez
2024-04-10 03:25:56DAL1192 Lightning Strike Descending into KATL ronr530
2024-04-05 16:07:01Engine fire forces Southwest flight to abort takeoff at Lubbock airport kb4tez
2024-04-05 16:00:26Northeast Earthquake Affects KEWR Operations ronr530
2024-04-05 10:22:05Small plane makes emergency landing on US1 in Chatham County kb4tez
2024-04-04 13:07:32Plane makes emergency landing in Yolo County field Sacramento kb4tez
2024-04-04 12:46:23Plane Landing Gear Mishap Closes Santa Barbara Airport Runway kb4tez
2024-04-04 12:19:58Passenger flight attendant injured during severe turbulence on Southwest flight kb4tez
2024-04-03 14:10:01Plane forced to make emergency landing at Gold Coast Airport due to landing gear kb4tez
2024-04-03 10:16:08Sault College training plane crashes two taken to hospital kb4tez
2024-04-03 09:59:55Fedex A306 at Boise on Mar 28th radio problems kb4tez
2024-04-02 19:39:06American Airlines plane hits parked aircraft while leaving gate at Philadelphia kb4tez
2024-04-02 14:25:46Gear Up Landing Torrence for the second time kb4tez
2024-04-01 18:45:45Lancair gear issue landing Huntsville kb4tez
2024-04-01 09:47:19Southwest B738 at Baltimore on Mar 30th 2024 engine stall on very short final kb4tez
2024-03-29 16:20:29Gear Collapse New Richmond Wisconsin kb4tez
2024-03-29 13:09:23Plane forced landing on nudist beach Darwin, AU kb4tez
2024-03-29 09:46:50Rejected Take Off at Sky Harbor kb4tez
2024-03-29 09:23:24Two Delta planes clip wings on taxi and push kb4tez
2024-03-28 13:29:12Mooney Gear Collapse at Venice Florida kb4tez
2024-03-26 15:22:49UAL1003 Reportedly Hits Drone Departing KSFO ronr530
2024-03-26 14:31:44JBU53 Medical Emergency Due To Turbulence ronr530
2024-03-25 19:33:012 die after airplane crashes into wooded area near St Augustine airport kb4tez
2024-03-25 16:42:11SWA1575 Engine Failure on Departure from KFLL ronr530
2024-03-21 18:12:43UAL14 Landing Gear Problem After Departure ronr530
2024-03-21 11:50:34APU Fire causes divert to Corpus Christi kb4tez
2024-03-21 10:22:57American A319 at Boston on Mar 20th engine compressor stall kb4tez
2024-03-20 10:47:24Mooney crash due to fuel exhaustion near Modesto kb4tez
2024-03-18 17:11:54Mooney touch and go ends up in grass at CAMARILLO, CA kb4tez
2024-03-18 06:05:22Blue Angels at Travis Air Force Base "Wings Over Solano" Saturday Show SQK7700
2024-03-15 09:45:34Bird strike causes plane to be towed from MSP tarmac kb4tez
2024-03-14 17:14:43United 1816 lost hydraulic system at SFO SQK7700
2024-03-14 10:21:31American Airlines Boeing Suffers Mechanical Emergency Mid Flight kb4tez
2024-03-13 10:54:16Single engine aircraft crashes Warren County, VA kb4tez
2024-03-12 17:44:35Belly landing Billings Beachcraft kb4tez
2024-03-11 23:48:15KDCA/KADW - ANC flyover T38 bird strike in engine 3/8/24 ~16:40Z baldiedc
2024-03-11 23:48:15KDCA/KADW - ANC flyover T38 bird strike in engine 3/8/24 ~16:40Z baldiedc
2024-03-11 23:48:15KDCA/KADW - ANC flyover T38 bird strike in engine 3/8/24 ~16:40Z baldiedc
2024-03-11 23:48:15KDCA/KADW - ANC flyover T38 bird strike in engine 3/8/24 ~16:40Z baldiedc
2024-03-11 15:46:56Re: Small jet crash near Hot Springs airport Sunday kb4tez
2024-03-09 01:40:23KDCA - DHS above DC for State of Union baldiedc
2024-03-08 16:29:29Plane slides off runway at Bush Airport No injuries reported kb4tez
2024-03-07 22:51:13United 777 lost a tire after takeoff at SFO SQK7700
2024-03-06 10:59:22Small plane crashes in Bellevue after engine failure kb4tez
2024-03-05 11:05:025 killed in plane crash near I40 in West Nashville kb4tez
2024-03-04 16:04:56Cessna landing gear collapse at KORL kb4tez
2024-03-04 15:44:06Private plane veers off runway at Page Field in South Fort Myers kb4tez
2024-03-04 01:12:08UAL883 LHR/EWR diverted BGR 3/1/24 14:30-15:00Z due to unruly passenger(s) baldiedc
2024-03-04 01:12:08UAL883 LHR/EWR diverted BGR 3/1/24 14:30-15:00Z due to unruly passenger(s) baldiedc
2024-03-04 01:12:08UAL883 LHR/EWR diverted BGR 3/1/24 14:30-15:00Z due to unruly passenger(s) baldiedc
2024-03-04 01:12:08UAL883 LHR/EWR diverted BGR 3/1/24 14:30-15:00Z due to unruly passenger(s) baldiedc
2024-03-01 17:50:17Smoke reported inside American Airlines plane cabin at LGA kb4tez
2024-02-29 10:41:15Private aircraft suffers collapsed landing gear at Page Field Airport kb4tez
2024-02-27 18:29:29Plane flipped over at Casper kb4tez
2024-02-22 18:04:16Plane flips over taxiing too close kb4tez
2024-02-22 12:51:23Nose Gear collapse at FXE kb4tez
2024-02-21 16:18:09Air Canada plane leaving Halifax receives mid-flight threat, lands safely at EWR kb4tez
2024-02-20 19:07:54Single Engine Piper Makes Emergency Landing on Long Island Highway ronr530
2024-02-20 17:31:20Ameriflight 116 - Double Go-Around @ KBUR during early morning storm Foxtrot789
2024-02-20 17:21:00Daytona Beach window delivery service kb4tez
2024-02-20 17:01:03Prop Strike Fort Myers Paige Field kb4tez
2024-02-20 10:44:43American A320 at Portland Feb 16th engine shut down in flight reverser unlocked kb4tez
2024-02-19 11:23:16Small plane lost power in crash north of Paine Field kb4tez
2024-02-15 13:45:27ECLIPSE AEROSPACE Lands in Boise with the towbar kb4tez
2024-02-15 08:35:57Alaska B39M at Portland; FEB-13-2024, Birdstrike StarTheAvgeek
2024-02-13 11:31:05United B772 enroute on Feb 10th severe turbulence injures 16 kb4tez
2024-02-12 13:21:09Delta flight makes emergency landing at Montreal airport after smoke detected kb4tez
2024-02-12 11:47:48Plane crash at Hudson Valley Regional Airport kb4tez
2024-02-12 11:26:25Small plane crash lands in Goodyear neighborhood after mechanical problems kb4tez
2024-02-12 11:09:17Small plane narrowly misses house during crash landing in Spanish Fork kb4tez
2024-02-11 18:31:32Re: CL-600 lost both engines, highway landing flattens pickup truck, fire, S Florida StarTheAvgeek
2024-02-10 18:04:34Re: CL-600 lost both engines, highway landing flattens pickup truck, fire, S Florida Fryy
2024-02-10 00:13:55KDCA - Marine One vs. robbery call for MD police baldiedc
2024-02-10 00:13:55KDCA - Marine One vs. robbery call for MD police baldiedc
2024-02-09 22:54:37CL-600 lost both engines, highway landing flattens pickup truck, fire, S Florida sprinkle
2024-02-09 14:38:31Spirit Airlines Lightning Strike MKE divert to ORD kb4tez
2024-02-08 16:51:372 Jet Blue planes clip wing tips at de iceing at Logan kb4tez
2024-02-08 11:25:16Plane crashes on UtahColorado border with two on board no survivors kb4tez
2024-02-06 11:06:37Skywest CRJ7 at Oklahoma on Feb 2nd lightning strike kb4tez
2024-02-05 15:05:40Too Much Brake Crystal MN kb4tez
2024-02-05 14:34:57Gear Issue Louisville kb4tez
2024-02-05 11:14:11Help to transcribe audio; ZNY NE PA MISC, German/Austrian speaking pilot?? StarTheAvgeek
2024-02-02 14:27:59Student Pilot has flat tire after landing in Daytona kb4tez
2024-02-02 03:06:09Small Plane Crashes into Mobile Home Park in Clearwater Florida ronr530
2024-01-31 14:57:58UAL575 Engine Failure at FL300 Diverts to KATL ronr530
2024-01-31 00:38:13N315KA avionics issue KMSP Kitten-Cat-38474
2024-01-30 18:25:34President Biden Arrives KPBI for South Fla visit kb4tez
2024-01-28 16:15:00AAL1849 Engine Failure at FL320 ronr530
2024-01-27 22:19:48DLH423 Returns to KBOS After Bird Strike on Departure ronr530
2024-01-27 20:29:15DCA Tower roasts JBU23 N746JB baldiedc
2024-01-26 18:16:48GTI8938 Engine Strikes Runway at PANC on Landing ronr530
2024-01-26 13:54:26WIG1046 Emergency After Departing Manchester NH ronr530
2024-01-26 06:04:00FFT4635 Engine Fire Indication Departing KDEN ronr530
2024-01-26 05:00:20UAL2645 Declares Emergency Diverts to KCHS ronr530
2024-01-25 15:21:06Touch and go engine fail Gainesville kb4tez
2024-01-25 11:09:48Addison Texas plane ignores ATC and crashes kb4tez
2024-01-24 14:57:33Ghost Flight Approaching KJFK ronr530
2024-01-24 14:27:35North Perry Airport Cessna 172 rolls off runway kb4tez
2024-01-24 11:15:58Teenage pilot dies in light plane crash south-west of Sydney kb4tez
2024-01-23 21:10:24DAL982 at KATL Loses Nose Wheel Lining up for Takoff ronr530
2024-01-23 16:13:45AAL1472 Flap Issue at KIAH ronr530
2024-01-22 18:21:04Ute crashes into a Jetstar plane at Sydney Airport kb4tez
2024-01-22 14:03:22AFR356 Tail Strike Landing Toronto ronr530
2024-01-20 02:33:50FDY246 Lands on Roadway Just After Takeoff From KIAD ronr530
2024-01-19 11:05:42Atlas Air engine fire after takeoff from MIA kb4tez
2024-01-17 11:04:30Plane crashes on road in Auburn pilot survives with minor injuries kb4tez
2024-01-16 23:02:55UAL1301 Bird Strike While Landing at KORD ronr530
2024-01-16 16:32:35JBU355 Engine Fire on Takeoff From KJFK ronr530
2024-01-16 15:40:54Small plane makes emergency landing on Ajax road pilot escapes without injury kb4tez
2024-01-16 11:03:55Planes clip wings at OHare International Airport kb4tez
2024-01-16 07:26:41Kona Runway Closure - ATC Audio clarksbrother
2024-01-15 18:56:52C17 THUGS on HF Fryy
2024-01-15 14:41:13QTR908 Goes Around at YSSY Claims No Approach Clearance Given ronr530
2024-01-11 22:02:31TSU1015 Unsafe Nose Gear on Short Final into KSDF ronr530
2024-01-11 14:17:57United Airlines flight makes emergency landing due to possible mechanical issue kb4tez
2024-01-11 12:34:06Small plane lands with no landing gear at FLL kb4tez
2024-01-09 10:53:26Twin Engine Planes Landing Gear Woes Results in Plane Going Off Runway kb4tez
2024-01-09 05:17:15RPA3475 Bird Strike Departing KBDL ronr530
2024-01-06 09:28:23ASA1258 Depressurization, 05-Jan-2024 dacut
2024-01-05 19:32:42JIA5278 Cabin Pressurization Problem ronr530
2024-01-04 10:51:17Lear Jet runs off runway at San Marcos kb4tez
2024-01-03 21:31:17KSLC - Man on runway gntd
2024-01-02 17:47:00Re: JAL516 Collision at Tokyo's Haneda Airport SQK7700
2024-01-02 17:47:00Re: JAL516 Collision at Tokyo's Haneda Airport SQK7700
2024-01-02 13:21:16JAL516 Collision at Tokyo's Haneda Airport ronr530
2024-01-02 12:17:33Plane reportedly stolen from KVGT kb4tez
2023-12-31 14:51:10SWA464 Returns to KLAS with Flight Control Anomaly ronr530
2023-12-30 19:32:24SKW5506 Returns to KSFO with Smoke in the Cabin ronr530
2023-12-29 10:55:38KPBI inbound emergency aircraft with go arounds and all is fine kb4tez
2023-12-28 12:20:36Southwest flight returns safely to FLL after bird strike kb4tez
2023-12-28 11:28:36Plane makes belly landing in St. Lucie County after experiencing faulty landing kb4tez
2023-12-27 17:06:17ENY3808 Returns to Chicago with Flap Issue ronr530
2023-12-24 12:11:04NTSB investigating single-engine aircraft crash on Maui kb4tez
2023-12-23 17:23:06Small plane catches fire mid air makes emergency landing at Spanish Fork Airport kb4tez
2023-12-21 21:40:45Coyote Troubles at KPBI kb4tez
2023-12-20 23:54:40Cirrus SR-22 Stuck Flaps ronr530
2023-12-19 17:35:30Small plane overshoots Miami Executive Airport runway kb4tez
2023-12-15 19:32:07UAL531 Diverts to Wichita due to Burning Smell ronr530
2023-12-15 15:56:06Engine malfunction forces emergency plane landing in Greene County field kb4tez
2023-12-15 15:30:56Mayday, mayday Crashed airplane shuts down interstate near Asheville kb4tez
2023-12-14 19:49:56Piedmont E145 at Richlands on Dec 13th 2023 gear problem on departure kb4tez
2023-12-13 11:24:47PBSO Helicopter Pilot new term for rate of climb kb4tez
2023-12-11 20:27:46Southwest B38M at Colorado Springs on Dec 8th 2023 overran runway on landing kb4tez
2023-12-11 19:55:03Delta BCS3 at New York on Dec 10th 2023 smoke in cockpit kb4tez
2023-12-11 15:08:42JBU420 Flight Control Problem Approaching KJFK ronr530
2023-12-11 10:36:292 DEAD IN NW OKLAHOMA CITY PLANE CRASH kb4tez
2023-12-10 19:30:51JBU223 Cockpit Smoke Indication ronr530
2023-12-10 16:55:47FFT3918 Attempts Landing at KISP with Zero Visibility and Closed Tower ronr530
2023-12-06 10:52:07Cowling and Cracked Windsheild at KIWA kb4tez
2023-12-05 11:59:472 killed in plane crash near Highway 127 in Limestone County kb4tez
2023-12-04 17:07:19Runway Taxiway lighting issues at KPBI kb4tez
2023-12-04 11:13:24Southwest B738 at Indianapolis on Dec 1st 2023\ engine shut down in flight kb4tez
2023-11-30 19:05:31United B737 at Newark on Nov 28th 2023 nose gear door issue kb4tez
2023-11-30 13:10:441 dead after plane crash in Etowah County identified kb4tez
2023-11-29 19:56:44Plane veers off Stuart airport runway causing fuel spill kb4tez
2023-11-28 18:23:11Small plane crash lands on Brooklyn Park highway kb4tez
2023-11-28 14:00:36AAL1626 Generator Failure Descending into KCLT ronr530
2023-11-28 11:17:00Short Ditch landing Casa Grande airfield kb4tez
2023-11-28 01:43:39Re: What I heard on Guard today... pinger
2023-11-22 20:25:32Pilot Makes Emergency Landing in Field Shortly After Leaving Lakeland kb4tez
2023-11-22 16:49:16Aspen Pitkin County Airport Gulfstream veers off runway kb4tez
2023-11-22 14:00:04Re: What I heard on Guard today... pinger
2023-11-22 12:58:21Happy Thanksgiving to All kb4tez
2023-11-22 11:33:45Beechcraft departing from Punta Gorda has sparks taking off kb4tez
2023-11-22 11:04:14Pilot killed after plane crashes in Plano shopping center parking lot kb4tez
2023-11-21 15:53:44Heard on JFK Approach - Get Your Tango Here! ronr530
2023-11-20 17:05:41Emergency landing Yuma Airport Beechcraft 95 kb4tez
2023-11-20 10:49:06Plane landing at LaGuardia aborts landing 100 feet above ground in near miss kb4tez
2023-11-17 16:14:33AAR754 Engine Failure on Departure from Singapore ronr530
2023-11-16 13:57:57One person killed in plane crash in La Jolla kb4tez
2023-11-15 14:32:14Gear up landing at Frederick Municipal Airport kb4tez
2023-11-15 14:13:52One dead in the missing plane crash at Paynes Prairie kb4tez
2023-11-14 19:24:47C172 Near Newport News Declares Emergency ronr530
2023-11-14 11:37:31Spirit Airlines bird strike Nashville kb4tez
2023-11-13 17:01:59UAL992 Radio Failure After Departure from KIAD ronr530
2023-11-13 11:20:54Small airplane crashes into car during crash landing at North Texas airport kb4tez
2023-11-11 18:51:11UAL1045 Returns to KEWR Due To "Trapped" Fuel in Center Tank ronr530
2023-11-08 13:21:24United 4295 to Colorado Springs declared an emergency and returned to Denver kb4tez
2023-11-07 11:07:51JetBlue airplane collides with tug vehicle at SFO tarmac kb4tez
2023-11-06 15:53:04Experimental airplane lands on road in Novato kb4tez
2023-11-06 12:05:05Aircraft blew a tire and veered off the runway at Winder Airport kb4tez
2023-11-06 11:40:11FAA investigating plane crash at Dayton International Airport kb4tez
2023-11-06 11:03:05Brace brace brace Plane makes emergency landing on narrow gravel road kb4tez
2023-11-04 19:48:28JZA556 Loss of Cabin Pressure Descending into KJFK ronr530
2023-11-04 12:19:17Mysterious Beacon noraatorium
2023-11-03 06:19:24United Airlines flight scrapes tail during takeoff at Logan kb4tez
2023-11-01 15:20:43AAL556 Hits Birds After Landing at KORD ronr530
2023-10-31 19:23:06Skywest Bird Strike Denver kb4tez
2023-10-31 12:54:20EDW298B Aborted Takeoff at LSZH ronr530
2023-10-30 10:38:57Tour helicopter makes precautionary landing on small island near Honolulu kb4tez
2023-10-28 03:48:02SFO Tower gets a pretty major shake SQK7700
2023-10-27 14:08:52DAL984 Bird Strike on Short Final to KATL ronr530
2023-10-26 11:07:51HeliJet damaged by freak lightning strike between Vancouver, Victoria kb4tez
2023-10-25 10:25:26130 flights impacted by jets clipping each other ground stop at Hobby Airport kb4tez
2023-10-23 10:58:41Small plane makes emergency landing near Towne West Mall kb4tez
2023-10-23 10:15:18Plane crashes near Glandorf kb4tez
2023-10-23 09:40:44Alaska B738 at Portland mistaken instruction leads to loss of seperation kb4tez
2023-10-23 03:57:27Expensive Trip to the Lav on United Flight bocon13
2023-10-19 16:14:12United Flight Sees Unusual Lights in the Skies Over Virginia ronr530
2023-10-17 11:04:10Passengers From Cincinnati Bound Plane Evacuated After Aborted Takeoff at PHL kb4tez
2023-10-16 17:54:02Delta A321 at Detroit on Oct 14th rejected takeoff due to bird strike kb4tez
2023-10-13 09:36:22Plane crashes at Provo Airport, no injuries kb4tez
2023-10-12 18:24:22Plane makes emergency landing at Chandler Municipal Airport kb4tez
2023-10-09 09:28:40Plane makes emergency landing in Northeast Philly field kb4tez
2023-10-05 21:02:34UAL329 Aborts Takeoff at KDEN Due to Fire Warning ronr530
2023-10-05 10:52:13Fedex at KCHA on Oct 4hydraulic problem, unsafe gear, main gear up landing kb4tez
2023-10-04 10:14:252 dead 1 injured in plane crash into Newberg home kb4tez
2023-10-03 15:52:25Hawaiian Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Honolulu struck by lightning kb4tez
2023-10-02 10:50:09Pilot passenger hospitalized after accident at Waupaca Municipal Airport kb4tez
2023-09-29 16:33:02The helicopter struck a duck that went through the pilot's windscreen kb4tez
2023-09-29 14:13:57UPS2111 MD-11 Engine Failure Departing KJFK ronr530
2023-09-28 18:52:12Re: DAL291 From CDG Diverts to KMSP kb4tez
2023-09-28 16:00:34Small Plane Makes Rough Landing at Santa Barbara Airport kb4tez
2023-09-28 14:27:55DAL291 From CDG Diverts to KMSP ronr530
2023-09-28 10:04:43Stinson 108 landing crash at San Diego Gillespie kb4tez
2023-09-27 14:46:48Small plane makes emergency Grand Junction kb4tez
2023-09-27 13:43:12Interesting Pilot Exchange on 123.45 ronr530
2023-09-27 09:56:03Southwest B737 near Baltimore on Sep 25th hydraulic leak kb4tez
2023-09-26 09:34:532 hospitalized after small plane crashes on soccer field kb4tez
2023-09-25 13:23:54Pittsburgh Steelers Charter Plane Makes Emergency Landing kb4tez
2023-09-25 10:32:48Pilot and passenger walk away from emergency crash landing at Ottawa Airport kb4tez
2023-09-21 20:53:242023 Winners of the 19th Annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards kb4tez
2023-09-19 20:04:21Delta Air Lines Emergency Following Possible Lightning Strike kb4tez
2023-09-18 19:21:13Spirit A320 at Memphis on Sep 18th bird strike kb4tez
2023-09-18 10:39:47Calmest Bird Strike Ever kb4tez
2023-09-18 10:14:24Business jet veers off runway at BWI Marshall Airport kb4tez
2023-09-14 19:21:51EDV5316 Smoke in the Cockpit ronr530
2023-09-13 18:18:11DLH493 Returns to Vancouver with Gear Problems ronr530
2023-09-13 16:40:37Air China Flight Declares Mayday ronr530
2023-09-12 13:28:49Cessna 172 crashed on approach to Iqaluit Airport (YFB/CYFB) kb4tez
2023-09-11 14:07:29F-16 Emergency at KTOL creates fuel issues for Allegiant 1047 gillmores
2023-09-09 19:49:22Beechcraft 200 Super King Air - N220KW - KORD Crash beckerm13
2023-09-07 10:44:19Pilot survives plane crash after engine failure over field in western Ft Pierce kb4tez
2023-09-06 19:34:29Canada BCS3 at Toronto on Aug 24th smoke and fumes on board kb4tez
2023-09-05 10:14:49Small plane crashes in Compton neighborhood near airport kb4tez
2023-09-04 07:35:53AAL1388 and SWA2286 Close Call at KPHX Fryy
2023-09-01 09:41:50Possible Bird Strike at KPBI Delta 1149 kb4tez
2023-08-31 19:37:46SFO blocked transmissions and go arounds Longboat 73D Heavy / Gulfstream N311CG SQK7700
2023-08-30 09:51:24Piper PA32 goes down near Haines City Florida kb4tez
2023-08-29 14:46:21Execjet 343 We really need to find out what made him laugh so hard! trickie
2023-08-29 11:14:11United B763 at Chicago on Aug 27th rejected takeoff due to engine fire kb4tez
2023-08-28 15:40:21Fire rescue helicopter crash in Florida sends 2 to hospital kb4tez
2023-08-28 14:30:19Huge blast near Bucharest reported tgpetrica
2023-08-28 09:44:12Delta B739 at Ft Myers on Aug 24th 2023 bird strike kb4tez
2023-08-24 09:44:55One killed in West Jordan plane crash kb4tez
2023-08-22 10:02:03No one hurt when plane's brakes fail at Wheeling airport kb4tez
2023-08-22 09:45:39No injuries reported after plane runs off Napa airport runway kb4tez
2023-08-21 10:36:01Janet Boeing 737 66N was struck by lightning kb4tez
2023-08-21 09:52:08Plane makes emergency landing in Windsor, pilot OK kb4tez
2023-08-16 22:48:56Re: What I heard on Guard today... pinger
2023-08-15 14:48:35Plane crashed at the Capital Region International Airport kb4tez
2023-08-14 17:20:58SVMI / SVZM fail audio from SECTOR 6 Maiquetia ATC Venezuela YV Telfoxtro
2023-08-10 10:44:11Plane crashes onto Pitt Meadows farm Canada kb4tez
2023-08-08 10:00:32Plane makes emergency landing at Dane County Regional Airport kb4tez
2023-08-07 09:56:49Small plane lands on its nose at Bend Airport kb4tez
2023-08-04 09:58:302 people injured after plane lands on its roof kb4tez
2023-08-03 09:41:482 killed in fiery plane crash at Van Nuys Airport kb4tez
2023-08-02 12:31:33Really? THAT airplane is having an issue? - Funny KMMU trickie
2023-07-29 22:10:00UAL3 Returns to KORD ronr530
2023-07-27 10:05:372 men taken to hospital after small plane crashes at Chattanooga Airport Wed kb4tez
2023-07-24 10:25:523 injured as small plane crashes into vacant home in Georgetown kb4tez
2023-07-24 09:30:42No serious injuries reported as small plane goes down at Roanoke airport kb4tez
2023-07-19 09:44:23Plane crashes into home near Santa Fe killing pilot kb4tez
2023-07-18 17:36:43Plane accident in Casper, Wyoming kb4tez
2023-07-18 16:53:56Plane crashes into field in Morgan Township on Monday kb4tez
2023-07-17 10:58:00Jet Blue bird strike DCA kb4tez
2023-07-14 11:38:16KPBI vs. Mother Nature kb4tez
2023-07-12 10:03:40Pilot makes emergency landing on road in Minneapolis suburb kb4tez
2023-07-10 16:32:49Single engine airplane crashes at Chico airport kb4tez
2023-07-09 19:35:14F70 French Valley C550 Business Jet Crash on 2nd Landing Attempt RWS84
2023-07-07 18:23:09Bomb threat diverted Seattle-bound Alaska Airlines flight kb4tez
2023-07-06 17:20:18Nobody injured after small plane lands in southern Indiana field kb4tez
2023-07-06 09:48:47Small plane flips over in Grand Prairie no injuries reported kb4tez
2023-07-05 10:03:02Pilot makes emergency landing near Flying Cloud Airport Sunday morning kb4tez
2023-06-27 18:57:53Plane makes emergency landing in Spanish Fork after landing gear malfunction kb4tez
2023-06-23 15:02:45Bush Airport evacuated due to severe thunderstorms kb4tez
2023-06-21 13:47:12KPBI Weathermen and ATC kb4tez
2023-06-16 20:48:06Air Portugal Flight (TAP208) Hits Something Just After Takeoff from KJFK ronr530
2023-06-13 10:17:48Engine fire causes plane to abort takeoff at Austin airport kb4tez
2023-06-12 15:21:58Small plane lands safely west of Boca Raton Piper was headed to Fort Lauderdale kb4tez
2023-06-12 10:44:16Seaplane makes emergency landing on Lake Fenton kb4tez
2023-06-08 14:26:10DCA/ACY F-16 Active Alert Scrambles for N611VG JetScan1
2023-06-08 14:26:10DCA/ACY F-16 Active Alert Scrambles for N611VG JetScan1
2023-06-08 14:26:10DCA/ACY F-16 Active Alert Scrambles for N611VG JetScan1
2023-06-07 09:46:15Unauthorized drone causes temporary ground stoppage at Pittsburgh International kb4tez
2023-06-07 03:55:53United 757 Pilot Missed Approach at KSFO Schmede
2023-06-06 10:05:19Small plane flips at Santa Monica Airport kb4tez
2023-06-05 10:57:18Chattanooga Airport Private Plane Has Landing Gear Collapse kb4tez
2023-06-05 10:22:37Plane crashes at Sundance Airport in Yukon, crews responding kb4tez
2023-05-31 13:07:21Small plane crashes at North Bay airport, minor injuries kb4tez
2023-05-30 10:04:01Plane makes emergency landing in West Jordan soccer field kb4tez
2023-05-26 19:17:25Re: What I heard on Guard today... pinger
2023-05-26 17:04:052 killed in plane crash at Palm Beach County Park Airport near Lantana kb4tez
2023-05-26 10:57:40Cessna lands in field after loss of engine power KBLI kb4tez
2023-05-26 09:56:39Pilot, passenger escape after plane crash-lands at Casa Grande airport kb4tez
2023-05-24 09:41:14Plane makes emergency landing on Colonial Drive in Orange County kb4tez
2023-05-24 02:03:04N153QS Twin Otter Ferry Flight crash in the Pacific Ocean SQK7700
2023-05-17 19:06:451 dead in fiery small plane crash in Hollywood kb4tez
2023-05-17 09:35:59Pilot uninjured in emergency landing southwest of Purdue airport kb4tez
2023-05-17 02:09:29Re: What I heard on Guard today... pinger
2023-05-16 09:55:55Glendale Student Pilot crashes short of KGEU kb4tez
2023-05-15 17:14:46 Cessna T182T Turbo Skylane destroyed near Albany Wyoming kb4tez
2023-05-12 14:00:36ATN3440 Lines up for closed runway at ATL. Aviator787SP
2023-05-11 10:17:04Fedex AT72 at Memphis on May 5th runway excursion on landing kb4tez
2023-05-10 09:41:18Passengers Evacuated From JetBlue Flight In Los Angeles After Bomb Threat kb4tez
2023-05-08 13:43:36Two people taken to hospital after small plane crashes in Greenville kb4tez
2023-05-08 10:52:52Polk Co plane crash under investigation kb4tez
2023-05-03 17:46:09The end of an era✈️ kb4tez
2023-05-03 14:12:19Helicopter loses skid at Van Nuys kb4tez
2023-05-01 10:38:09plane makes spectacular emergency landing in a meadow on Texel kb4tez
2023-04-28 12:26:39Summit RJ1H at Saskatoon engine fire indication kb4tez
2023-04-27 14:34:08Pilot strikes parked plane at Orlando Executive Airport kb4tez
2023-04-27 12:34:57Vashon Ranger R7 Crashes into fence at KCCB kb4tez
2023-04-24 10:41:56American B738 at Columbus on Apr 23rd 2023 bird strike kb4tez
2023-04-21 10:40:51State police investigating Flint plane crash kb4tez
2023-04-20 13:04:17Was That a UFO These Pilots Saw??? ronr530
2023-04-20 12:56:14Mother and son forced to swim to shore after small plane crashes at Leighton kb4tez
2023-04-18 16:17:13Air Transat and Emirates aircraft clip wings at Miami Airport kb4tez
2023-04-18 13:49:15Two planes in minor collision at Mexico City Airport kb4tez
2023-04-18 10:36:29Gear up landing Cable Airport California kb4tez
2023-04-18 10:04:53Porter DH8D at Sault Ste Marie runway overrun kb4tez
2023-04-17 10:03:48Delta B739 near Oklahoma City cargo fire warning kb4tez
2023-04-13 11:22:46Gear Collapse Cessna at Spanish Forks kb4tez
2023-04-13 10:32:52Alaska B738 at Los Angeles rejected takeoff after hitting FOD kb4tez
2023-04-11 09:46:53Emergency at PBI Jetshare had an explosion on final kb4tez
2023-04-10 18:38:10No injuries reported after plane crashes in field near Gardner Municipal Airport kb4tez
2023-04-10 14:44:35Airplane makes crash landing at Pueblo airport; no injuries reported kb4tez
2023-04-10 11:37:12Nose gear of a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 collapses after landing at Dublin Airport kb4tez
2023-04-10 11:04:49Plane calls for an emergency landing at Springfield airport after engine failure kb4tez
2023-04-10 10:26:59Plane makes emergency landing at Will Rogers World Airport after people get sick kb4tez
2023-04-07 20:15:31SWA9010 KPHX Engine Failure Fryy
2023-04-06 14:50:18Re: N85AV Accident Aircraft at KBLM - CTAF audio. kb4tez
2023-04-05 18:24:04Bird Strike at O'Hare on Departure kb4tez
2023-04-05 09:32:35Delta B739 at Pensacola hydraulic fault on landing kb4tez
2023-04-04 20:25:46Delta passenger opened door and used emergency slide while the plane was taxiing kb4tez
2023-04-03 14:12:10Aborted Takeoff -- Listening to Professionalism GeezingGuy
2023-03-28 18:39:43United B738 at Santa Barbara blew tire on landing kb4tez
2023-03-28 13:19:07Plane makes emergency landing at Will Rogers World Airport kb4tez
2023-03-27 18:45:05Casper Wyoming Skylane Crash kb4tez
2023-03-27 17:14:51Pilot and passenger suffer minor injuries after plane runs off runway at St. Aug kb4tez
2023-03-27 10:07:41Jet forced to abort landing at Savannah Hilton Head International Airport kb4tez
2023-03-24 10:55:32Man woman dog injured in small plane crash outside Northeast Florida Regional kb4tez
2023-03-24 10:02:17Re: SWA6013 Pilot Incapacitation KLAS kb4tez
2023-03-23 23:00:56SWA6013 Pilot Incapacitation KLAS Fryy
2023-03-23 11:12:17Bird Strike on Take Off at Napa County Airport kb4tez
2023-03-22 15:45:53Small plane lands at Honolulu’s airport without landing gear down kb4tez
2023-03-22 09:53:371 dead 2 injured after small plane crashes in neighborhood on Long Island kb4tez
2023-03-21 10:09:02Highway Landing Near Las Vegas kb4tez
2023-03-20 11:42:59Plane Makes Crash Landing At Trenton Mercer Airport kb4tez
2023-03-17 13:42:02Pilot trapped after plane crash at Bankstown Airport kb4tez
2023-03-15 16:11:33Re: Delta Airlines Jet Veers Off Taxiway in Snowy Conditions kb4tez
2023-03-15 09:54:14Delta B712 at Charlotte on Mar 14th 2023 fuel leak kb4tez
2023-03-14 12:45:12Single-engine plane makes emergency landing on Bryden Canyon Golf Course kb4tez
2023-03-12 22:44:23UAL2609 KBOS Disruptive Passenger Fryy
2023-03-11 00:57:32CYYZ Toronto WJA1221 going around due to KPO47 stopped on the RW ABDLman
2023-03-08 17:01:202 men saved after plane goes down in South Miami kb4tez
2023-03-08 12:13:16Passenger Dies in Extreme Turbulence on Business Flight Over New England kb4tez
2023-03-06 16:21:36Re: 2 people killed in small plane crash at Palm Beach County Airport in Lantana kb4tez
2023-03-06 10:38:411 dead 2 seriously injured in plane crash on Long Island kb4tez
2023-03-03 10:34:20Balloon warning KPBI (humorous) kb4tez
2023-03-01 18:59:25KBOS Boston rwy 4R JetBlue 206 going around & Hop-A-Jet 280 taking-off rwy 9 DIBO
2023-03-01 14:02:18Airplane fire at Eau Claire Airport kb4tez
2023-02-28 21:04:46Plane makes emergency landing on US 27 kb4tez
2023-02-28 18:39:12Storms and dust cause American Airlines flight to divert to Dallas kb4tez
2023-02-28 17:50:09Jetstar diverts from Bangkok to Melbourne after medical emergency kb4tez
2023-02-27 17:32:56Mesa Airlines plane go around to avoid collision with departing plane KBUR kb4tez
2023-02-27 15:26:53KLM A332 at Sint Maarten on Feb 26th nose gear steering malfunction kb4tez
2023-02-25 22:15:23KBUR Burbank rwy 33 ASH5826 go-around & SKW5326 departing resulting in TCAS RA DIBO
2023-02-23 13:39:30Dublin Airport, more drone issues causing delays kb4tez
2023-02-21 11:12:45Plane Crash Santa Clara County Airport kb4tez
2023-02-20 12:10:05Hobby Airport flight cancellations mount after small plane wrecks on runway kb4tez
2023-02-16 16:32:23KHSV TN ANG UH-60 Crash 2023-02-15 ke4ahr
2023-02-15 11:59:41Air Canada Cowling Open YYZ kb4tez
2023-02-15 11:54:51Canada A333 near Toronto on Jan 28 hydraulic problems kb4tez
2023-02-14 14:53:02American Airlines plane and bus collide at LAX airport kb4tez
2023-02-14 11:43:08United Airlines Flies Super Bowl Winners Kansas City Chiefs Home kb4tez
2023-02-13 17:54:01Qantas E190 at Darwin could not fully retract gear kb4tez
2023-02-10 17:43:35Re: Austin Tower FedEx/Southwest runway incursion DIBO
2023-02-10 04:18:31UPS1326 in grass at KBHM 2023-02-09 ke4ahr
2023-02-08 10:52:58United B38M at San Diego battery fire in cabin kb4tez
2023-02-07 12:07:37United B772 near Lincoln engine shut down in flight kb4tez
2023-02-05 04:47:53Austin Tower FedEx/Southwest runway incursion capolydude
2023-02-03 16:53:29Military airplane makes emergency landing at Harrisburg International Airport kb4tez
2023-02-03 11:31:51CRJ7 at Jackson on Jan 30th 2023 suspected fuel leak kb4tez
2023-02-02 14:46:28BA216 from Washington to London Heathrow emergency landing Halifax CA kb4tez
2023-02-01 10:55:43Pilot seriously injured in ejection from plane crash at Brainard Airport kb4tez
2023-01-26 18:20:53Hurricane Ian last Delta arrivals KPBI kb4tez
2023-01-26 13:57:10Re: What I heard on Guard today... kb4tez
2023-01-25 10:48:22Plane landed on Gwinnett interstate kb4tez
2023-01-24 19:55:19Plane slides off runway while taxiing passengers to terminal in Portland kb4tez
2023-01-23 11:30:29Plane Lands on Beach in Carlsbad kb4tez
2023-01-20 17:06:47Re: KHPN Tower 01-19-2023 1730EST (2230Z) N19MT BE36 Scheduled KJFK-KCGF gillmores
2023-01-20 15:27:11Re: KHPN Tower 01-19-2023 1730EST (2230Z) N19MT BE36 Scheduled KJFK-KCGF dave
2023-01-20 08:13:15KHPN Tower 01-19-2023 1730EST (2230Z) N19MT BE36 Scheduled KJFK-KCGF alphazulu
2023-01-20 08:13:15KHPN Tower 01-19-2023 1730EST (2230Z) N19MT BE36 Scheduled KJFK-KCGF alphazulu
2023-01-20 08:13:15KHPN Tower 01-19-2023 1730EST (2230Z) N19MT BE36 Scheduled KJFK-KCGF alphazulu
2023-01-17 17:42:40Montgomery Gibbs Executive Airport emergency landing kb4tez
2023-01-17 12:17:40Plane crashes ends up on road near airport in Markham Ontario kb4tez
2023-01-16 17:11:48KJFK 01-13-2023 2045EST (0145Z) Runway Incursion 4L Delta 1943 and American 106 alphazulu
2023-01-16 17:11:48KJFK 01-13-2023 2045EST (0145Z) Runway Incursion 4L Delta 1943 and American 106 alphazulu
2023-01-16 17:11:48KJFK 01-13-2023 2045EST (0145Z) Runway Incursion 4L Delta 1943 and American 106 alphazulu
2023-01-16 11:51:04Jet Blue bird strike at KPBI Sunday kb4tez
2023-01-11 19:18:53Hawaiian A332 at San Diego hydraulic failure kb4tez
2023-01-10 16:06:29United B763 at Newark on Jan 6th 2023 failure of all navigation equipment kb4tez
2023-01-03 15:07:121 dead 3 injured in private plane crash at Provo Airport kb4tez
2023-01-03 11:18:42Small plane crashes in Watsonville pilot sustains moderate injuries kb4tez
2022-12-29 11:22:07Bonanza N3172D belly landing occurred December 28 at Pitt-Greenvill kb4tez
2022-12-28 15:25:34Aer Lingus Airbus A330 Returns To New York JFK Amid Technical Issues kb4tez
2022-12-28 11:36:57Delta B752 near Nashville engine shut down in flight kb4tez
2022-12-27 18:01:32Small plane crashes into storage facility near Livermore Municipal Airport kb4tez
2022-12-27 13:34:38Spirit at Philadelphia two lightning strikes kb4tez
2022-12-23 10:59:58Former mayor killed in plane crash on Santa Monica beach kb4tez
2022-12-22 11:52:31North Las Vegas Aircraft landed gear up. kb4tez
2022-12-22 11:25:25PSA CRJ9 at Tallahassee tyre problem on departure kb4tez
2022-12-20 19:04:39Severe turbulence on Rio de Janeiro to Houston United Airlines flight injures 5 kb4tez
2022-12-20 12:39:09Key Lime Air Witchita KS prop strikes kb4tez
2022-12-20 11:40:22Florence SC Aircraft landed nose gear up kb4tez
2022-12-19 16:32:45Delta A320 at Grand Rapids on Dec 16th engine shut down in flight kb4tez
2022-12-19 11:31:03Hawaiian A332 near Honolulu on Dec 18 turbulence injures 36 kb4tez
2022-12-16 12:31:37Alaska bound 747 makes emergency landing in Saskatoon kb4tez
2022-12-15 15:30:022 seriously hurt after plane from New Hampshire crashes in Canada kb4tez
2022-12-14 11:36:122 Hurt After Single-Engine Plane Crashes in Carrollton kb4tez
2022-12-14 11:13:46Skywest E175 at Denver turbulence injures flight attendant kb4tez
2022-12-13 14:42:07Air Canada BCS3 near Minneapolis on Dec 12th engine failure kb4tez
2022-12-09 11:59:33Plane makes emergency landing on highway in Covington after engine failure kb4tez
2022-12-09 11:59:33Plane makes emergency landing on highway in Covington after engine failure kb4tez
2022-12-05 20:28:07Man suffers life-threatening injuries from gyrocopter crash at Beverly Airport kb4tez
2022-12-05 12:29:23Delta A319 near Austin oil fumes on the flight deck kb4tez
2022-12-02 12:28:10Fatal at Torrence, CA kb4tez
2022-12-01 18:28:03EVA Air Boeing 777 skidded off an icy part of the taxiway at Vancouver Airport kb4tez
2022-11-25 21:13:06N714LU - Declared Emergency, Low Oil Pressure Indication pinger
2022-11-25 14:07:37Plane runs off runway at Manassas Regional kb4tez
2022-11-25 13:27:39Cessna jet safely lands at Van Nuys airport with stuck nose gear kb4tez
2022-11-23 20:09:16C-37 Bird strike at Midway Danno_FZ1
2022-11-23 15:31:26Plane door falls off, lands in Nevada parking lot kb4tez
2022-11-23 10:41:55Re: breaking news. news helicopter crash kb4tez
2022-11-21 22:08:05Re: What I heard on Guard today... pinger
2022-11-21 11:44:42American B738 at Kansas City on Nov 15th 2022 bird strike and loss of airspeed kb4tez
2022-11-16 19:56:15Plane down in emergency landing in St. Augustine kb4tez
2022-11-16 12:35:02Southwest B737 at Phoenix electric trim problem kb4tez
2022-11-15 18:19:14Spirit Airlines Flight Turns Around After Passenger Mistakenly Yells FIRE kb4tez
2022-11-14 13:24:20Re: Passenger with box cutter - Frontier Airlines Tampa-bound flight diverted kb4tez
2022-11-09 12:16:21Flight makes emergency landing at Daytona airport due to smoke kb4tez
2022-11-08 13:37:21Canada Rouge A319 at KFLL on Nov 3rd 2022 bird strike on departure kb4tez
2022-11-07 11:37:32Fatal accident occurred Nov5 at Montgomery Gibbs Executive Airport kb4tez
2022-11-04 13:25:58Harlan County Kentucky plane crash kb4tez
2022-11-02 12:13:31Delta flight makes emergency landing after smoke fills cabin kb4tez
2022-10-25 20:00:32KSJC TWR Earthquake Clip Fryy
2022-10-19 14:50:06United B38M at Fort Myers on Oct 18th 2022 burst two tires on landing kb4tez
2022-10-19 10:19:11Piper PA N600JG Fatal accident October 18 2022 kb4tez
2022-10-18 14:00:07Private plane heading to West Virginia crashes in Marietta kb4tez
2022-10-17 12:41:09Re: United Airlines bird strike, O'Hare Airport, just after take off. gillmores
2022-10-17 10:07:22United Airlines bird strike, O'Hare Airport, just after take off. kb4tez
2022-10-14 11:26:33Jazz CRJ9 at Phoenix on Oct 11th 2022 fuel leak kb4tez
2022-10-12 10:25:00Boeing 747 Dreamlifter’s main gear wheel falling on takeoff from Italy kb4tez
2022-10-11 10:13:55While being pushed back from the gate by a tug the aircraft struck a light pole. kb4tez
2022-10-11 10:03:00Cessna P210N N4925K October 06 2022 at Boerne Stage Field kb4tez
2022-10-07 16:35:22Cessna N97883 KPHF Fryy
2022-10-07 10:05:10Wisconsin CRJ2 at Dayton on Oct 5th runway excursion kb4tez
2022-09-22 10:22:12United made an emergency landing at Newark after sparks were observed kb4tez
2022-09-20 12:30:24SUV collides with a JetBlue A320 at LaGuardia Airport in New York kb4tez
2022-09-14 09:59:40Cessna 172 Skyhawk, crash landing KCHA Lovell Field kb4tez
2022-09-13 12:38:47Aircraft encountered a crosswind on takeoff crash landed in the grass KARB kb4tez
2022-09-06 10:47:15Envoy E145 at Dubuque on Sep 4th bird strike kb4tez
2022-09-02 16:20:54United B772 at Amsterdam on Sep 2nd 2022, rejected takeoff due to smoke on board kb4tez
2022-08-31 19:46:25Lights over Twilight 670 pdgls
2022-08-23 09:44:45Pilot landing rating on his birthday kb4tez
2022-08-19 12:47:49Re: Midair KWVI Watsonville, CA gillmores
2022-08-19 10:48:38Midair KWVI Watsonville, CA kb4tez
2022-08-19 10:44:55Re: Midair KWVI Watsonville, CA kb4tez
2022-08-17 12:01:49Air Canada at Newark on Aug 15th 2022, runway incursion kb4tez
2022-08-16 10:24:32Southwest B737 at St. Louis on Aug 12th 2022 dropped cowling on landing kb4tez
2022-08-11 13:13:32Nasty Atlanta Weather Sunday but she was so good kb4tez
2022-08-08 18:49:57American A321 near Grand Junction on Aug 6th 2022 engine shut down in flight kb4tez
2022-08-08 18:49:57American A321 near Grand Junction on Aug 6th 2022 engine shut down in flight kb4tez
2022-07-29 17:07:44Delta A321 at Denver on Jul 26 rejected takeoff after bird strike and fire kb4tez
2022-07-19 20:01:53Re: KORD 27C Curious Go Around 16:35Z today brendan512
2022-07-17 02:31:57Loss of Power-forced landing on street- KCRQ-718TB -Socata Trindad Duffy
2022-07-11 10:12:11Spirit Airlines plane briefly catches fire on runway after landing kb4tez
2022-06-27 10:55:20Spirit A319 at Detroit on Jun 23rd 2022, gear indication kb4tez
2022-06-25 19:49:39N52854 KAUS Lady Bird Lake Crash Fryy
2022-06-22 10:03:22Plane catches fire at Miami International Airport after crash landing kb4tez
2022-06-16 13:57:08Small plane makes emergency landing near Dunnellon, FL kb4tez
2022-06-14 10:54:03Runway lights go dark at Southwest Florida Regional Airport kb4tez
2022-06-08 18:59:19Fedex MD10 near Tulsa on Jun 7th 2022 fire on cargo deck kb4tez
2022-06-06 10:03:29Republic E175 at Indy on Jun 4th 2022, rejected takeoff due to smoke in cabin kb4tez
2022-05-27 10:44:33Re: Small plane crash near industrial plant east of Atlanta kb4tez
2022-05-20 17:01:30Cirrus N973SD Engine Failure Fryy
2022-05-20 01:36:20JBU164 KJFK Fryy
2022-05-17 10:26:20Microbursts and Wind Shear KPBI kb4tez
2022-05-11 10:56:40passenger with no flight experience landing plane at Palm Beach Int. Airport kb4tez
2022-05-11 10:56:40passenger with no flight experience landing plane at Palm Beach Int. Airport kb4tez
2022-05-06 20:47:19Hobby Field Crash kb4tez
2022-05-06 10:27:10Alaska A320 at Portland on May 4th 2022, bird strike kb4tez
2022-05-05 21:19:33KEFD "I think I could ride my bike faster than you guys are flying" Comets
2022-04-28 14:46:48Spirit Wings - Crew over their Duty Period kb4tez
2022-04-27 13:15:27Canada A321 at Toronto on Apr 3rd 2022, hydraulic failure kb4tez
2022-04-22 12:15:27Re: Cessna 182 overturns at 19L at KLAS kb4tez
2022-04-21 21:12:17Cessna 182 overturns at 19L at KLAS tyketto
2022-04-04 18:10:59KPBI, Telling it like it is with the weather kb4tez
2022-04-01 14:34:06KATL 3/31 Weather and Brave Aviators and calm ATC too kb4tez
2022-04-01 14:34:06KATL 3/31 Weather and Brave Aviators and calm ATC too kb4tez
2022-04-01 14:34:06KATL 3/31 Weather and Brave Aviators and calm ATC too kb4tez
2022-03-31 13:59:03Delta 2953 at Chicago on Mar 29th 2022, lined up for takeoff in wrong direction kb4tez
2022-03-23 15:09:03Southeast Tornado Weather, KMSY kb4tez
2022-03-22 04:49:49QR579 Mayday. DEL-DOH Flight diverted to Karachi (KHI) due to cargo fire (2/2) Shmendrik
2022-03-22 04:48:48QR579 Mayday. DEL-DOH Flight diverted to Karachi (KHI) due to cargo fire (1/2) Shmendrik
2022-03-18 10:30:00KPBI, Iguana lined up, holds up departure line ! kb4tez
2022-03-08 16:12:48PSA CRJ9 at Newport News on Mar 6th 2022, wing tip strike on landing kb4tez
2022-02-28 15:17:49Southwest Kansas City 2/24/22, bird strikes kb4tez
2022-02-24 15:20:23Two men killed in Findlay Ohio plane crash gillmores
2022-02-23 12:45:29Pilot injured after small plane makes emergency landing near Dulles kb4tez
2022-02-16 12:35:53AA2829 blows tires on take off at JFK kb4tez
2022-02-15 23:28:25AA1775 Diverts to Kansas City - crazy passenger and a coffee pot dorough
2022-02-15 15:42:42Busy KPBI tells Ops, NO !!! kb4tez
2022-02-08 21:10:42AAL482 Unruly Passenger Fryy
2022-02-08 16:15:31Plane bound for Philadelphia from Jacksonville turns around and lands at JAX kb4tez
2022-01-11 23:22:44ANZ1104 Emergency Return YSSY - Sydney Fryy
2022-01-10 01:14:47C172 lands on railroad tracks,... then gets hit by train, KWHP, Pacoima, CA uplink
2022-01-05 19:28:40Finnair - Smoke in the cab Pikiruukki
2021-12-29 04:32:13Re: 28 DEC 2021 0315Z: Aircraft Crash, El Cajon CA (near KSEE/KSAN) RI-Pilot
2021-12-29 03:11:21Re: 28 DEC 2021 ~2300Z: KBUR (Burbank, CA) goes ATC Zero n0qxw
2021-12-28 18:51:05Delta 311 Heavy SFO Runway 10 Left - Terrain Warning Go Arounds SQK7700
2021-12-28 04:31:07Re: 28 DEC 2021 0315Z: Aircraft Crash, El Cajon CA (near KSEE/KSAN) n0qxw
2021-12-21 22:25:53Re: AA 1539 on 12/04/2021 - Heart Attack on Board (audio request) Fryy
2021-12-17 23:31:43Navy T-6 Texan II's Guide VFR Pilot Stuck Above IMC Fryy
2021-12-17 23:31:43Navy T-6 Texan II's Guide VFR Pilot Stuck Above IMC Fryy
2021-12-17 16:54:00Cabin Announcements, please not on Tower Freq kb4tez
2021-12-12 23:03:39QXE2232 Emergency Return KPDX Fryy
2021-12-09 18:52:47TNV123 N28TN DC3 Emergency Merrill Alaska Fryy
2021-12-06 21:02:49Navajo N64BR Crash KMFR Fryy
2021-12-01 00:22:35Blue Angel #8 Emergency Landing at KMSN pweeden
2021-11-28 18:29:00California International Airshow at Salinas 2021 SQK7700
2021-11-28 18:29:00California International Airshow at Salinas 2021 SQK7700
2021-11-28 18:29:00California International Airshow at Salinas 2021 SQK7700
2021-11-26 21:34:16Thanksgiving Fun with the Roanoke ATIS gillmores
2021-11-26 19:15:22Happy Thanksgiving San Francisco SQK7700
2021-11-24 17:13:57Tower hasn't had their coffee yet trickie
2021-11-22 07:43:41N8074E Crash - Old Bridge, NJ - 2021-11-21 Fryy
2021-11-15 13:57:45When you gotta go, leads to a go around kb4tez
2021-11-13 01:33:53Follow-me 12 o'clock less than a mile Fryy
2021-10-11 21:18:11N7022G-SoCal approach recording C340-KNYL-KMYF crash in Santee CA 10-11-2021 Duffy
2021-10-11 20:07:25KSEE Galespie Field Crash Helicopter Reproting The Crash airport4444
2021-10-10 16:39:45Amerijet 880 Go Around w screaming @ KEWR wayneo
2021-10-08 12:24:44AA2531 Bird Strike kb4tez
2021-10-01 13:32:50WestWind II PR-BVB SBGO Accident lualcorreia
2021-09-26 00:46:36Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor landing in Calgary jedgar
2021-09-20 04:09:11Re: AAY2601 landing gear problem at Boston 2021-09-19 dbperry
2021-09-20 02:34:05AAY2601 landing gear problem at Boston 2021-09-19 dbperry
2021-09-09 18:45:29KPBI - Cross Check, being done on Ground Freq kb4tez
2021-09-06 02:30:27Cross-coupling sample audio dave
2021-08-24 20:59:45N2843T (PA-32) lands on freeway in San Diego marekp0
2021-08-04 03:28:33Confusion and Converging A/C in the DFW West Departure/Downwind GroundObserver
2021-08-03 17:14:18Dad and 4 year old make emergency landing in St. Lucie. kb4tez
2021-08-02 19:13:09UAL476 Wildfire Report Fryy
2021-07-27 03:39:29Dale 'Snort' Snodgrass - Marchetti N28U Crash in Idaho Fryy
2021-07-27 02:27:45N605TR KTRK Fryy
2021-07-17 07:40:11TWA 800, 25th anniversary Reptyle
2021-07-10 13:48:34USS Abraham Lincoln strike package to Fallon on ZOA 35 feed July 9 1900z to 2200 pdgls
2021-07-02 18:04:01Re: Cargo plane makes emergency landing in ocean near Hawaii, 2 rescued Fryy
2021-07-02 16:51:03Re: Cargo plane makes emergency landing in ocean near Hawaii, 2 rescued gillmores
2021-06-22 23:27:27ENV4284 KMIA Rejected takeoff - Upset Passenger. Fryy
2021-06-16 06:39:01KOKC APP, DL 1730 question AJISAI
2021-06-16 01:34:32Cirrus Fatal Crash - KTRK Fryy
2021-06-16 01:34:32Cirrus Fatal Crash - KTRK Fryy
2021-06-12 17:08:42Delta flight diverted to Oklahoma City. off duty employee mental case ATC audio JetFlyer16
2021-06-07 22:28:11Mentor N4084 Nordo KLVK Fryy
2021-06-07 17:10:54CALFIRE - Air Tac Comms (QUAIL FIRE) Fryy
2021-06-07 17:10:54CALFIRE - Air Tac Comms (QUAIL FIRE) Fryy
2021-06-07 17:04:55N119JP Lightsport Crash - KNFL Fryy
2021-06-01 14:58:17KATL Auto-Land kb4tez
2021-06-01 12:55:24Auto-Land KATL this morning. kb4tez
2021-05-29 01:11:55Paranair's first operation (ZP2837) in Goiania - SBGO lualcorreia
2021-05-29 01:08:34Seneca III PT-RSP breaking the landing gear during landing in Goiânia - SBGO lualcorreia
2021-05-26 11:26:15Wrong freq / Wrong Aiport/s KPBI-KFLL kb4tez
2021-05-24 20:12:4422 May: Mooney M20J, N5717K, yoke came off Carro
2021-05-18 20:23:16SLAM69 (USAF - C17) Sightseeing along Irish coast EI-PAT
2021-05-12 18:30:45KAPA, Cirrus N416DJ Midair with LYM970 (Key Lime Air Metroliner) ErikGun
2021-05-12 18:30:45KAPA, Cirrus N416DJ Midair with LYM970 (Key Lime Air Metroliner) ErikGun
2021-03-26 18:55:39Re: Hot mike and expletive filled rant Fryy
2021-03-26 13:51:08Re: Hot mike and expletive filled rant kb4tez
2021-03-11 14:43:50Runway Amphibian Incursion KPBI kb4tez
2021-02-24 07:02:54Mooney Landed on Overpass - KLVK Fryy
2021-02-20 22:39:22UAL 328 uncontained engine failure - DEN Danno_FZ1
2021-02-09 23:50:14American Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Missouri SGF Ariffraff
2021-01-27 21:16:52Tornado touches down in Tallahassee-Closes Tallahassee Airport kb4tez
2021-01-27 20:49:10Re: Tornado touches down in Tallahassee-Closes Tallahassee Airport gillmores
2020-12-21 07:25:02Marchetti pilot ignores ATC and causes traffic alert with landing SkyWest jet AviateSLO
2020-12-19 20:14:15Emergency landing in Sion (LSGS). Switzerland LSPM
2020-12-15 15:26:11Landing of the Paraguayan Air Force (FAP2033) at the Goiani (SGAS-SBGO) lualcorreia
2020-11-12 23:07:37Civil Air Patrol crash, CAP439 at KWHP, Pacoima, Ca uplink
2020-10-23 12:40:00First international executive flight from Goiania (SBGO) - Nassau (MYNN) lualcorreia
2020-10-22 20:05:0621 Oct: Helicopter N716VL lost in fog, crash in water Carro
2020-10-15 14:39:41KSMO Tower on the Jet Pack sighting.. uplink
2020-10-15 12:31:02Re: LAX Second Jet Pack sighting gillmores
2020-10-03 15:24:23Coronet East JetScan1
2020-09-30 20:03:21Re: USMC KC-130J collision with F-35B JetScan1
2020-09-30 03:46:27USMC KC-130J collision with F-35B JetScan1
2020-09-24 09:15:14AF2 Bird Strike - Return to MHT dave
2020-09-22 18:55:24B25 Mitchell - Loss of Both Engines - Crash Fryy
2020-09-15 13:50:25Re: audio from KVNY Engine failure on departure on 9/11/2020 kb4tez
2020-09-02 07:43:47Re: LA jet pack sighting kitsaber691
2020-09-02 02:07:53LA jet pack sighting purduein98
2020-08-22 21:17:53LH422 Medical Emergency on arrival to KBOS (08/20/2020) bocon13
2020-08-21 19:44:18Solo student has an 'open mic' moment at Smyrna gillmores
2020-08-19 13:36:00KLAX emergency FedEx B767 landing gear up FDX1026 uplink
2020-08-12 04:38:4312 Aug: AF914 diversion to LYS kitsaber691
2020-08-11 05:18:14TIRON (Funny clip) kinshasaAPP
2020-08-02 03:45:02KEWR Bright lights nearby look like approach lights and annoy some pilots darlyn
2020-07-21 13:17:49Re: LPPR Porto Approach tg86
2020-07-04 23:57:32KRHV - Lancair N103MD Suffers Engine Failure During Takeoff (Emergency Landing) stevenlexus90
2020-06-18 18:24:50Re: ZBW Military Airspace "Viper" ? JetScan1
2020-06-16 16:17:17Small airplane makes emergency landing on I-75 in Collier County kb4tez
2020-05-22 12:58:30Re: PK8303 Crash ATC recording (final minute) flyflyfly
2020-05-22 11:34:25PK8303 Crash ATC recording (final minute) zaki
2020-05-12 05:32:38Plane makes an emergency landing in LA Riverbed SQK7700
2020-05-08 07:37:26SWA1392 KAUS - Person on Runway Fryy
2020-05-07 20:23:46KLAX Arival Atis airport4444
2020-04-30 08:42:13N89HU KHHR (Harrison Ford) Runway Incursion Fryy
2020-04-27 06:22:07N2328R C172SP flys to EWR, LGA and JFK in one flight (4/23/2020) bocon13
2020-04-07 01:40:51Re: Southwest Engine Fire in Atlanta kitsaber691
2020-04-06 12:39:20Southwest Engine Fire in Atlanta BoeingManiac
2020-04-06 11:31:30EIDW Bird Strike Pan Pan Pan BoeingManiac
2020-03-19 19:07:31CYYZ Toronto double rejected takeoff, start around the 18 minute mark wiedehopf
2020-03-18 20:23:5718 Mar: SLC Earthquake! kitsaber691
2020-03-18 20:23:5718 Mar: SLC Earthquake! kitsaber691
2020-03-17 23:43:38Midway Airport ATIS Tower Closed Ariffraff
2020-02-29 22:14:0728 Feb: Piper PA-46 Malibu, N304LA, gear up landing at SJC Carro
2020-02-25 18:26:52NASA927 - Martin B-57 Canberra Fryy
2020-02-21 18:05:37Air Force One Daytona 500 Flyover gillmores
2020-02-12 06:57:23Runway 1R Arrivals San Francisco Tower Audio SQK7700
2020-02-09 10:49:528 FEB: Qatar A380 landing gear failed to retract (YMML) tigerheavy
2020-02-04 04:25:0303 Feb: Kalitta Air 368, B744, rejected takeoff due to hitting trash bin at LAX Carro
2020-02-03 02:51:10Re: PDT4909 kitsaber691
2020-01-28 21:57:46SR22T - N288WT CAPS Pull (Parachute) near Aspen, CO (KASE) 01/27/20 Appox 22:40Z ErikGun
2020-01-28 21:57:46SR22T - N288WT CAPS Pull (Parachute) near Aspen, CO (KASE) 01/27/20 Appox 22:40Z ErikGun
2020-01-27 09:39:23Re: 26 Jan: Kobe Bryant fatal helicopter crash Leo Chen
2020-01-26 23:37:51Re: 26 Jan: Kobe Bryant fatal helicopter crash justapilot
2020-01-26 23:37:51Re: 26 Jan: Kobe Bryant fatal helicopter crash justapilot
2020-01-26 23:37:51Re: 26 Jan: Kobe Bryant fatal helicopter crash justapilot
2020-01-26 21:09:3826 Jan: Kobe Bryant fatal helicopter crash Carro
2020-01-24 06:23:00Speedbird 273-LHR-KSAN-Jan 22, 2020, Flap issue-divert to LAX Duffy
2020-01-21 18:17:0821 Jan: AA45, B772, goose in engine at JFK Carro
2020-01-15 08:10:37Delta 89 Engine Failure - B-777 Fuel dump over Los Angeles 1-14-2020 ErikGun
2020-01-12 16:37:47KATL Tower So Windy, Controller Says He's A Little Seasick! connerat
2020-01-06 20:58:40UA Flight 213 had stuck mic on KSFO Final followed by more frequency problems. Aviator787SP
2020-01-04 22:10:42 TM-1 Thunder Mustang crash near KVNY, Van Nuys uplink
2019-12-15 06:51:00Hilarious Air-Air Chatter Fryy
2019-12-13 06:23:16Re: N182EF Cessna 182 lands on 5 Freeway near Carlsbad Palomar (KCRQ) Fryy
2019-12-02 02:04:59N6678P Engine Failure/Crash at SAT Kmeyers6
2019-11-22 20:24:29PAL113 KLAX Engine Surge Fryy
2019-11-12 12:13:2710 NOV: Beechcraft King Air with unsafe gear warning at YMMB tigerheavy
2019-11-11 20:48:44ENV4125 KORD Fryy
2019-11-10 18:58:49KDWH Loss of Power N7703J kjablonski8706
2019-11-09 18:50:53Norcal 127.4 Frequency Failed Fryy
2019-11-08 00:37:3907 Nov - KCCB N220MT Cirrus SR22 Crash ErikGun
2019-11-07 18:10:4006 Nov: Republic 4439, severe flight control problem after takeoff from ATL Carro
2019-10-29 18:50:0929 Oct: N959MJ, C414, crash into a house in Colonia, New Jersey Carro
2019-10-22 03:22:1120 Oct: Nasty weather in Dallas kitsaber691
2019-10-22 03:22:1120 Oct: Nasty weather in Dallas kitsaber691
2019-10-22 03:22:1120 Oct: Nasty weather in Dallas kitsaber691
2019-10-22 03:18:2421 Oct: AA787 Sick Passenger kitsaber691
2019-10-18 08:27:32C206 Engine Fail KSCK Fryy
2019-10-08 12:06:36Departing B-25 Tribute to B-17 BDL dave
2019-10-07 11:30:57Help understanding KSFO ATIS ATIS
2019-10-03 11:52:46Re: B-17 Bradley Field October 2 kb4tez
2019-10-02 20:45:51Re: B-17 Bradley Field October 2 dave
2019-10-02 18:23:40Re: Bradley Airport crash: WWII-era bomber ablaze at Hartford-area airport kmayes314
2019-10-02 17:44:15Re: B-17 Bradley Field October 2 kb4tez
2019-10-02 17:36:46B-17 Bradley Field October 2 RTWright
2019-10-02 10:07:43N3733G - KGTU - Gear Issue/Collapse Fryy
2019-10-02 09:59:38KBCT - Boca Raton, FL - PA28 Crash Fryy
2019-09-28 15:11:4027 Sep: N8353T crash landing on Highway 99 in Modesto Carro
2019-09-18 23:42:15Re: Air China jet makes emergency return to airport after engine fire reported VictorAtienza94
2019-09-06 13:15:43AA80 MD-83 " For The Last Time " DFW-ORD Diêgo Monteiro
2019-09-05 13:12:25AAL9466 - one of the last American MD-80s dave
2019-09-01 19:23:3013 Aug:Rescue of severely injured pilot of N84287 after crash in remote location Carro
2019-09-01 07:00:0231 Aug:Instructor incapacitated, student on first lesson lands plane at Jandakot Carro
2019-08-27 15:36:04N445AF multiple runway incursions at KOWD 8/24/2014 DteK
2019-08-24 11:11:4622 Aug: Hawaiian 47, smoke on board evacuated on runway Carro
2019-08-22 00:10:51KLVK Cessna 37N crash on takeoff Fryy
2019-08-12 04:33:04FOD Bean bag chair at JFK Ariffraff
2019-08-12 04:33:04FOD Bean bag chair at JFK Ariffraff
2019-08-11 10:54:1510 Aug: Lost aircraft busted the Bravo and flew in to the LAX final Carro
2019-08-09 17:33:53Endeavor 5578, CRJ-200, VFR repo flight from JFK to LGA Carro
2019-08-02 11:52:4031 Jul: Weather at BOS. Iberia 6165, A346, Mayday fuel divert to JFK Carro
2019-08-02 11:44:3131 Jul: Thunderstorm and crazy winds at BOS(Tower and Ground/Clearance) Carro
2019-07-31 11:12:0428 Jul: AA-728, A333, fumes on board, all flight attendants ill, divert to BOS Carro
2019-07-29 21:48:43AeroMéxico 403 something leaking off wing on takeoff(continued to destination) Carro
2019-07-25 00:55:05No Radio Emergency at JFK UTC 1130-1200 24 July Ariffraff
2019-07-25 00:26:5624 July: AA-2234, B752, NORDO with stuck mic after depature from JFK Carro
2019-07-23 17:55:48Plane Savers DC3 C-FDTD arrives at OshKosh Danno_FZ1
2019-07-20 11:54:5719 Jul: Piper PA-46-310P Malibu, N811SK, fuel emergency, crash near POU Carro
2019-07-12 03:35:5510 July: Cessna 172, N677DM, clipped trees on approach to MVY divert to FMH Carro
2019-07-12 02:38:326 July: Pumpkin Problems at JFK kitsaber691
2019-07-07 21:42:47A Turtle of an Issue Ariffraff
2019-07-06 14:33:3305 July: California 7.1 earthquake from LAX, BUR, BFL, LAS, SFO and ZLA Carro
2019-07-05 22:35:4904 July: Virgin Atlantic 138, A330-300, seat cushion fire divert to Boston Carro
2019-07-05 21:35:5505 July: PIPER PA-28-180, N888BW, emergency landing at JFK due to weather Carro
2019-07-04 18:21:25Delta flight 579 Unruly passenger Ariffraff
2019-06-30 23:37:1510 dead in Addison plane crash dannews
2019-06-30 19:47:5727 Jun: Beechcraft A36 Bonanza, N303HV, emergency landing in water near EMT Carro
2019-06-30 19:42:22Re: Random short clips - Grumpy, cranky and terrible Texan accent Carro
2019-06-30 19:32:55Re: Random short clips - Small argument between BA pilot and JFK approach Carro
2019-06-30 18:21:17Saratoga Blows Tire, Closes FLL captkel
2019-06-30 08:03:44United Airlines A319 Hydraulic Failure @La Guardia, Multiple Go Arounds @Newark AeroJacko
2019-06-26 01:45:43Re: AA 1266 blows right side mains on takeoff out of RNO kitsaber691
2019-06-25 19:50:50Air France 777 engine out on takeoff from Atlanta (KATL), and emergency return. AeroJacko
2019-06-25 16:39:52AA 1266 blows right side mains on takeoff out of RNO FebruaryXVI
2019-06-25 16:39:52AA 1266 blows right side mains on takeoff out of RNO FebruaryXVI
2019-06-25 16:39:52AA 1266 blows right side mains on takeoff out of RNO FebruaryXVI
2019-06-21 02:09:05Re: UAL378 KLAX-KEWR diverts to KOMA due to Fuel Leak kitsaber691
2019-06-15 13:34:56JUN 15: Cessna 172 with open mic in the Moorabbin circuit tigerheavy
2019-06-10 23:00:49Beechcraft Bonanza N8014T Crash - Long Island - June 10, 2019 dave
2019-06-10 08:56:17LAX Ground SNAFU causes leaves pilot with minimum fuel and controller confused Ariffraff
2019-06-09 23:30:009 June: Enjoying the show at DFW! kitsaber691
2019-06-08 02:15:297 June: KMIA Tower Controller Says Hello to a Friend kitsaber691
2019-05-25 08:26:49Pilot makes cabin announcement on Ground frequency LAX to JFK Ariffraff
2019-05-20 06:48:46Pilot was told to standby couldn't wait SFO Ariffraff
2019-05-17 21:29:1316 May: N6753W emergency landing on highway in Maintland, FL Carro
2019-05-15 14:26:22Eurowings 1170 Returns to Dusseldorf ronr530
2019-05-11 11:38:5010 May 2019: Jazz Air 8615 hit by fuel truck at Toronto Pearson Intl flyflyfly
2019-05-05 21:31:50Funny Exchange JFK Ground & Pilot Ariffraff
2019-05-04 23:14:08Re: Random short clips - Kuwait 117 sent around due to bad readback Carro
2019-04-30 11:52:2930 APR: VA137 PAN medical YMML tigerheavy
2019-04-29 15:45:06Eclipse jet declares emergency after take off starliner
2019-04-29 03:25:0928 Apr: Bad time for a flat tire! kitsaber691
2019-04-27 01:44:38April 25: Close call in the Moorabbin Airport (YMMB) circuit area tigerheavy
2019-04-21 02:43:3218 Apr: AS1068 Bird Strike kitsaber691
2019-04-19 22:25:28KSFO "Keep that big body moving!" landis
2019-04-15 17:09:21Interesting Exchange between Pilot and Shannon Control ronr530
2019-04-15 16:07:24N5296H down on Long Island no injuries cool92092
2019-04-12 18:57:05American has Commitment Issues in Boston ericbolt
2019-04-08 22:01:5728 Mar: United B772 at Dulles | "fairly large bird strike" on departure VictorAtienza94
2019-04-04 03:32:29Re: KSFO ZOA (35) Feed ARINC JetScan1
2019-04-04 02:09:06Re: KSFO ZOA (35) Feed ARINC JetScan1
2019-04-02 18:29:3929 Mar: Cessna 172B, N8145X, fuel exhaustion land on Interstate 81 in VA Carro
2019-03-31 23:42:0131 March: JAL Returns to Seattle! kitsaber691
2019-03-27 14:01:12Re: Southwest Boeing 737-8 MAX declaring emergency w/engine failure ronr530
2019-03-26 23:48:40Southwest Boeing 737-8 MAX declaring emergency w/engine failure dannews
2019-03-20 11:33:38Civilian Cessna Emergency Landing Desiderio Army Airfield (RKSG) AsianNomad
2019-03-17 00:58:3715 March: "It's been a long night" at JFK kitsaber691
2019-03-12 19:07:332 Mar: Cessna 172R, N9404F, student solo lost left landing gear at SDL Carro
2019-03-10 01:33:169 Mar: Severe turbulence north of Boston, several injured on Turkish 1 Carro
2019-03-09 17:15:449 Mar: Air Transat 942 cargo fire divert to Newark Carro
2019-03-07 00:23:19MAR 6: Global Hawk UAV departure from Avalon tigerheavy
2019-03-03 12:02:2820 Feb: Cessna 320F and Piper PA-24-250 gear collaps an hour apart at APA Carro
2019-03-03 09:11:4101 Mar: Banner plane, N145AB, crash into building in Fort Lauderdale Carro
2019-03-02 19:42:22Two planes got a little too close at O'Hare wurtzie
2019-03-02 19:42:22Two planes got a little too close at O'Hare wurtzie
2019-03-02 06:42:031 March: DL2421 engine trouble kitsaber691
2019-02-24 09:09:24Re: 23 Feb 2019: Atlas Air (Amazon Prime Air) 3591 down near KIAH flyflyfly
2019-02-23 11:22:0622 FEB: RAAF PC-9/A and PC-21 flypast over Melbourne tigerheavy
2019-02-23 04:07:3722 Feb: DL5813 diversion to SJC kitsaber691
2019-02-19 16:44:3917 Feb: Volaris 919 struck by a luggage cart on the runway at LAX Carro
2019-02-17 21:33:4512 Feb: Difficult winds and windshear + an emergency at JFK(1 hour long) Carro
2019-02-17 20:17:1316 Feb: Windshear at LAS, multiple go-arounds, AA671 emergency divert to LSV Carro
2019-02-14 07:22:42CPZ5763 Numerous Injuries KRNO Fryy
2019-02-10 00:35:3208 Feb: Conquest Air Cargo Convair ditching near Miami(bad audio quality) Carro
2019-02-03 02:08:1302 FEB: N3079W, BE36, gear collapse at Teterboro Carro
2019-02-01 22:52:3531 Jan: Brickyard 5868, E170, engine issue on rotation at JFK Carro
2019-02-01 21:22:52Travis AFB Air Refueling Comms Fryy
2019-01-31 22:31:15Re: RDU - Blown tire on takeoff (Russell Peters) VictorAtienza94
2019-01-23 19:02:33Re: Ramp calls an Abort (!) oktalist
2019-01-23 05:46:53Drone on final to EWR Carro
2019-01-22 09:29:03Ramp calls an Abort (!) DingerX
2019-01-20 09:13:40Re: SWA1643 slides off the runway/taxiway at OMA VictorAtienza94
2019-01-19 18:20:45Taxiway breaking action described with technical term (explicit) wiedehopf
2019-01-16 04:38:0213 Jan: N75191 fatal accident due to medical problem(pilot is not heard) Carro
2019-01-09 20:47:54DCA: late takeoff & go-around due to radio interference eboelter
2019-01-08 20:32:18AAL10_KPHX Fryy
2019-01-08 04:33:34U2 Flyover - NCAA College Football National Championship SQK7700
2019-01-03 19:39:48CYKZ Buttonville tower's last transmission, farewell message kkjlai
2018-12-30 20:33:10Re: Random short clips- Lights from transformer explosion seen from JFK Carro
2018-12-28 22:43:56Drone on final at LAX PRFlyer
2018-12-27 10:52:02DEC 27: Air New Zealand A320 with flap system failure tigerheavy
2018-12-25 02:19:5224 Dec 2018 - C172 Engine Failure Forced Landing on Beach - KFLL Tower neillaferty
2018-12-15 20:03:02Oceana Virginia Beach - F/A-18 Crash Audio (2012) Fryy
2018-12-13 00:01:4212 December 2018 - 1830z - N5800U - Piper Cherokee - KCNO Hard landing and crash ErikGun
2018-12-12 23:27:48Re: Random short clips tigerheavy
2018-12-09 10:59:1208 Dec: Swift Air 2228, B734, smoke indication divert to TUL Carro
2018-12-08 03:13:554 Dec: AF218 Diversion to Kuwait kitsaber691
2018-12-06 07:41:25Re: 05 December 2018 - 1730z - N6867Y - Piper Aztec - KCNO gear up landing ErikGun
2018-12-06 07:26:1805 December 2018 - 1730z - N6867Y - Piper Aztec - KCNO gear up landing ErikGun
2018-12-05 06:01:55Air Canada 759 Near Miss Taxiway Overflight San Francisco SQK7700
2018-12-04 17:15:1927 Nov:Cessna T210M Turbo Centurion, N761SB, emergency landing on road Carro
2018-12-02 08:05:4401 Dec: Cessna 335, N79HP, fatal accident near FXE Carro
2018-12-01 01:49:3930 Nov: Frontier 260 A320 loose enging cowling at LAS Carro
2018-11-30 19:39:32Re: PANC Earthquake Fryy
2018-11-30 19:10:26PANC Earthquake Fryy
2018-11-29 18:57:39Re: LAS controller having medical emergency? TRACON and ramp feeds Carro
2018-11-27 06:11:0125/26 Nov: Winter is Coming! kitsaber691
2018-11-27 06:11:0125/26 Nov: Winter is Coming! kitsaber691
2018-11-25 01:53:04American 738 Birdstike on Takeoff at KBOS mk223
2018-11-24 19:20:36Unauthorized vehicle on the airfield - Duluth, MN Npete7381
2018-11-16 09:33:48Re: 14/15 Nov: Bedlam at JFK Fryy
2018-11-16 07:44:1714/15 Nov: Bedlam at JFK kitsaber691
2018-11-15 22:55:01HAVOC76 KMCC Hydraulic Issue Fryy
2018-11-13 18:59:0812 Nov: Gulfstream 690C Turbo Commander, N840JC, crash on approach to MYR Carro
2018-11-13 17:29:0212 NOV: Hawker lands with nose gear up at Minneapolis VictorAtienza94
2018-11-12 13:09:0111 NO Aira E190 flight control problems near LIS nearly results in a/c ditching Palal
2018-11-09 23:17:13Re: Random short clips tigerheavy
2018-11-09 18:53:29LAS controller having medical emergency? silagi
2018-11-09 14:59:30Re: KLAS Controller Medical Issue gillmores
2018-11-07 19:03:26KYE4854_CYHZ Runway Overrun Fryy
2018-11-06 03:43:244 Nov: AF65 Diversion to Denver kitsaber691
2018-11-06 02:24:555 Nov: TAP573 Diversion to ORY kitsaber691
2018-11-02 10:02:15DAL589 KMSP Fryy
2018-10-28 20:16:05 23 Oct:Beech S35 Bonanza, N113V, emergency landing and later engine fire at LAX Carro
2018-10-28 20:12:1722 Oct: Cessna 172R Skyhawk, N109TJ, engine fire at PDK Carro
2018-10-24 04:26:1323 Oct: North American SNJ-5 Texan, N7969C, crash landing on 101 Freeway Carro
2018-10-21 19:44:42Re: Random short clips- AHY101 confusion on approach to JFK Carro
2018-10-20 07:02:1319 Oct: Piper PA-28-161, N8125Y, emergency landing on highway in Califonia Carro
2018-10-18 16:56:13KLYH Liberty 124 Engine Failure on takeoff gillmores
2018-10-16 23:41:31Re: 16 OCT: SWA 900 Missed Approach at KBUR? Fryy
2018-10-14 12:35:3110 oct: Envoy 3940 gear issue at JFK Carro
2018-10-12 15:26:30Swissair pilot gets extremely angry at Zurich VictorAtienza94
2018-10-11 02:48:48Re: Random short clips kitsaber691
2018-10-09 18:49:11JBU178 Engine Fire KLAS Fryy
2018-10-04 13:22:31Re: 4 Oct: UA839 LAX-SYD Mayday VictorAtienza94
2018-10-02 17:48:25Re: 1 Oct: Rough day at JFK! Carro
2018-10-02 03:00:401 Oct: Rough day at JFK! kitsaber691
2018-10-02 03:00:401 Oct: Rough day at JFK! kitsaber691
2018-10-01 17:42:49Blue Angels arrive at Oakland for Fleet Week SF SQK7700
2018-09-30 18:33:35Re: 30 Sep 2018: N818GM forced landing short of KADS - engine casualty n0qxw
2018-09-30 14:37:09Traffic Diversion KPVD FLYRI
2018-09-30 13:38:05Re: Random short clips tigerheavy
2018-09-30 13:35:02Re: Random short clips tigerheavy
2018-09-29 18:39:26Skunk hit and kill by E175 at CYOW ccudmore
2018-09-28 23:53:55Re: Random short clips tigerheavy
2018-09-28 00:10:09Re: Dassault Falcon 50 crashes in Greenville, South Carolina gillmores
2018-09-27 11:59:07Favourite auntie banter / Dublin area (Jan 2017) lot105
2018-09-27 11:56:28Passenger on Dublin apron running after taxi-ing Ryan Air lot105
2018-09-26 06:44:34Re: Random short clips kitsaber691
2018-09-22 18:15:38Re: Near deadly runway crash averted at Dulles ATC error. gillmores
2018-09-20 20:33:27Near deadly runway crash averted at Dulles. twarr3
2018-09-16 18:16:20747 asked to give way to Cherokee at JFK & not cautioned re. wake turbulence. Shmendrik
2018-09-14 20:54:2311 Sep: Air India 101, B773, lost multiple instruments in New York Carro
2018-09-14 07:39:01Passenger has stroke inflight - IcelandAir 630 (BOS-KEF) diverts to Gander, NF Shmendrik
2018-09-14 06:28:34BA arrives & recovers stranded passengers at Iqaluit. Shmendrik
2018-09-13 09:46:00BA103 (1YC) declares PanPanPan, smoke in the cockpit, diverts to YFB - Part 3 Shmendrik
2018-09-13 09:42:28BA103 (1YC) declares PanPanPan, smoke in the cockpit, diverts to YFB - Part 2 Shmendrik
2018-09-13 09:29:56BA103 (1YC) declares PanPanPan, smoke in the cockpit, diverts to YFB - Part 1 Shmendrik
2018-09-11 19:04:02New York TRACON controller speaks Korean wiedehopf
2018-09-11 10:02:02Antonov 225 OAK dept. gets a full escort, cleanup, & press. (links in details) Shmendrik
2018-09-10 18:47:259 Sept 2018, N2496X BVY Student Solo lost right wheel, great job Captain Maggie! 121mhz
2018-09-10 13:53:17Eagle11 flight of 4 departing JFK in IMC wiedehopf
2018-09-10 01:22:21Antonov 225's arrival at OAK generates excitement among pilots. Shmendrik
2018-09-09 10:10:2017 Aug: Beech N35 Bonanza, N1330Z, lost power ditched in ocean near Mayport Carro
2018-09-06 17:09:53Cessna 180 crashes on short final into Richmond, VA gillmores
2018-09-05 02:49:204 Sept: MU524 Nose Wheel Problem kitsaber691
2018-09-04 18:52:4731 Aug: N10DS takeoff without clearance to flee from the police(later crashed) Carro
2018-09-02 18:53:472 Sep: Jetblue 1274 at JFK, nose wheel steering issue, and more? Carro
2018-09-02 10:56:40Sochi airport closed due to UTAir 579 RWY overrun. TK295 returns to Istanbul. Shmendrik
2018-09-02 10:51:14UTAir 579 RWY overrun at Sochi. Wind shear. Airport closed and flights diverted. Shmendrik
2018-09-01 09:28:3329 Aug: UPS 634 smoke in cockpit divert to Cedar Rapids Carro
2018-08-31 04:21:34A320 mistakes FMY Page Field for RSW Southwest Florida International saab340
2018-08-30 19:18:01Re: Random short clips Carro
2018-08-24 03:37:0622 Aug: Customs and Border Protection plane engine failure and crash in Maine Carro
2018-08-23 19:23:03Re: Vintage war plane crashes, erupts into flames in Blaine, MN gillmores
2018-08-21 06:43:41UA3531 Passenger Issue kitsaber691
2018-08-19 10:36:54Re: Small Plane Lands On Highway...Again Carro
2018-08-19 08:30:29Re: Random short clips Fryy
2018-08-18 19:21:25Lan Cargo 1102 captkel
2018-08-18 08:53:09Re: Random short clips wiedehopf
2018-08-16 11:16:43AUG 15: Qantas freight 737 declares Mayday after losing cabin pressure tigerheavy
2018-08-14 18:38:08Saudia's final departure from Canada (Toronto, CYYZ) jumpstartation
2018-08-13 20:19:22Re: Unauthorized takeoff at SEA - Stolen Alaskan Airlines D800 gillmores
2018-08-12 16:05:45Re: Unauthorized takeoff at SEA - Stolen Alaskan Airlines D800 gillmores
2018-08-11 22:06:34Re: Stolen Alaskan Airlines D800 - F-15 Intercept Carro
2018-08-11 14:50:39Re: Seattle - Q400 stolen by airline mechanic, chased then crashed Danno_FZ1
2018-08-11 08:38:59Unauthorized takeoff at SEA - Stolen Alaskan Airlines D800 Shmendrik
2018-08-07 21:17:17Re: August 07th 2018: Smoke warning UAL4697 from IAD to Providence diverted to JFK Carro
2018-08-07 18:40:45August 07th 2018: Smoke warning UAL4697 from IAD to Providence diverted to JFK wiedehopf
2018-08-04 18:44:012 Aug: Cessna 172N, N75575, emergency landing on I-94 in Billings Carro
2018-08-04 05:24:03Mitsubishi MU-2 Blows Through SFO Class B sumdog747
2018-08-02 23:01:37KOSH craziness on runway 09 mtpiper
2018-07-31 20:11:49KOSH Long EZ gear collapse mtpiper
2018-07-30 14:47:5929 Jul: Qantas 7554 B744 blown tire on takeoff at JFK Carro
2018-07-29 22:42:02 27 Jul: Ercoupe 415-D, N99055, engine failure land on Lake Shore Drive Carro
2018-07-29 17:22:4529 July: United 1976 Gear emergency 121mhz
2018-07-28 16:09:3926 Jul: Spirit 779 chemical smell 10 to hospital Carro
2018-07-28 12:35:0119 Jul: UPS 2691 engine fire at Las Vegas Carro
2018-07-27 17:24:30Re: Random short clips Carro
2018-07-26 22:15:59Re: Random short clips BanditB17
2018-07-26 12:49:5718 Jul: Malaysia 134 unreliable airspeed and more returned to Brisbane Carro
2018-07-26 12:42:1226 Jun: Cessna 172S Skyhawk, N154ME, engine failure near KDVT Carro
2018-07-26 03:22:40Re: Random short clips BanditB17
2018-07-25 07:12:5327 jun: Vehicle crossed runway when Envoy 3660 was taking off at KSGF Carro
2018-07-24 15:47:06Crash at Lincoln County Airport, NC (KIPJ) kills two swawkbox
2018-07-20 02:12:26EK235 Diversion to YYR kitsaber691
2018-07-19 22:59:42KTRK N5329K Crash Fryy
2018-07-19 17:25:3417 Jul: N16281 and N6428D fatal mid-air collision in Miami Carro
2018-07-18 15:32:57Re: Random short clips wiedehopf
2018-07-18 12:37:1418 JUL: Virgin Australia 737 with flap issue tigerheavy
2018-07-18 11:44:53Re: Random short clips tigerheavy
2018-07-18 11:19:04Re: Random short clips tigerheavy
2018-07-16 19:30:3329 Jun: Beech E-90 King Air, N43PC, gear collapsed on landing at KLAS Carro
2018-07-16 19:12:10A couple of cone problems at JFK Carro
2018-07-16 19:12:10A couple of cone problems at JFK Carro
2018-07-16 18:17:2813 Jul: N48BG busted JFK class Bravo twice Carro
2018-07-09 19:02:137 Jul: N312SA, Medevac helicopter crash landing in Chicago Carro
2018-07-04 01:22:03Re: 30 June: Pearson Dave during YYZ heat wave kitsaber691
2018-07-03 18:25:4417 Jun: Cessna 402C, N322HA, electrical failure and gear up landing at KFLL Carro
2018-07-02 00:35:321 July: AC851 Diversion to YFB kitsaber691
2018-07-01 09:09:09Re: Random short clips wiedehopf
2018-07-01 01:05:2630 June: Pearson Dave during YYZ heat wave kitsaber691
2018-06-27 03:10:36Guy jumps fence at ATL and tries to board a plane. This is comical. ChrisMOlmstead
2018-06-21 21:39:5021 Jun 2018: China Airlines 5148 Runway Excursion during go-around at ORD wiedehopf
2018-06-19 20:35:10Random short clips wiedehopf
2018-06-18 18:58:4413 Jun: Cessna 175 Skylark, N9423B, landing at PALH after mid air collision Carro
2018-06-18 13:26:0418 JUN: Cessna 525 Citation engine failure tigerheavy
2018-06-15 07:59:12audio tidbits wiedehopf
2018-06-12 16:35:28KLM 807 (TPE-MNL) entered Wrong Taxiway in MNL PRFlyer
2018-06-10 08:32:089 Jun: N21161 crash on final to KDAB with thunderstorm in the area Carro
2018-06-10 06:21:549/10 June: Interesting conversation on YYT Approach kitsaber691
2018-06-09 11:54:138 jun: Beechcraft Baron 58, N190RS, fire on wing at KBTR Carro
2018-06-08 17:30:097 Jun: Cessna 152, N93989, engine problem and oil leak lands on I-75 near KGNV Carro
2018-06-04 20:37:234 June: Short extracts from the ZAB and KELP archives GeoffSM1
2018-06-04 19:20:423 June: AA1897 diverted to El Paso after hail damages windscreens - trimmed GeoffSM1
2018-06-04 12:28:12June 3rd: AA1897 diverted to El Paso after Hail glockjacket
2018-06-04 12:28:12June 3rd: AA1897 diverted to El Paso after Hail glockjacket
2018-06-04 12:28:12June 3rd: AA1897 diverted to El Paso after Hail glockjacket
2018-06-04 12:28:12June 3rd: AA1897 diverted to El Paso after Hail glockjacket
2018-06-04 12:28:12June 3rd: AA1897 diverted to El Paso after Hail glockjacket
2018-06-03 20:23:21Re: 31 May and 1 June. Extracts from the KMAF archives. GeoffSM1
2018-06-03 20:01:5731 May: Cirrus SR22, N670SR: Fatal accident at KMAF GeoffSM1
2018-06-02 21:04:191 June: Student pilot successfully lands Cessna in residential road off KSNA GeoffSM1
2018-06-01 22:02:3430 May: N787MR rough running engine landing in field in Lincoln, Nebraska Carro
2018-05-31 19:24:4630 May: North American SNJ-2 Texan fatal accident in Melville, New York Carro
2018-05-31 16:21:4029 May: Condor010 B763 electrical burning smell and smoke on approach to MSP Carro
2018-05-28 19:00:0326 May: Piper PA-28R-180 Arrow, N3206R, emergency landing on freeway Carro
2018-05-28 13:46:43Re: Can anyone help me find audio from fatal crash in Port Orange? GeoffSM1
2018-05-28 13:04:2223 May: United UA-17 diverted to Shannon due to cabin pressure issue. GeoffSM1
2018-05-27 00:48:2217 Apr: ExpressJet 5507 lost tyre on departure from LaGuardia Carro
2018-05-26 22:28:557 May: Bellanca 8KCAB Decathlon, N5500W, lost tailwheel on departure at SLN Carro
2018-05-26 20:33:28Jetblue E190 unable VOR 22L and BA pilot accidental transmission Carro
2018-05-26 20:33:28Jetblue E190 unable VOR 22L and BA pilot accidental transmission Carro
2018-05-26 20:04:0026 May: Unidentified flying object in New York Carro
2018-05-24 20:14:1519 May: Endeavor CRJ9 runway excursion on landing at Lexington GeoffSM1
2018-05-22 20:03:4720 May: N1101X fatal accident on Bald Mountain, Vermont Carro
2018-05-17 20:01:2916 May: Delta 1888 Engine failure at JFK Carro
2018-05-13 00:59:487 May: Piper PA-28 Cherokee, N642RJ, fuel leak and crash landing in parking lot Carro
2018-05-13 00:44:457 May: Southwest 1118 flaps problem and low fuel(only approach) Carro
2018-05-12 18:02:3811 May: Cirrus SR22, N507TX, fatal crash near Centennial Airport Carro
2018-05-10 16:11:10Re: Pilot says he had seconds to decide where to land plane in Vero Beach Carro
2018-05-09 11:52:008 May: UPS4 WAW-HKG turns around to WAW Mhrok
2018-05-09 11:52:008 May: UPS4 WAW-HKG turns around to WAW Mhrok
2018-05-08 19:54:263 dec: Something flying over 22R and/or a dog at JFK. Any ideas? Carro
2018-05-06 11:18:45Southern Air flight with landing gear problem (YMML) tigerheavy
2018-05-05 12:42:365 May: Jetstar A320 landing gear problem tigerheavy
2018-05-05 08:51:253 May: American 970 fumes, autopilot, autothrottle, other failures divert to SGF Carro
2018-05-04 04:24:28Re: 30 apr: Cessna 310G, N2212A, hit a tree or a bird on landing at KGNV Carro
2018-05-03 19:38:0830 apr: Cessna 310G, N2212A, hit a tree or a bird on landing at KGNV Carro
2018-05-02 19:03:4529 April: Cessna R182 Skylane, N6078C, gear collapse on landing at KPRC Carro
2018-05-01 19:50:1029 Apr: FedEx 9792 fuel leak divert to Newark Carro
2018-04-30 18:18:43Re: 04 April 2018: KDAB fatal accident discovery on tower frequency GeoffSM1
2018-04-30 00:27:27"Fun" on SFO Ground 28 April N433UA
2018-04-30 00:27:27"Fun" on SFO Ground 28 April N433UA
2018-04-30 00:27:27"Fun" on SFO Ground 28 April N433UA
2018-04-30 00:27:27"Fun" on SFO Ground 28 April N433UA
2018-04-30 00:27:27"Fun" on SFO Ground 28 April N433UA
2018-04-30 00:27:27"Fun" on SFO Ground 28 April N433UA
2018-04-28 22:28:52Drone sightings (including a near collision) at KEWR on 30 July 2017. GeoffSM1
2018-04-28 08:24:1125 Apr: Lufthansa 400 Super unable to land runway 22 at JFK divert to PHL Carro
2018-04-27 19:46:0026 Apr: Yakovlev Yak 52 crash near Portland-Hillsboro Airport Carro
2018-04-27 11:37:0427 APR: Qantas Freight 737 with cockpit instrumentation problem tigerheavy
2018-04-26 23:11:22Re: 24 April: Odds and ends at SFO GeoffSM1
2018-04-26 03:13:5224 April: Odds and ends at SFO kitsaber691
2018-04-25 21:31:3830 Mar: From the North Perry Airport (KHWO) archived files GeoffSM1
2018-04-25 21:02:1320 Apr: Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow, N8564N:in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina GeoffSM1
2018-04-24 21:27:05Re: F-16 Crash Landing at Lake Havasue City KhII Goodkill
2018-04-23 19:32:00Re: VX1357 Emergency Landing ORD 4/20/18 Carro
2018-04-22 12:51:5925 Mar: Bonanza N7019N, part of conversation in fatal flight Carro
2018-04-22 12:40:0831 Mar: Air Canada 481 bird strike and more birds, birds, birds at Montreal Carro
2018-04-21 18:25:5623 Mar: A Cessna 172R, N987AV, went off side of runway on landing at KBVI Carro
2018-04-19 04:17:42DAL30 Engine Fire out of ATL fulcrum
2018-04-18 14:23:38Re: 17 April - SWA1380 ronr530
2018-04-18 02:05:1616 April: UA1559 Elevator Problems kitsaber691
2018-04-17 19:49:05Re: SWA1380 left engine failure April 14th chapinb
2018-04-17 19:43:16Re: 17 April - SWA1380 VictorAtienza94
2018-04-17 18:43:12Re: 17 April - SWA1380 Carro
2018-04-17 18:15:32Re: SWA1380 left engine failure April 14th danmel
2018-04-17 18:15:32Re: SWA1380 left engine failure April 14th danmel
2018-04-17 18:15:32Re: SWA1380 left engine failure April 14th danmel
2018-04-17 18:01:5517 April - SWA1380 greenbird73
2018-04-17 02:00:5214 April: AC1219 Blown tire on landing at YHZ kitsaber691
2018-04-15 20:12:0112 April: DL5879 struck by lightning kitsaber691
2018-04-15 18:39:4717 Mar: Experimental Skybolt, N27265, forced landing Carro
2018-04-15 08:28:3116 Mar: N761DV forced landing after total loss of engine power Carro
2018-04-14 21:37:038 Apr: Allegiant 456 braking action nil overran runway on landing at Sioux Falls Carro
2018-04-13 03:09:2911 April: THY34 Medical Diversion to JFK kitsaber691
2018-04-11 01:02:1911 April: Jetstar A321 hydraulic system failure tigerheavy
2018-04-10 02:04:157 April: No need for an intro this time! kitsaber691
2018-04-08 11:48:2326 Dec: Tame 8103 unreliable speed and altitude with unnecessary no-gyro vectors Carro
2018-04-08 11:16:478 Mar: N8191B engine failure and crash when trying to land on a road Carro
2018-04-05 23:56:5204 April 2018: KDAB fatal accident discovery on tower frequency eagle21
2018-04-03 19:16:39A new callsign when Norwegian Air UK begin operating flights to USA Carro
2018-04-02 01:28:521 April: I guess we're calling him Pearson Dave? kitsaber691
2018-03-31 22:32:1220 Mar: Norwegian 7014 engine failure when putting on takeoff power at JFK Carro
2018-03-31 17:01:2231 Mar: Delta 2836 bird strike on takeoff returns to JFK Carro
2018-03-30 04:42:5927 March: 2 Condors divert to YYT kitsaber691
2018-03-26 16:56:09Re: 26 Mar: LOT3PE/LO382 tire blown after landing at EPWA Mhrok
2018-03-26 16:27:3426 Mar: LOT3PE/LO382 tire blown after landing at EPWA Mhrok
2018-03-26 00:34:1325 March: AC7618 Smoke in Cockpit kitsaber691
2018-03-25 10:59:0322 Feb: Cessna 441 N771XW initial problem in fatal flight Carro
2018-03-24 18:46:5718 Mar: JetBlue 2401 electrical burning smell return to JFK Carro
2018-03-23 23:43:58 22 Mar: Significant disruption at KSNA after a plane skidded off a runway GeoffSM1
2018-03-23 17:14:5413 March: Cessna T210N Centurion crash after takeoff from Kissimmee Airport Carro
2018-03-23 11:08:1923 Feb: United 878 overran runway at Green Bay Carro
2018-03-23 11:08:1923 Feb: United 878 overran runway at Green Bay Carro
2018-03-22 22:36:0721 March: Waterski 4361 engine fire indication at JFK Carro
2018-03-20 04:14:5218 March: Royal Jordanian 261 Diversion to Boston kitsaber691
2018-03-15 06:38:4713 March: YYZ ground controller having fun kitsaber691
2018-03-14 22:10:29KJFK ATIS: Stephen Hawking tribute on March 14th flyflyfly
2018-03-12 23:30:303 Mar; Republic E170 at Nashville bird strike during take off GeoffSM1
2018-03-12 21:14:26Landings within minutes of the UBG211 crash at VNKT. GeoffSM1
2018-03-12 18:30:46KRFD 03-12-2018, 14:49Z, N96772 Crash Landing GRC1974
2018-03-12 18:19:19UBG211 (Callsign: Bangla Star) Crash VNKT. Disoriented pilot confused RWY 02/20. Shmendrik
2018-03-12 01:34:1711 March: Helicopter crash in East River (NYC) kitsaber691
2018-03-11 06:11:38N422PS 'Vaporlock' Engine Failure and Crash ADS 10MAR18 pilotkev1
2018-03-11 04:09:09SportCruiser N378PS Engine Failure Addison TX 10MAR18 pilotkev1
2018-03-04 12:02:481 March: Avalon Airport lighting failure causes Jetstar diversion tigerheavy
2018-03-02 00:01:091 Mar: SKW4315 from Providence to Detroit in emergency diversion GeoffSM1
2018-03-01 20:50:511 Mar: TUI B788 near Dublin with cracked windshield diverts to London, Gatwick GeoffSM1
2018-02-23 21:52:3222 Feb: Lufthansa B748 engine failure but not an emergency --- ATC surprised wiedehopf
2018-02-21 23:38:4018 Feb: Socata TBM700, N700VX: Fatal accident nr Evanston-Uinta County Airport GeoffSM1
2018-02-21 22:58:5621 Feb: Finland beaten by Canada in Mens Ice Hockey Quarter Final GeoffSM1
2018-02-21 22:04:56Re: Small Plane crash Montgomery field GeoffSM1
2018-02-21 22:04:56Re: Small Plane crash Montgomery field GeoffSM1
2018-02-18 21:34:3716 Feb: American B763 diverts to the Azores with multiple system failures GeoffSM1
2018-02-18 00:02:1014 Feb: Confused EIDW Tower gives aircraft on Apron take off clearance. GeoffSM1
2018-02-17 23:41:5512 Feb: SAS B737 unable to retract gear on departure from Shannon GeoffSM1
2018-02-17 22:36:5714 Feb: Busy day at Dublin - bird activity and Shamrock #12C with a gear issue GeoffSM1
2018-02-14 17:53:50UAL1775_PHNL Fryy
2018-02-12 19:53:1629 Jan: Beech C90 - Left main gear collapsed after landing at KFAR GeoffSM1
2018-02-12 18:25:2026 Jan: 2 aircraft collided at Fort Collins/Loveland airport (KFNL CTAF). GeoffSM1
2018-02-12 14:37:018 Feb: Learejet diverted from Teterboro due to nose gear problem GeoffSM1
2018-02-11 22:39:0410 Feb: A pedestrian on the runway at LAX aborts SWA 2494 takeoff tappan
2018-02-10 23:29:369 Feb: Ryanair B738 returned to Bucharest. PAN-PAN due to possible tail strike GeoffSM1
2018-02-09 22:06:1025 Jan: Loss of separation between Air Canada A320 and Westjet 737 near Toronto GeoffSM1
2018-02-09 21:09:429 Feb: BA-#213 PAN-PAN over Atlantic due to smoke in aircraft. GeoffSM1
2018-02-07 21:55:095 Feb: JetBlue 492 in Medical diversion to Denver GeoffSM1
2018-02-07 21:12:437 Feb: Southwest plane skids off taxiway at Baltimore VictorAtienza94
2018-02-06 05:48:51DL87 Diversion to Iqaluit kitsaber691
2018-02-05 21:47:43Phila Eagles return to KPHL as Super Bowl Champions cptbrw
2018-02-04 23:58:443/4 Feb: Frontier F91883 MCO to PHX diverted to Tampa due to fire in cabin GeoffSM1
2018-02-04 12:45:133 Feb: China Southern A330 flap system fault tigerheavy
2018-02-03 17:53:32There's a Boeing Coming Up Your Butt! lajim
2018-02-02 19:04:101 Feb: AA4623 Atlanta to Washington diverted to Charlotte - door open? GeoffSM1
2018-02-01 23:16:4430 Jan: Robinson rotorcraft crashed near KSNA. Three died. GeoffSM1
2018-01-31 22:51:3131 Jan: A series of go-arounds due to poor visibility at KSFO GeoffSM1
2018-01-30 23:30:0229 Jan: Sportcopter II, N767LW: crashed during takeoff from runway at KVNY. GeoffSM1
2018-01-30 21:34:5427 Jan: North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT), Clark County, Nevada GeoffSM1
2018-01-29 23:34:0422 Jan: Vans RV-12, N262WS in fatal accident in Bonita Springs, Florida GeoffSM1
2018-01-27 23:06:4411 Jan: Cessna Skyhawk N738GE left runway on landing - damaged lights GeoffSM1
2018-01-27 22:04:0727 Jan: Alaska flight 1098 returns to KSFO due to abnormal door indication GeoffSM1
2018-01-27 18:09:0427 Jan: Go arounds and a diversion at KSAN after Fedex has blown tyre on landing GeoffSM1
2018-01-27 18:09:0427 Jan: Go arounds and a diversion at KSAN after Fedex has blown tyre on landing GeoffSM1
2018-01-27 00:04:0626 Jan: American Airlines flight 1364 diverted to Jacksonville (threat level 1) GeoffSM1
2018-01-26 13:23:2626 Jan: Queensland police service Cessna 560 technical problem tigerheavy
2018-01-26 10:19:5024 Jan: QF566 medical tigerheavy
2018-01-25 22:25:2424 Jan: Norwegian Air Shuttle #7042 diverted to Shannon after pilot has seizures GeoffSM1
2018-01-25 00:16:3022 Jan: Singapore #SQ634 Traffic on runway go around instruction GeoffSM1
2018-01-22 18:55:49Re: 18 Jan: Delta 1594 Emergency Landing at LAX GeoffSM1
2018-01-20 22:01:4818 Jan: Cessna 180J (N180V). Aircraft scraped wing tip on runway at Santa Fe GeoffSM1
2018-01-20 06:40:2318 Jan: Delta 1594 Emergency Landing at LAX lajim
2018-01-19 23:29:0918 Jan: Tukan Trike N907T crashed on landing at KEIK GeoffSM1
2018-01-18 23:07:4917 Jan: Mesa CRJ9 near Dallas; smoke in cockpit leads to emergency landing GeoffSM1
2018-01-17 21:31:0225 Dec: Skywest #3567 received terrain warning on approach to Medford Airport GeoffSM1
2018-01-17 20:43:5817 Jan: Smoke indication causes Envoy E145 to return to Toledo GeoffSM1
2018-01-16 22:23:0615 Jan: Ethiopian #ET501 returns to KIAD with hydraulic system issue. GeoffSM1
2018-01-15 00:14:0814 Jan: Flybe Dash 8-400 at Knock diverts to Belfast due to flaps issue. GeoffSM1
2018-01-13 23:57:5613 Jan: Delta #420 and Delta #451 with issues at JFK - etc GeoffSM1
2018-01-13 12:20:48Evergreen pilot makes light of double read back error tigerheavy
2018-01-12 05:28:07Redwoods axed at JFK kitsaber691
2018-01-11 21:28:49Re: 2 Jan: Cessna Turbo Centurion gear issue on landing at Aurora State Airport GeoffSM1
2018-01-11 21:28:49Re: 2 Jan: Cessna Turbo Centurion gear issue on landing at Aurora State Airport GeoffSM1
2018-01-11 20:36:51Re: Aeromexico Go-Around at KSFO Jan 9 after nearly landing on wrong runway GeoffSM1
2018-01-11 16:52:53Re: 10 Jan: Warsaw Chopin lengthy closure after LOT3924 landed without nose gear VictorAtienza94
2018-01-11 16:17:31Aeromexico Go-Around KSFO Jan 9 RTWright
2018-01-11 15:06:27Re: 10 Jan: Warsaw Chopin lengthy closure after LOT3924 landed without nose gear GeoffSM1
2018-01-11 11:18:20Re: 10 Jan: Warsaw Chopin lengthy closure after LOT3924 landed without nose gear GeoffSM1
2018-01-10 22:54:3010 Jan: Warsaw Chopin lengthy closure after LOT3924 landed without nose gear GeoffSM1
2018-01-10 04:23:49YYZ Ground Miscellany kitsaber691
2018-01-09 21:41:368 Jan: Air Canada Rouge #AC1823 declared PAN PAN just after departure from CYYZ GeoffSM1
2018-01-09 21:41:368 Jan: Air Canada Rouge #AC1823 declared PAN PAN just after departure from CYYZ GeoffSM1
2018-01-08 22:17:14180 On Active Runway AirKevin
2018-01-08 05:19:405 Jan: Westjet 2425 MAYDAY kitsaber691
2018-01-07 20:05:565 Jan: Severe weather issues at Boston (including a near runway incursion) GeoffSM1
2018-01-06 21:48:086 Jan: Lufthansa LH400 to JFK returned to Frankfurt from west of Ireland GeoffSM1
2018-01-06 04:49:01SKW5296 KSFO Fryy
2018-01-05 23:43:472 Jan: Cessna Turbo Centurion gear issue on landing at Aurora State Airport GeoffSM1
2018-01-05 22:52:3919 Oct: Near runway incursion at KOMA? GeoffSM1
2018-01-05 22:18:115 Jan: Lufthansa #LH1317 diverts to Nice with medical emergency GeoffSM1
2018-01-04 07:15:44Re: DAL284 KATL Double Return Fryy
2018-01-03 23:27:501 Jan: Emergency-landing-hector-international-airport GeoffSM1
2018-01-03 07:09:42Rose Bowl B-2 Flyover lajim
2018-01-02 14:37:36Jan 2: Black Cat at JFK ;) wiedehopf
2017-12-31 20:37:0131 Dec - AAL1609 No Flaps, No Slats Landing at JFK 1845Z wiedehopf
2017-12-30 22:44:4829 Dec: Mostly heavy snow related Tower communications at Toronto GeoffSM1
2017-12-29 18:53:56RUAF aircraft AWACS from HF wwaaggyy
2017-12-28 22:22:2528 Dec: Delta Connection #DL4668 in Emergency diversion to Milwaukee GeoffSM1
2017-12-28 22:02:47Re: 28 Dec:Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to L. Angeles Mayday diversion to Shannon GeoffSM1
2017-12-28 21:15:1928 Dec:Aer Lingus flight from Dublin to L. Angeles Mayday diversion to Shannon GeoffSM1
2017-12-28 00:06:1927 Dec: Air France #66 arrives at KLAX with engine #2 shut down GeoffSM1
2017-12-27 13:49:25Re: 25 Dec: JetBlue Airbus skidded off icy taxiway after landng at Boston GeoffSM1
2017-12-26 23:39:5925 Dec: JetBlue Airbus skidded off icy taxiway after landng at Boston GeoffSM1
2017-12-26 00:20:5925 Dec - CYHZ Halifax Porter 471 slightly windy wiedehopf
2017-12-25 23:52:5025 Dec: Westjet #3511 Toromto - London (YXU) returned to Toronto GeoffSM1
2017-12-25 18:10:50AAL1200_KSMF Fryy
2017-12-24 22:37:1424 Dec: Delta #1070 had to return to Atlanta today GeoffSM1
2017-12-24 00:28:2123 Dec: Delta #DL73 - Medical emergency diversion to Gander GeoffSM1
2017-12-23 22:46:3518 Dec: Aeroflot #122 Low altitude alert at KJFK GeoffSM1
2017-12-23 16:23:4023 Dec: China Eastern #MU506 with radio problem at Hong Kong GeoffSM1
2017-12-22 22:56:3420 Dec: United Express #UA4798 emergency return to Huntsville - smell of fuel GeoffSM1
2017-12-22 22:56:3420 Dec: United Express #UA4798 emergency return to Huntsville - smell of fuel GeoffSM1
2017-12-21 22:32:0421 Dec: Singapore Cargo flight arriving at KJFK on diversion earlier today GeoffSM1
2017-12-20 23:50:3519 Dec: main topic is American B757-200 over Atlantic engine shut down in flight GeoffSM1
2017-12-20 21:53:0320 Dec: Condor #2162 Frankfurt to Montego Bay diverted to Paris Orly GeoffSM1
2017-12-20 00:22:05Re: 14 DEC Emirates 413a PAN call GeoffSM1
2017-12-20 00:22:05Re: 14 DEC Emirates 413a PAN call GeoffSM1
2017-12-16 22:41:3215 Dec: Toronto - Main topic is Air Canada #1039 - Bird strike on takeoff. GeoffSM1
2017-12-16 00:03:4714 DEC Emirates 413a PAN call tigerheavy
2017-12-14 23:36:1529 Nov: Delta Air Lines flight 2196 nearly landed on occupied taxiway GeoffSM1
2017-12-14 22:34:524 Dec: Emirates A380 Low Altitude Alert at KJFK flyflyfly
2017-12-14 06:23:069 Dec: AC56 Diversion to Shannon kitsaber691
2017-12-12 23:12:095 Dec: More from the KFPR archive (includes a near midair collision) GeoffSM1
2017-12-12 21:58:0430 Nov: Robinson Helicopter R22 Beta, N47WH, Accident at KTRK (Truckee) GeoffSM1
2017-12-12 19:52:545 Dec: Robinson Helicopter R44, N99RW, accident at Fort Pierce, Florida GeoffSM1
2017-12-12 06:17:24Re: 8 Dec: Horizon Air 2246 PDX --> SEA Engine Failure Fryy
2017-12-09 23:18:30Re: December 8th - Horizon Air 2246 PDX --> SEA Engine Failure (edit) GeoffSM1
2017-12-09 04:48:312 Dec: DL453 diverts to BIL for a pit stop kitsaber691
2017-12-08 23:33:186 Dec:Bonanza, N679EA, fatal accident near Spirit of St Louis Airport (KSUS) GeoffSM1
2017-12-08 18:12:508 Dec: Horizon Air 2246 PDX --> SEA Engine Failure wiedehopf
2017-12-08 18:12:508 Dec: Horizon Air 2246 PDX --> SEA Engine Failure wiedehopf
2017-12-08 04:51:076 Dec: F-HJPE Flies Home! kitsaber691
2017-12-06 14:26:06Re: Takeoff Aborted At JFK After Another Plane Almost Lands On Wrong Runway swawkbox
2017-12-06 14:26:06Re: Takeoff Aborted At JFK After Another Plane Almost Lands On Wrong Runway swawkbox
2017-12-06 14:26:06Re: Takeoff Aborted At JFK After Another Plane Almost Lands On Wrong Runway swawkbox
2017-12-05 22:57:343 Dec: Cessna 152 , N714TD, Regal Air Flight School: Paine Field (KPAE) GeoffSM1
2017-12-05 21:41:194 Dec: Sonex Aircraft Onex, N104SY in Parkersburg, Wood County, West Virginia GeoffSM1
2017-12-05 16:56:5229 Nov: McDonnell Douglas MD-11F, N986AR, Centurion Cargo at Sacramento Mather GeoffSM1
2017-12-01 21:26:2019 Nov: Cessna C172 N52492 crashes into a house after takeoff at RHV VictorAtienza94
2017-12-01 14:51:27Re: From various Australian feeds GeoffSM1
2017-11-30 16:17:02From various Australian feeds GeoffSM1
2017-11-30 15:15:5027 Nov: N300SX SWEARINGEN SX300 Force landed at Denton. Texas GeoffSM1
2017-11-28 06:28:5227 Nov: Virgin and EgyptAir clipped wings at KJFK kitsaber691
2017-11-27 23:23:36Re: 25Nov returnt to airport after takeoff due to gear problem GeoffSM1
2017-11-26 05:16:21Re: 25 Nov: Delta 436 Compressor Stall / Engine Failure departing JFK kitsaber691
2017-11-25 23:53:1325 Nov: Delta 436 Compressor Stall / Engine Failure departing JFK wiedehopf
2017-11-25 23:53:1325 Nov: Delta 436 Compressor Stall / Engine Failure departing JFK wiedehopf
2017-11-25 07:37:5021 Nov: AZ631 Reported Fuel Contamination kitsaber691
2017-11-25 00:10:2324 Nov: Civil Air Patrol Cessna Skylane out of Houston declares an emergency GeoffSM1
2017-11-24 15:32:12Please, help me to find out what exactly they said ABDLman
2017-11-24 15:32:12Please, help me to find out what exactly they said ABDLman
2017-11-24 15:32:12Please, help me to find out what exactly they said ABDLman
2017-11-24 15:32:12Please, help me to find out what exactly they said ABDLman
2017-11-23 22:11:5621 Nov: Cessna 152 #N6097M with radio problem at Miami (TMB) GeoffSM1
2017-11-23 21:07:4623 Nov: Cessna #N5525P arriving at Las Vegas Henderson Exec with radio fault GeoffSM1
2017-11-22 22:44:3822 Nov: From the KCNO and KLGB archived feeds GeoffSM1
2017-11-22 03:20:0820 Nov: AC342 Diversion to YYC kitsaber691
2017-11-21 20:22:5820 Nov: KLM #KL598 from Capetown to Amsterdam cargo fire warning diversion GeoffSM1
2017-11-19 23:33:0118 Nov: Spillage (possibly hydraulic fluid) from unidentified aircraft at KJFK GeoffSM1
2017-11-18 22:31:3516 Nov: Southwest #5902 KLAX to Nashville diverted to Phoenix GeoffSM1
2017-11-17 04:05:3116 Nov: UAL906 Captain Retiring kitsaber691
2017-11-16 22:05:2016 Nov: Spirit Airlines #NK484 Dallas to Philadelphia diverted to Memphis GeoffSM1
2017-11-16 00:01:29Re: 13 Nov: Delta #45 (EIDW to KJFK) diverted to St Johns with a mechanical issue GeoffSM1
2017-11-15 19:58:0813 Nov: Delta #45 (EIDW to KJFK) diverted to St Johns with a mechanical issue GeoffSM1
2017-11-13 22:51:2112 Nov: Passenger taken ill on Jet2 flight pronounced dead at Cork airport GeoffSM1
2017-11-13 20:31:5713 Nov: Medical emergency return to Seattle (KSEA) for United flight 484 GeoffSM1
2017-11-12 21:15:219 Nov: Technical issue for an aircraft at Brisbane Airport GeoffSM1
2017-11-12 19:21:32More from the Brisbane archives relating to the recent SIDs and STARs changes GeoffSM1
2017-11-10 22:11:3410 Nov: Delta #D2795 from Minneapolis to Salt Lake City - bird strike GeoffSM1
2017-11-09 05:46:437 Nov: HAL8075 Engine Fire kitsaber691
2017-11-08 05:57:20United 747 Last Flight SFO/HNL SQK7700
2017-11-07 00:14:45Re: 5 Nov: Delta B712 near Rochester (NY) - landing at Buffalo GeoffSM1
2017-11-06 23:41:215 Nov: Delta B712 near Rochester (NY) - loss of cabin pressure GeoffSM1
2017-11-05 21:25:325 Nov: UA153 diverted to Detroit after encountering severe turbulence GeoffSM1
2017-11-04 22:52:084 Nov: Air France A388 heading for Mexico City diverted to Shannon GeoffSM1
2017-11-04 14:50:0431 Oct: Piper PA-28, N613FT off runway at KMLB Melbourne International Airport GeoffSM1
2017-11-02 22:40:5529 Oct: Prague (LKPR) thunderstorm. Shamrock 64H receives a lightning strike GeoffSM1
2017-10-31 21:15:4130 Oct: Medical emergency diversion to Phoenix GeoffSM1
2017-10-31 20:30:1931 Oct: KLM #KL934 returned to Dublin due to a technical issue GeoffSM1
2017-10-29 22:41:4624 Oct: Mesa Airlines CRJ9 returns to Birmingham (AL) with smoke in cabin GeoffSM1
2017-10-28 22:25:5428 Oct: Air Canada (AC858 - Toronto to LHR) diverted to Halifax GeoffSM1
2017-10-27 21:29:1627 Oct: Delta DL70 diverted to Goose Bay due to engine #2 issue over Atlantic GeoffSM1
2017-10-27 12:48:4620 Oct: Stressful session for San Carlos airport Tower controller GeoffSM1
2017-10-27 03:22:4226 Oct: AA91 Diversion to Shannon kitsaber691
2017-10-26 22:26:1720 Oct: Cirrus SR22T, N3636E: Accident occurred at San Carlos Airport GeoffSM1
2017-10-25 13:31:27Re: FAA probes second Air Canada emergency landing at San Francisco airport swawkbox
2017-10-24 19:08:0723 Oct: Hickory, NC airport hit with high winds, possible tornado swawkbox
2017-10-24 07:17:3322 Oct: Air Canada radio issue while landing at SFO sumdog747
2017-10-22 20:55:4421 Oct: Qantas flight to San Fransisco returned to Sydney due to autopilot fault GeoffSM1
2017-10-21 23:15:10Re: 20 Oct: Lingus A332 at Dublin - runway excursion during line up for takeoff GeoffSM1
2017-10-21 22:39:4520 Oct: Lingus A332 at Dublin - runway excursion during line up for takeoff GeoffSM1
2017-10-21 04:24:31Re: 19 Oct: SouthWest flight from Chicago to Phoenix diverted to Omaha kitsaber691
2017-10-20 20:40:0419 Oct: SouthWest flight from Chicago to Phoenix diverted to Omaha GeoffSM1
2017-10-20 12:42:16Virgin Australia 737 declares PAN after bird strike tigerheavy
2017-10-19 21:00:5319 Oct: ASL Airlines flight from Timisoara to Katowice emergency GeoffSM1
2017-10-19 18:51:3518 Oct: Cessna 402B, N900CR, force landed on a street and struck two vehicles GeoffSM1
2017-10-19 02:43:2117 Oct: Air Transat 189 MAYDAY kitsaber691
2017-10-17 20:22:5415 Oct: Air Berlin 7001: final Miami departure flyflyfly
2017-10-16 23:02:5516 Oct: Storm Ophelia affecting operations at Dublin earlier today. GeoffSM1
2017-10-16 18:24:00Re: JFK Approach CAMRN now on 118.4? wiedehopf
2017-10-15 21:29:0014 Oct: VIR44B medical diversion to YYZ kitsaber691
2017-10-15 19:44:3113 Oct: Etihad B773, cargo smoke indication leads to diversion to Adelaide GeoffSM1
2017-10-14 22:40:47Re: Kennedy Steve Audio kitsaber691
2017-10-14 22:37:2812 Oct: Tornado at Aurora State Airport (KUAO) damages planes GeoffSM1
2017-10-14 22:35:2612 Oct: DLH431 diversion to YHZ kitsaber691
2017-10-13 20:41:538 Oct: Increased bird activity at Shannon (EINN) GeoffSM1
2017-10-13 20:21:5012 Oct: SkyWest 5932 returns to Gate GeoffSM1
2017-10-13 04:48:0411 Oct: Ethiopian Airlines ET500 diversion to YHZ kitsaber691
2017-10-11 21:20:3110 Oct: Emirates EK49 Dubai - Munich diverted to Kuwait due to death of child GeoffSM1
2017-10-11 04:20:49AC859 Diversion to Goose Bay kitsaber691
2017-10-10 21:33:515 Oct: Go around at Camarillo (KCMA) due to separation issue GeoffSM1
2017-10-10 21:09:315 Oct: Ultralight America Spitfire II, N2918A, at Camarillo Airport (KCMA) GeoffSM1
2017-10-07 16:02:186 Oct: Thomson 093 Cancun to London Gatwick - double diversion GeoffSM1
2017-10-06 19:43:464 Oct: Fatal accident occurred near Flying Cloud Airport (KFCM) GeoffSM1
2017-10-05 18:53:39Re: 4 Oct: Air Force Two departure leads to significant disruption at Phoenix GeoffSM1
2017-10-05 04:29:51Re: Kennedy Steve Audio kitsaber691
2017-10-05 01:28:05DAL1057 Engine Fire at KLAS 090617 cptbrw
2017-10-04 22:57:054 Oct: Air Force Two departure leads to significant disruption at Phoenix GeoffSM1
2017-10-04 22:57:054 Oct: Air Force Two departure leads to significant disruption at Phoenix GeoffSM1
2017-10-04 22:57:054 Oct: Air Force Two departure leads to significant disruption at Phoenix GeoffSM1
2017-10-03 05:20:30Re: Kennedy Steve Audio kitsaber691
2017-10-03 03:53:37Re: 30 Sep: Air France A380 engine desintegrates over the Atlantic kitsaber691
2017-10-02 23:01:171 Oct: Beech V35B Bonanza N6KG - Runway excursion at KASH GeoffSM1
2017-10-02 16:13:31Re: 02 Oct: KLAS active shooter - Aircraft diversions on the Approach frequency GeoffSM1
2017-10-02 06:32:4302 Oct: KLAS active shooter epsalon
2017-09-30 21:22:0628 Sep: Cessna R182, N1724R involved in hard landing at KPRC GeoffSM1
2017-09-30 20:38:53Re: 30 Sep: Air France A380 engine desintegrates over the Atlantic VictorAtienza94
2017-09-30 19:57:5928 Sep: Delta Airlines MD88 in bird strike on approach to Newark GeoffSM1
2017-09-30 16:18:1129 Sep: Miscellany from KRDM App/Dep (ZSE05/46) feed GeoffSM1
2017-09-28 21:45:4528 Sep: Spirit 1132 medical diversion to Atlantic City GeoffSM1
2017-09-28 13:22:3826 Sep: AA624 from Seattle to Charlotte in medical diversion to St Louis GeoffSM1
2017-09-27 21:58:2425 Sep: Allegiant KLAS to KFAT Flight AAY514. Smoke in cabin after landing. GeoffSM1
2017-09-25 21:34:5323 Sep: Learjet 45 bird strike on departure from KPWA, Oklahoma GeoffSM1
2017-09-25 20:33:5424 Sep: Helicopter incident at Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (KSBA) GeoffSM1
2017-09-23 21:53:3319 Sep: Cathay Pacific A333 near Adelaide engine failure GeoffSM1
2017-09-23 01:52:23Re: 20 Sep: BA 2167 London to Tampa medical diversion to Halifax kitsaber691
2017-09-22 18:42:1720 Sep: BA 2167 London to Tampa medical diversion to Halifax GeoffSM1
2017-09-16 02:47:2115 Sep: Thomas Cook 2617 medical emergency kitsaber691
2017-09-16 02:28:06Kennedy Steve Audio kitsaber691
2017-09-16 02:28:06Kennedy Steve Audio kitsaber691
2017-09-15 22:54:3213 Sep: AA 719 medical diversion to Dublin and bird strikes GeoffSM1
2017-09-15 22:54:3213 Sep: AA 719 medical diversion to Dublin and bird strikes GeoffSM1
2017-09-15 22:54:3213 Sep: AA 719 medical diversion to Dublin and bird strikes GeoffSM1
2017-09-14 19:35:2614 Sep: United Airlines Flight 152 arriving at Dublin with medical emergency. GeoffSM1
2017-09-13 21:14:31tailwind limit? wiedehopf
2017-09-13 04:58:30Re: Beech Bonanza N9798L KOGD Crash ahaws28
2017-09-12 20:26:51Beech Bonanza N9798L KOGD Crash stan1541
2017-09-07 22:25:327 Sep: Etihad Airways encounters severe turbulence after departure from Perth GeoffSM1
2017-09-06 22:25:2820 Aug: Fatal accident near Sion Airport (LSGS), Switzerland GeoffSM1
2017-09-05 21:59:325 Aug:MAYDAY at Stockholm (Sweden) - Flight 2N251 GeoffSM1
2017-09-04 22:06:5931 Aug: Lingus A333 returns to Dublin with hydraulic failure GeoffSM1
2017-08-24 23:19:28Re: KCPR Tower asking an aircraft in the air if its getting dark during the eclipse GeoffSM1
2017-08-24 23:07:4023 Aug: Norwegian B738 returns to Dublin due to APU problem GeoffSM1
2017-08-20 13:57:35DL64 Rejected Takeoff in Atlanta chumphreys
2017-08-20 12:56:21Evergreen 747 with cargo problem tigerheavy
2017-08-18 19:14:09June-12-2017: Cessna N13306 off-airport landing dave
2017-08-17 00:53:17KJFK - 081517 - DAL2503 strikes AAL290 cptbrw
2017-08-13 00:13:09Trouper One Down in Charlottesville gillmores
2017-08-09 23:13:018 Aug: United 987Heavy arriving at Newark with shattered pilot windshield GeoffSM1
2017-08-09 21:22:53ROU1871 control and instruments problem at MCO last year 2016-10-27 oktalist
2017-08-09 07:58:31Re: AA-759 August 5th 2017 (Was anyone able to find anything on Center???) ChrisBauer
2017-08-08 22:40:058 Aug: Radio issue for Piper PA28-236 approaching Williamsport (KIPT) GeoffSM1
2017-08-08 08:14:16AA-759 August 5th 2017 (Was anyone able to find anything on Center???) ChrisBauer
2017-07-27 16:29:21Beech Bonanza N60WB Fatal Crash at Ogden Hinckley Airport (KOGD) 7/26/2017 ahaws28
2017-07-27 16:26:1026 July: Fatal accident occurred near Ogden-Hinckley Airport (KOGD) GeoffSM1
2017-07-25 22:56:0824 July: Mooney M20K landed at KHWD and gear collapsed. GeoffSM1
2017-07-25 21:18:3724 July: Delta Flight 1756 had to return to KMSP because of radio problem GeoffSM1
2017-07-23 22:57:1023 July: United 898T returns to KIAH due to violent passenger. GeoffSM1
2017-07-23 18:54:1523 July: EasyJet Airbus A319-111 issue with landing gear at Prague GeoffSM1
2017-07-21 22:21:3920 July: United B763 diversion to Shannon - engine shut down in flight GeoffSM1
2017-07-20 01:52:4019 July: Cessna N2608X makes an off-airport landing near Brookhaven (KHWV) ThatOneRoadie
2017-07-19 22:25:0416 July: Cessna landed with nose gear retracted at Napa California GeoffSM1
2017-07-18 19:58:46Lancair Evolution Crash KFFZ kmayes314
2017-07-18 19:49:1716 July: Air France diversion after Aeromexico B738 rejected take off at MMMX GeoffSM1
2017-07-18 18:24:19ELT Report: "Looks like it was me, I just hit this little button and it stopped! resistance2fly
2017-07-16 22:59:3515 July: Marking the arrival of a brand new LOT Dreamliner at Warsaw GeoffSM1
2017-07-16 21:37:0916 July: WN5161 from Dallas to Lubbock diverts due to hazardous weather. GeoffSM1
2017-07-14 23:01:1614 July: Pilot dies in small plane crash on El Monte runway. GeoffSM1
2017-07-14 20:26:0111 July: Light plane reportedly collides with drone near Parafield Airport (AUS) GeoffSM1
2017-07-12 23:50:46Qantas 403 concerned about Hot Air Balloons tigerheavy
2017-07-11 03:25:557 July - KSFO AC759, Lined up for Taxiway Charlie, Go-Around trek604
2017-07-11 00:15:33British Airways 747-400 with starter motor problem tigerheavy
2017-07-09 21:32:2223 June: Accident: Delta A321 at Atlanta , tail strike on landing GeoffSM1
2017-07-07 22:00:117 July: Cessna 172D Skyhawk, N2492U: Accident occurred at Cape Coral GeoffSM1
2017-07-07 13:47:294 July: Van's RV-6, N660PC, AJ Aviation LLC at Santa Fe Municipal Airport (KSAF) GeoffSM1
2017-07-06 19:31:59Interesting conversation between GA pilot and App Ctl over late arrival. rysium
2017-07-04 23:15:21Re: Go-Around on 7/2 @ SFO GeoffSM1
2017-07-04 22:51:26Re: Go-Around on 7/2 @ SFO GeoffSM1
2017-07-04 01:02:36Severe weather at KATL 2017-06-29 oktalist
2017-07-03 00:33:34DEN SKW5869 fire while taxiing datainmotion
2017-07-03 00:33:34DEN SKW5869 fire while taxiing datainmotion
2017-07-02 22:55:031 July: Inaugural budget airline flight from Cork (Ireland) to USA GeoffSM1
2017-07-01 21:37:3920 June: Incidents at Toronto including Republic E175 runway incursion GeoffSM1
2017-06-30 23:15:2330 June: Cessna crash near John Wayne Airport GeoffSM1
2017-06-30 18:50:27Re: Plane Down on I405 - KSNA gillmores
2017-06-29 14:34:56BMS9247 engine failure after takeoff loplo
2017-06-25 23:01:3317 June: Cessna N254EK on takeoff, went off the runway and struck a light GeoffSM1
2017-06-25 19:31:35DL1534 emergency landing at TRI johnm1019
2017-06-24 22:31:52Re: Piper Warrior Down at KFMY - 24 June. Full audio. GeoffSM1
2017-06-22 17:08:50AA 730 CLT to London hold for 4 hours then return to CLT - mechanical airmaneric
2017-06-19 23:03:35Twin Cessna Unsafe Gear Indication - KSMF Fryy
2017-06-17 22:06:2311 June:Norwegian B788 over Atlantic - engine shut down in flight GeoffSM1
2017-06-17 20:25:2717 June: Envoy E175 emergency diversion to Kansas City GeoffSM1
2017-06-13 23:25:36Re: WN 1914 From MDW Divert To ORD GeoffSM1
2017-06-12 23:23:42Re: 11 June: China Eastern A332 at Sydney - engine shut down in flight GeoffSM1
2017-06-12 15:54:2311 June: China Eastern A332 at Sydney - engine shut down in flight GeoffSM1
2017-06-12 11:20:42Light aircraft on wrong heading frustrates ATC tigerheavy
2017-06-12 10:59:14Engine cowling falls of Cathay Pacific 747 while landing at YMML tigerheavy
2017-06-11 21:34:4111 June: Cessna 240 (N191FR) power loss issue during climb from KMFR GeoffSM1
2017-06-08 16:56:501 June: American B763 near Shannon - cabin pressure control issues GeoffSM1
2017-06-07 20:46:326 June: American FL 1406 with radio problem at KJFK GeoffSM1
2017-06-07 20:07:41Re: 4 June:Titan T-51 Mustang, N51FB: landed short of Goodyear (KGYR) runway GeoffSM1
2017-06-07 14:04:544 June:Titan T-51 Mustang, N51FB: landed short of Goodyear (KGYR) runway GeoffSM1
2017-06-06 09:50:004 June: AutoGyro Cavalo near Spirit of St. Louis Airport (KSUS) GeoffSM1
2017-06-05 22:16:304 June: Piper PA-28-180, N4871L: Father and son killed in crash GeoffSM1
2017-06-05 13:23:23Air China 428 terrain alert at Hong Kong oktalist
2017-06-02 22:39:451 June: Bird strike and engine fire reported at KORD GeoffSM1
2017-06-02 18:45:0830 May: Three people killed in plane crash in South Australia GeoffSM1
2017-06-01 15:40:4824 May: Miscellany inc Reach 154 declaring PAN due to radio/navigation issue GeoffSM1
2017-06-01 12:07:5230 May: Alaska B738 near Kansas City, electrical burning odour in lavatory GeoffSM1
2017-05-31 23:48:59Malaysia Airlines (MH128) bomb threat at YMML tigerheavy
2017-05-28 10:12:13Air Europa B788 cracked windshield departing Miami VictorAtienza94
2017-05-27 20:59:22May 26: Delta A332 rt engine problem over Atlantic causes diversion to EINN GeoffSM1
2017-05-26 21:48:32United B752 at KEWR evacuation onto taxiway following reported engine fire GeoffSM1
2017-05-26 19:33:146 May: Cathay B777, Swiss A330 near miss with drone safe-T
2017-05-22 20:54:3020 May: United Airlines Flight 1913 at KLAX. Possible fuel leak reported. GeoffSM1
2017-05-20 20:48:2813 May: Piper Comanche made gear up landing at Redding Municipal Airport (KRDD) GeoffSM1
2017-05-19 14:35:0818 May: Mesa E175 at Louisville, hydraulic failure, tyres burst on landing GeoffSM1
2017-05-16 22:43:43Re: 15 May: Fatal Learjet crash near Teterboro Airport GeoffSM1
2017-05-15 22:50:4515 May: Fatal Learjet crash near Teterboro Airport GeoffSM1
2017-05-15 19:53:1611 May: KSFO, United B772 rejected takeoff due to disagreeing airspeeds GeoffSM1
2017-05-14 21:36:1012 May: Austrian (OS65) medical diversion to Shannon GeoffSM1
2017-05-14 18:06:4912 May: Air Canada (AC349) medical emergency diversion to Shannon GeoffSM1
2017-05-13 21:50:06Re: What did he say? GeoffSM1
2017-05-12 12:03:04N20835 Myrtle Beach, SC - May 9 2017 dave
2017-05-11 22:13:33Re: AAL2405 -- PAX Called 911 before they left MIA.. either kidnapped or overdosed GeoffSM1
2017-05-10 16:10:07AAL2405 -- PAX Called 911 before they left MIA.. either kidnapped or overdosed major22
2017-05-10 16:10:07AAL2405 -- PAX Called 911 before they left MIA.. either kidnapped or overdosed major22
2017-05-08 22:47:388 May: Delta Airlines Airbus in medical diversion to Shannon. GeoffSM1
2017-05-08 13:01:16USN F-14 flyby over Melbourne Australia tigerheavy
2017-05-07 18:19:045 May: Helicopter crash near Santa Barbara injures 3 GeoffSM1
2017-05-07 13:16:092 May: Southwest B737 lands at Kansas City with flaps problem GeoffSM1
2017-05-06 18:53:255 May: Cargo Carriers SH33 at Charleston, wing tip strike on landing 2 crew die GeoffSM1
2017-05-05 21:43:3123 Apr: The World Heritage Air Museum's de Havilland DH115 Vampire damaged GeoffSM1
2017-05-04 21:33:1025 Apr: Bradley AT42 near Yellowknife (Canada NT) - fuel emergency GeoffSM1
2017-05-01 22:24:321 May: Fire in cargo diversion for Skywest flight 2936 GeoffSM1
2017-04-30 21:20:4625 Apr: Cessna went off end of Baltimore runway and struck the threshold lights GeoffSM1
2017-04-29 20:08:21Re: JetBlue 1056 JFK go around recording? GeoffSM1
2017-04-29 19:54:1219 Apr: Aircraft landing at Van Nuys KVNY ground looped and went into the field. GeoffSM1
2017-04-28 21:20:03Changes at Toronto lead to some confusion on 27 April GeoffSM1
2017-04-28 12:14:39Air Mauritius flight returns to Melbourne due to smoke indication. tigerheavy
2017-04-28 11:03:3320 April: Boise, Idaho: Cessna 172 blown nose tyre on hard landing GeoffSM1
2017-04-27 20:05:1124 April: Hard landing at Spirit of St Louis Airport (KSUS), Missouri GeoffSM1
2017-04-27 10:40:36British Airways 747 with hydraulic problem tigerheavy
2017-04-25 22:07:19LAX Twr Controller Scolds Jordanian Pilot nherring619
2017-04-25 01:45:04Qantas pilot makes PA to passengers on ATC frequency tigerheavy
2017-04-24 22:30:38American A321 at Las Vegas on 23 April: engine shut down in flight GeoffSM1
2017-04-24 20:30:26Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter makes emergency landing near Orlando GeoffSM1
2017-04-24 13:16:58Diamond DA40 NG, 20 Apr nr KGYR - pilot's first solo ends in a field. GeoffSM1
2017-04-23 20:19:48Alitalia A320 at Amsterdam on 15 Apr rejected takeoff due to bird strike GeoffSM1
2017-04-22 23:12:26Jet Airways B773 at Amsterdam on Apr 21st 2017, suspected tailstrike GeoffSM1
2017-04-22 15:01:06Re: Surinam A340 returns to EHAM twice on 19 Apr due to flaps problem - 2nd go GeoffSM1
2017-04-21 10:31:27 Surinam A340 returns to Amsterdam twice on 19 Apr due to flaps problem GeoffSM1
2017-04-20 20:09:56American Eagle Embraer E145 runway incursion at Toronto safe-T
2017-04-18 22:35:37Re: Volga-Dnepr Antonov An-124 calls at Shannon en route to Chicago on 14/4 oktalist
2017-04-17 16:15:30Volga-Dnepr Antonov An-124 calls at Shannon en route to Chicago on 14/4 GeoffSM1
2017-04-15 21:27:33Missed approaches in poor visibility at Houston on 15 April GeoffSM1
2017-04-15 15:11:56AA B777-200 with engine issue at KMIA/Confused Cessna pilot helped by ATC GeoffSM1
2017-04-13 10:09:30Re: Was it Wake Turbulence ? JetBlue 2401 on Sunday April 9 from Buffalo to JFK ChrisBauer
2017-04-12 13:31:16Ansett A320 crew query Air NZ 767 crew on non-functioning tail light tigerheavy
2017-04-12 11:32:29FedEx Airbus A300-600, freight flight FX-2415 emergency return to KMKE on 8/4 GeoffSM1
2017-04-12 09:10:18DHL Aero Expreso / Problem with a horse in Cargo, Immediate return to KMIA ChrisBauer
2017-04-11 22:43:52Beech A36TC (N755R) declares emergency during landing at Livermore on 10/4 GeoffSM1
2017-04-10 21:24:24Southwest B737 at Baltimore on Mar 29, left main gear smoking a little bit GeoffSM1
2017-04-10 13:56:34N3280M PA-12 takeoff accident at KSFB gillmores
2017-04-09 20:49:26Piper PA 46 went off runway during landing at KTRM on 27 March GeoffSM1
2017-04-08 13:59:26Qantas 737-800 unsafe gear warning tigerheavy
2017-04-06 21:30:37Cessna 182 engine out, Dallas, lands on tollway service road TangoWhiskey
2017-04-06 14:31:55Harrison Ford lands on a taxiway at KSNA - almost hits a Boeing B738 VictorAtienza94
2017-04-05 21:45:08Pilot safely ejects from F-16 as it crashes near Andrews AFB on 5 April GeoffSM1
2017-04-05 21:45:08Pilot safely ejects from F-16 as it crashes near Andrews AFB on 5 April GeoffSM1
2017-04-03 22:42:13A few more from the archives. GeoffSM1
2017-04-03 21:28:56 Found in the KLAL archives GeoffSM1
2017-04-02 20:14:40USAF Thunderbirds at Melbourne (FL) Air Show 4/1/2017 - With TFR Bust, Pauses Re MushiSullet
2017-04-01 22:31:33Mooney M20K 231, N1147G: Lands in a field near KBTR after engine failure GeoffSM1
2017-04-01 13:15:41Piper PA-24-260 Comanche. Possible pilot deviation at Atlanta on 23 March GeoffSM1
2017-04-01 13:15:41Piper PA-24-260 Comanche. Possible pilot deviation at Atlanta on 23 March GeoffSM1
2017-03-31 19:44:42Beech E-90 (#N975SP) flight at Albuquerque on 29 March GeoffSM1
2017-03-31 12:01:56Re: American Airlines co-pilot dies during landing in New Mexico GeoffSM1
2017-03-27 19:13:34Air Canada flight 017 from Montreal shuts down engine after take off on 25 March GeoffSM1
2017-03-27 13:32:05Citation Jet down in Atlanta Neighborhood gillmores
2017-03-25 22:47:43Delta DL33 diverts to Dublin earlier this evening (25/3)due to medical emergency GeoffSM1
2017-03-25 13:17:53Ansett Australia 767-200 engine failure tigerheavy
2017-03-25 13:08:25Evergreen 747 with split flap condition tigerheavy
2017-03-25 13:04:54Polar Air Cargo 747 crew have some difficulty understanding an unusual clearance tigerheavy
2017-03-24 22:08:43A bad day for the Royal Netherlands Air Force at Eindhoven on 23 March GeoffSM1
2017-03-21 23:45:10Irish CG helicopter Rescue 116 crashed on 14 Mar with the loss of 4 (full) GeoffSM1
2017-03-20 23:16:27Titan B763 near Amsterdam on 19 Mar, loss of cabin pressure/medical emergency GeoffSM1
2017-03-19 16:11:57Cessna 152, C-FGOI and Cessna 152, C-GPNP - Fatal accident occurred 17 March GeoffSM1
2017-03-18 15:46:34KLM diversion to Birmingham (BHX) on 17 March GeoffSM1
2017-03-17 21:58:24Re: Rex SAAB 380 loses a propeller (SYD/YSSY) GeoffSM1
2017-03-16 20:59:08All in a day's work for ATC at Shannon (EINN) GeoffSM1
2017-03-16 13:35:17Southwest 1596 MCO-DCA 15 March - Smoke in the Cabin and Return to MCO mdreferee
2017-03-15 20:26:19Lufthansa medical diversion to Dublin on 13 March GeoffSM1
2017-03-15 19:09:48Re: Crash of Rescue 116 S92 of west coast of Ireland during a rescue mission BigBossRadio
2017-03-13 23:20:30Overweight landing at Charlotte/Douglas (KCLT), N Carolina on 12 March GeoffSM1
2017-03-12 23:46:45March 12 at Centennial Airport (KAPA), Denver, Colorado - gear up landing GeoffSM1
2017-03-11 23:23:35Air France medical diversion leads to overweight landing at KJFK 11/3 GeoffSM1
2017-03-10 20:59:35Loss of communication with Air India flight 171 over Eastern Europe on 10 March GeoffSM1
2017-03-09 23:13:08Jet Airways B773 diverts to Shannon on 8 March with suspected fuel leak GeoffSM1
2017-03-06 23:33:02Piper PA-28-161: Engine fire on runway on 2 March at KMLB, Florida GeoffSM1
2017-03-06 22:36:51First solo flight on 2 March at Richard Lloyd Jones Jr. Airport (KRVS), Tulsa. GeoffSM1
2017-03-05 21:41:38Allegiant Air flight aborts takeoff at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport GeoffSM1
2017-03-04 22:13:58Cessna 172F Skyhawk, N8524U off end of runway on 2 March in Lake Hood, Anchorage GeoffSM1
2017-03-04 13:42:04United 948 fuel leak - divert to Reno Danno_FZ1
2017-03-03 20:27:59Fox on Zurich runway causes take off to be aborted today (3/2). GeoffSM1
2017-03-02 23:40:26Cessna landed and went off runway and struck runway lights (March 1st - KDTO). GeoffSM1
2017-03-02 13:09:05LOT E170 lands at Zurich on Mar 1st with zero flaps GeoffSM1
2017-03-01 22:18:00KLM B744 (flight KL643) diverts to St Johns on 25 Feb with captain incapacitated GeoffSM1
2017-02-28 22:25:47Socata TB-20 Trinidad: Incident on 25 Feb Melbourne International Airport (KMLB) GeoffSM1
2017-02-28 20:03:43KLWM - Experimental Aircraft Crash on Final ikediddy
2017-02-27 22:00:07UA56 Paris (CDG) to Newark (EWR) emegency diversion to Shannon (EINN).......etc GeoffSM1
2017-02-24 20:36:06American B738 at Austin on Feb 17th 2017, odour in cabin GeoffSM1
2017-02-24 15:55:14Air Canada flight 859 medical emergency diversion to Shannon on 23 Feb GeoffSM1
2017-02-24 00:06:27PA28 crashes after takeoff from Centennial Airport, Colarado on 18 Feb GeoffSM1
2017-02-23 21:49:06Re: FlyBe Dash-8 gear collapses at Amsterdam EHAM and smoke in cabin GeoffSM1
2017-02-23 18:51:04FlyBe Dash-8 gear collapses at Amsterdam EHAM VictorAtienza94
2017-02-23 16:51:01Re: Piper crashes in Bayonne neighborhood (nr KEWR) on 19 Feb GeoffSM1
2017-02-23 16:34:18Piper crashes in Bayonne neighborhood (nr KEWR) on 19 Feb GeoffSM1
2017-02-23 16:25:04Re: FlyBe plane accident at EHAM Songteksten
2017-02-21 23:20:58KLM B737 returns to Gothenburg on 14 Feb: could not fully retract gear GeoffSM1
2017-02-20 08:42:48Southwest 4182-Frontier 756 KPHX Wingtip Clipped (2/16/2017) ChrisBauer
2017-02-18 11:40:31ATC get a little upset with Air Nippon 737 crew tigerheavy
2017-02-17 15:45:56Tower controller gets honest with survey pilot at KSNA GeoffSM1
2017-02-17 15:09:33Re: Harrison Ford's Runway Incursion at KSNA JetScan1
2017-02-17 03:31:31Re: ARG1301 @ KJFK Eng Stall nitroboie
2017-02-15 20:05:12Re: American Eagle CRJ700 hits a deer on takeoff at Charlotte VictorAtienza94
2017-02-14 21:18:47Quad City Challenger II: Incident on Feb 11 near Punta Gorda (KPGD) GeoffSM1
2017-02-14 21:18:47Quad City Challenger II: Incident on Feb 11 near Punta Gorda (KPGD) GeoffSM1
2017-02-13 19:53:43IAI Gulfstream G280, N228BA: Incident on Feb 12 at Hanscom Field Airport (KBED) GeoffSM1
2017-02-13 14:37:42Westjet B738 at Calgary on 2 Feb; fumes and smoke in cockpit and cabin GeoffSM1
2017-02-12 00:14:25Re: ARG1301 @ KJFK Eng Stall GeoffSM1
2017-02-10 23:41:09ARG1301 @ KJFK Eng Stall cptbrw
2017-02-10 21:02:11Incident filled session for Palm Beach Approach Controller on 30 January GeoffSM1
2017-02-10 17:17:47Re: Pan Pan at YUL GeoffSM1
2017-02-09 00:17:06AA Flight 2410: Fuel leak at KFLL on 7 Feb. GeoffSM1
2017-02-08 21:27:51Plane lands gear up at Pensacola International Airport GeoffSM1
2017-02-08 00:03:23Westjet Boeing 767-300 (C-FOGT) at Calgary on 28 Jan. GeoffSM1
2017-02-06 12:42:47Kendell Airlines regional jet declares Pan tigerheavy
2017-02-06 12:42:47Kendell Airlines regional jet declares Pan tigerheavy
2017-02-05 22:54:50Beechcraft E55 Baron; accident on Jan 31 at Meadows Field Airport (KBFL) GeoffSM1
2017-02-04 09:51:17Fatal amphibian crash into Swan River, Perth (Aus) on Australia Day (26 Jan) GeoffSM1
2017-02-03 22:45:41United Airbus A-320 near Tulsa on 1 Feb; engine shut down in flight GeoffSM1
2017-02-01 19:50:48Caravan pilot gets confused and creates conflict at North Texas GYI VictorAtienza94
2017-01-29 22:39:22THY Boeing 737-800 at Istanbul on Jan 26, tail scrape on departure GeoffSM1
2017-01-28 02:24:58Mesa CRJ7 fuel leak and engine fire KBNA 2017-01-26 oktalist
2017-01-27 22:16:20American Airbus A-321 go-around at San Francisco on Jan 22. GeoffSM1
2017-01-26 23:17:45From the Potomac App (DC ADIZ) feed (archived on 20 Jan). GeoffSM1
2017-01-26 21:53:29Executive 1 departure from KDCA on 20 January. GeoffSM1
2017-01-24 22:21:56Re: Beechcraft 300 crash at Tucson International KTUS GeoffSM1
2017-01-23 23:26:23Nippon Cargo, Boeing 747-8, B748, at KORD on 26 January; bird strike GeoffSM1
2017-01-22 05:11:30SAM 44 (Air Force 1) w former Pres Obama circling over CA then diverted1-20-2017 airmaneric
2017-01-22 00:24:04United Boeing 767-400 near Shannon on Jan 20th 2017, captain incapacitated GeoffSM1
2017-01-21 22:53:56'Bits and bobs' from Brisbane, Australia (20 January 2017). GeoffSM1
2017-01-20 22:02:23Jazz Dash 8 (300) at Sault Ste Marie landed on runway occupied by vehicles GeoffSM1
2017-01-20 22:02:23Jazz Dash 8 (300) at Sault Ste Marie landed on runway occupied by vehicles GeoffSM1
2017-01-20 19:38:55Diversion from Gothenburg to Stockholm due to problem with de-icing equipment GeoffSM1
2017-01-18 22:03:25KPHX 17 Jan: American Airlines A319 #2 engine injested a large bird. GeoffSM1
2017-01-17 18:09:13MK295 ( MK219 Followup discute ) usernil
2017-01-15 17:28:16More time on Tarmac Than Flying usernil
2017-01-14 21:00:33Forced landing off Arlington Airport on 30 December GeoffSM1
2017-01-11 22:45:12Sky West Flight 5706 go-around at KORD on 3 Jan GeoffSM1
2017-01-09 20:20:00Re: Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport KFLL GeoffSM1
2017-01-09 18:58:11Re: Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport KFLL GeoffSM1
2017-01-08 23:19:03Re: Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport KFLL GeoffSM1
2017-01-07 22:22:33Re: Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport KFLL GeoffSM1
2017-01-07 22:22:33Re: Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport KFLL GeoffSM1
2017-01-06 22:43:01Heard on a Denver Centre feed. GeoffSM1
2017-01-05 16:08:33EK702 MISTAKES usernil
2017-01-05 16:07:29MK441 3 HOLD IN A ROW ( Furious Pilot ) usernil
2017-01-05 00:33:53South African Airways SA204 to Jo'berg at JFK on 4 January GeoffSM1
2017-01-05 00:02:19John Travolta's N707JT inbound to Melbourne, Australia tigerheavy
2017-01-04 23:55:42Polar Air Cargo 747 with temperamental horses on board tigerheavy
2017-01-04 11:11:45Transatlantic flight diverts to Shannon with passenger ‘acting strangely’ GeoffSM1
2017-01-03 23:33:40EL-AL medical diversion to Shannon in the early hours of Chrismas Day. GeoffSM1
2017-01-02 23:00:09Diversion: 172 passengers with urgent need to use the toilets at Shannon (EINN) GeoffSM1
2017-01-02 17:17:04B737 diverted to PRG due to bomb threat Mormegil
2017-01-01 21:46:42Fourth medical diversion to Shannon over the Christmas period. GeoffSM1
2016-12-30 22:20:06Higher Class Aviation Sport Hornet landed off runway atEl Cajon-Gillespie Field GeoffSM1
2016-12-29 22:35:41Miscellany (from Bucharest and Penang) GeoffSM1
2016-12-29 22:14:27Blue Air Boeing 737 returns to Bucharest today due to medical emergency. GeoffSM1
2016-12-28 23:29:33Fatal accident on 27 Dec at Spruce Creek Airport (7FL6), Daytona Beach, FL GeoffSM1
2016-12-28 20:51:37Royal Malaysian Air Force pilot died in crash at Butterworth Air Base on 21 Dec. GeoffSM1
2016-12-27 21:30:23Air Canada AC868 medical diversion to Shannon (EINN) on Christmas Eve GeoffSM1
2016-12-27 14:49:18Russian military plane crash in Black Sea on Christmas Day (ATC in Russian) GeoffSM1
2016-12-26 22:54:59Re: Actor Carrie Fisher in-flight cardiac arrest landed KLAX friday 12-23 GeoffSM1
2016-12-26 17:15:35Re: Actor Carrie Fisher in-flight cardiac arrest landed KLAX friday 12-23 Paulbc
2016-12-22 02:29:13Travis AFB TWR Evacuation Fryy
2016-12-21 10:51:06Re: El Al LY30 Toronto-Tel Aviv - Right Engine Fire VictorAtienza94
2016-12-21 00:56:35El Al LY30 Toronto-Tel Aviv - Right Engine Fire Paulbc
2016-12-20 21:48:39Cessna 150 Commuter, N150EC: Dec 19, in Palm Bay, FL. GeoffSM1
2016-12-19 21:25:31Aer Lingus A-320 near Cork on Dec 13 - problem with navigation system. GeoffSM1
2016-12-18 18:53:52EVA15, What Are You Doing! lajim
2016-12-15 21:24:01American Airbus A-321 diverts to Phoenix on Dec 12 due to hydraulic leak GeoffSM1
2016-12-14 00:03:03Fatal crash near Fargo on 1 December GeoffSM1
2016-12-13 23:02:39Re: Lufthansa LH441 diverted to JFK due to bomb threat VictorAtienza94
2016-12-12 08:25:41KBDR Ditching of Beech A36 after engine failure safe-T
2016-12-11 22:22:46Solo student pilot safely lands aircraft with missing gear at Archerfield (AUS) GeoffSM1
2016-12-10 18:53:54Air Canada flight AC847 diverts to Dublin on 8 Dec due to medical emergency. GeoffSM1
2016-12-08 23:49:12Re: HB-LSD Piper Pa-34 EuroAirport/Basel Crash during go-around in fog. (Full) GeoffSM1
2016-12-08 13:32:57Hop Embraer ERJ-170 at Oslo on Dec 3rd 2016, slat problem GeoffSM1
2016-12-07 18:19:47HB-LSD Piper Pa-34 EuroAirport/Basel Crash during go-around in fog. Paulbc
2016-12-07 15:10:56PK-661 (PIA AT42 engine failure) Dec 7 2016 dave
2016-12-06 23:09:57Go2Sky Boeing 737-800 at Kristiansand on Nov 4th 2016, "racing start" GeoffSM1
2016-12-05 22:27:19Take off aborted at KDAB due to multiple bird strikes. GeoffSM1
2016-12-02 18:59:02Envoy CRJ7 returns to Grand Rapids on Nov 28 with cracked cabin window GeoffSM1
2016-12-01 16:45:56Saudia SV891 Mayday - diversion to Karachi Paulbc
2016-11-30 21:19:13Re: LAMIA Avro RJ85 crashes south of Medellin, Colombia VictorAtienza94
2016-11-30 19:58:02Heard in the Brussels and Amsterdam archives. GeoffSM1
2016-11-29 18:29:54Succession of wind related go arounds, involving several aircraft, at EHAM GeoffSM1
2016-11-24 23:16:10Canada Airbus at Vancouver on Nov 18, rejected takeoff due to control problem GeoffSM1
2016-11-24 14:45:04Re: Where can I find this ATC recording? ronr530
2016-11-24 00:12:20Survey Flight at Potomac on 10 November GeoffSM1
2016-11-22 22:01:17Extracts from (KGYR) Goodyear Tower archived on 21 November GeoffSM1
2016-11-22 02:05:57E-6B over Denver pdgls
2016-11-20 00:01:09Second incident at San Diego (KSAN) on 15 November GeoffSM1
2016-11-19 19:24:25QTR778 divert to Zurich with smoke in cockpit 2016-11-19 oktalist
2016-11-19 18:06:39Re: Miscellanies collated from various dates and feeds. GeoffSM1
2016-11-19 17:36:03Miscellanies collated from various dates and feeds. GeoffSM1
2016-11-18 23:36:11Re: SwiftAir/EAT SWT2939 from Shannon - Near diversion of Shamrock 38J GeoffSM1
2016-11-18 13:28:17Re: SwiftAir/EAT SWT2939 from Shannon - Lost All Flight Deck Displays VictorAtienza94
2016-11-18 11:31:44SwiftAir/EAT SWT2939 from Shannon - Lost All Flight Deck Displays Paulbc
2016-11-17 21:24:19Systems failure emergency return at San Diego (KSAN) on 15/11 GeoffSM1
2016-11-15 23:28:47Shamrock 111 returns to Shannon due to medical emergency on 10 Nov. GeoffSM1
2016-11-11 21:45:01Re: Incident on 22/10 in Sacramento, California VictorAtienza94
2016-11-10 23:41:32Beech Bonanza,N3089A: Accident on Nov 9 at Ormond Beach, Florida GeoffSM1
2016-11-09 23:22:57KAPA Cessna Skyhawk Multiple Bird Strike ThatOneRoadie
2016-11-08 20:12:44Re: KLRD small aircraft landed with only two wheels Qaldyari
2016-11-08 20:11:11Re: KLRD small aircraft landed with only two wheels Qaldyari
2016-11-08 20:09:21Re: KLRD small aircraft landed with only two wheels Qaldyari
2016-11-08 20:08:01KLRD small aircraft landed with only two wheels Qaldyari
2016-11-08 00:20:47Cessna Conquest off end of runway at KLBB GeoffSM1
2016-11-08 00:20:47Cessna Conquest off end of runway at KLBB GeoffSM1
2016-11-06 01:05:37Laser Illumination on approach to YMML Runway 27 BrendanGrainger
2016-11-05 23:50:16Communication problem at EINN (Shannon Control High) today GeoffSM1
2016-11-03 10:52:52Piper Aerostar with unsafe gear warning on approach to Moorabbin Airport tigerheavy
2016-11-03 10:45:34B727F receives advice of a disabled aircraft blocking the runway in Brisbane tigerheavy
2016-11-01 21:28:33ALK503 diverted to LROP georgeenciu
2016-10-31 23:26:11Medical Emergency diversion to Perth for Thai Airways Flight 465 GeoffSM1
2016-10-31 21:14:20Passenger faints as aircraft approaches Cork (EICK) this morning GeoffSM1
2016-10-30 22:34:29Re: AA383 ORD -> MIA 767 Runway Fire 2016-10-28 VictorAtienza94
2016-10-30 16:50:20Canforce 01 returns to Ottawa due to flaps issue. janlam01
2016-10-29 13:52:17Re: AA383 ORD -> MIA 767 Runway Fire 2016-10-28 VictorAtienza94
2016-10-29 06:50:21Re: FEDEX 910 at FLL JJimmy
2016-10-28 21:40:22Re: AA383 ORD -> MIA 767 Runway Fire 2016-10-28 JJimmy
2016-10-28 21:38:22Re: AA383 ORD -> MIA 767 Runway Fire 2016-10-28 woohookitty
2016-10-28 21:38:22Re: AA383 ORD -> MIA 767 Runway Fire 2016-10-28 woohookitty
2016-10-28 21:21:41AA383 ORD -> MIA 767 Runway Fire 2016-10-28 JJimmy
2016-10-28 17:06:09VRD762 emerg divert KDFW rudder control problem 2016-10-27 oktalist
2016-10-28 14:48:29DAL17 engine fire indication KSEA 2016-10-26 oktalist
2016-10-28 02:11:56Re: Pence campaign plane slides off runway at LGA lajim
2016-10-28 00:47:52Re: Pence campaign plane slides off runway at LGA gillmores
2016-10-28 00:33:49Pence campaign plane slides off runway at LGA Gstrawley
2016-10-27 20:34:46Beech Bonanza: Fatal accident on 25/10, nr Buchanan Field (KCCR), Concord. GeoffSM1
2016-10-27 16:03:01JBU275 emerg divert KJFK smell of burning 2016-10-21 oktalist
2016-10-25 20:38:32Incident on 22/10 in Sacramento, California GeoffSM1
2016-10-25 11:01:05Skyfox Gazelle ultra light aircraft with voltage loss tigerheavy
2016-10-25 10:50:49RAAF FA/18 Hornet activity over Victorian East Coast tigerheavy
2016-10-23 22:42:49Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee, gear collapse on landing at KFAT on 19 Oct. GeoffSM1
2016-10-23 21:03:58Cessna 172H Skyhawk taxiing incident at Greensboro on 20 Oct. GeoffSM1
2016-10-23 19:37:27Fleet Week San Francisco - "Oracle Flight" photo op with Blue Angels 5 and 6. SQK7700
2016-10-23 18:23:36Re: MD-90 Space Pilot GeoffSM1
2016-10-23 17:37:33 N188SF Cape Air Flight KAP72 Cessna 208, landed at KFLL on floats GeoffSM1
2016-10-23 12:48:12Aussie pilot flying UA841 from Auckland to Melbourne calls Sale approach tigerheavy
2016-10-23 12:27:01Ilyushin IL-86 requests landing gear check on approach to Melbourne, Australia tigerheavy
2016-10-22 13:49:16A300 Sterna 9302 nose collapse gear in Recife ( Brazil ) Diêgo Monteiro
2016-10-18 04:26:06Fleet Week San Francisco - Heritage Flight with "Raptor One" RTB Oakland SQK7700
2016-10-17 05:29:32San Francisco's new Control Tower and the first radio transmission! SQK7700
2016-10-16 00:00:34Re: UA 51 Oct 13th, 2016 - cracked windshield (suspect overweight return?) EWR oktalist
2016-10-15 13:13:59Virgin Australia VA184 Reports Laser Illuminations 1 Mile North of Essendon. BrendanGrainger
2016-10-14 17:55:32Piper Crash and Spirit A319 Diversion at Arnold Palmer Today kmayes314
2016-10-14 16:10:56Runway incursion at Brussels EBBR VictorAtienza94
2016-10-11 23:07:332 small planes from Rostock Germany threatend to get shoot down Oscarlimaalfa
2016-10-08 21:19:014 extracts from Charlotte (5 Oct) archives including smoke in cabin Emergency GeoffSM1
2016-10-08 21:01:33Short extracts from Boca (Florida) ATC GeoffSM1
2016-10-08 20:35:56Miscellany from KPSP feeds archived on 6 October. GeoffSM1
2016-10-07 19:26:01Potential disaster averted by Sochi (Russia) ATC on 27 September GeoffSM1
2016-10-05 12:26:14Ansett Australia A320 pilot requests flyby of home tigerheavy
2016-10-04 13:55:39USAF C-37A Gulfstream visits Avalon and Melbourne airports tigerheavy
2016-10-04 13:47:39Southern Australia Airlines DASH 8 diversion into Essendon from Mildura tigerheavy
2016-10-02 22:17:55Citabria: Incident occurred Oct 1, at Fairbanks Int Airport (PAFA), Alaska GeoffSM1
2016-09-30 22:12:11Tarom RO361 to Amsterdam returns to Bucharest this morning. GeoffSM1
2016-09-30 20:37:40Saint-Hubert Tower Controllers having difficulties communicating GeoffSM1
2016-09-29 19:28:10Ryanair B738 crew declare PAN on flight from Edinburgh to Dublin on 28/9 GeoffSM1
2016-09-27 21:56:13Miscellany from Reno (includes a pilot being reprimanded for taxiing on a road) GeoffSM1
2016-09-26 17:55:59Spirit Airlines #647 Reports Engine fire after take off from KIAG dan9125
2016-09-25 23:16:00Fatal Cessna crash into Atlantic off Dania Beach FL on 3/9 GeoffSM1
2016-09-25 19:19:29Mooney Crash at Sky Manor (N40) NJ kmayes314
2016-09-25 00:17:17Cessna 172 emergency over Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia tigerheavy
2016-09-23 13:31:52John Travolta's N707JT en-route to Melbourne with weather diversion to Sydney tigerheavy
2016-09-23 13:23:53Air Force One into Canberra, Australia tigerheavy
2016-09-22 22:26:38Miscellany from Dublin (including a passenger medical emergency) GeoffSM1
2016-09-21 18:11:55Re: United Jet Brake Failure at KDEN kmayes314
2016-09-21 03:37:14AAL192 Pilot Seizure Medical Diversion silagi
2016-09-21 00:13:56RAAF F-111 and C 130 Hercules rendezvous over Melbourne tigerheavy
2016-09-20 22:04:29Re: AA 574 Emergency Landing at KTPA. Full version here. GeoffSM1
2016-09-20 13:50:16AA 574 Emergency Landing at KTPA (Indicator Light) danyay
2016-09-20 00:39:33Skyhawk Crash at Spirit of St. Louis KSUS on 09/18/16 gtasa6963
2016-09-19 22:56:55Confusion at Bridgeport (KBDR) GeoffSM1
2016-09-19 22:35:38Re: Cessna 182 wing catches fire, crashes into home; no fatalities GeoffSM1
2016-09-19 20:54:56Re: Cessna 182 wing catches fire, crashes into home; no fatalities flyflyfly
2016-09-19 19:36:06Re: Jetblue 1731 Lighting Strike after Departing JFK dave
2016-09-19 19:33:44Jetblue 1731 Lighting Strike after Departing JFK mk223
2016-09-19 16:48:12Cessna 182 wing catches fire, crashes into home; no fatalities nrets
2016-09-17 00:51:19Cessna 172 Engine Failure - Missoula (KMSO) stealth71
2016-09-15 21:52:05Weather diversion for United Flight 467 on 10 September GeoffSM1
2016-09-14 21:46:21Go Around at KBOS GeoffSM1
2016-09-14 18:21:35Lufthansa A320 at Vilnius (EYVI) on 13/9; rejected t/o due to animal on runway GeoffSM1
2016-09-13 15:51:11Late t/o causes go-around, t/o continued after clearance cancelled EBBR 20160911 oktalist
2016-09-13 11:48:203 killed in plane (N821ET) crash at Reno Airport (KRNO) on 11 September GeoffSM1
2016-09-07 22:22:29Fatal helicopter crash near Melbourne Airport, Florida GeoffSM1
2016-09-05 22:34:12KGYR ATC reminds pilot that runway 3 is in use. GeoffSM1
2016-09-05 21:43:52Hot Air Balloons reported to KPHX approach GeoffSM1
2016-09-04 16:42:04TFR for Air Force One's arrival at KRNO on 31 August GeoffSM1
2016-09-03 21:55:49Stobart AT72 near Cork on Aug 24th: smoke in cockpit GeoffSM1
2016-09-03 21:55:49Stobart AT72 near Cork on Aug 24th: smoke in cockpit GeoffSM1
2016-09-03 20:25:23United B763 over Atlantic on 31 August - turbulance injures 16 GeoffSM1
2016-08-30 01:07:02Miami App-Dep lost Power captkel
2016-08-28 00:41:58Re: SWA3472 Engine Blew KPNS mk223
2016-08-27 19:13:02SWA3472 Engine Blew KPNS Fryy
2016-08-27 15:03:51SAA210 engine failure RTO blown tires KIAD 2016-08-23 oktalist
2016-08-25 17:10:38Stobart Air ATR-72 smoke in cockpit EICK 2016-08-24 oktalist
2016-08-24 22:33:33Fairchild M62A force lands in a field near Camarillo (KCMA) on 19/8 GeoffSM1
2016-08-23 21:08:52Embraer ERJ170 bird strike at Salt Lake City on 22 Aug GeoffSM1
2016-08-20 03:32:08BA OpenSkies B752 divert EINN wheel well fire indication 2016-08-19 oktalist
2016-08-19 14:06:26ATC and Public Safety audio from Denver (bird strike 13 August) GeoffSM1
2016-08-16 04:22:46AAL178_KMCO Fryy
2016-08-16 02:42:35ROU7667 rwy incursion + ACA062 go around CYYZ 2016-07-28 oktalist
2016-08-14 21:20:20Smoke in cabin emergency at Albany Airport (KALB) on 10 August GeoffSM1
2016-08-13 17:30:11Cirrus engine trouble and CAPS deployment at Des Moines safe-T
2016-08-13 15:06:28incident on August 06 at Orlando Executive Airport (KORL) GeoffSM1
2016-08-12 16:09:17 Reid-Hillview Airport incident on 10 August GeoffSM1
2016-08-09 21:37:26KLM Boeing 737-800 at Amsterdam on Aug 9, rejected takeoff due to birdstrike GeoffSM1
2016-08-09 01:55:19VIR44B fire indication at KLAS 2016-08-06 oktalist
2016-08-04 21:13:31Re: Fatal Light Sport Crash KVNY 8/2/16 GeoffSM1
2016-08-03 23:22:54Helicopter crash at KOSH GeoffSM1
2016-08-03 20:42:52Emirates B777 crash at Dubai International OMDB VictorAtienza94
2016-08-03 06:53:17Fatal Light Sport Crash KVNY 8/2/16 blueskyy
2016-07-31 20:50:32Another from Oshkosh GeoffSM1
2016-07-31 20:50:32Another from Oshkosh GeoffSM1
2016-07-30 22:20:46More from Oshkosh GeoffSM1
2016-07-28 13:02:48Emergency Landing at Oshkosh on Wednesday 7/27/16 RadarNC
2016-07-28 11:30:14Two issues inside 1 hour at Missoula (KMSO) on 26 July GeoffSM1
2016-07-27 10:03:33Aerostar 601P on takeoff roll strikes a runway light GeoffSM1
2016-07-26 22:36:29Aircraft with electrical problem lands gear up at Bismarck Municipal Airport GeoffSM1
2016-07-25 12:59:33RYR47XF wheel well fire indication EBBR 2016-07-24 oktalist
2016-07-25 10:21:06Cirrus SR22, N799MR: Accident on July 24 at Barnstable (KHYA) GeoffSM1
2016-07-24 20:53:48South West Airlines Flight 988 cargo door indication at KPDX GeoffSM1
2016-07-23 23:04:3519 July 2016 in Bismarck (KBIS) - Landing gear problem GeoffSM1
2016-07-18 10:28:40Azores A320 returns to Lajes on Jul 15th due to bird strike GeoffSM1
2016-07-16 22:40:24Piper PA-24 Comanche accident on July 16 near Norwood Memorial Airport GeoffSM1
2016-07-16 18:20:41Some Turkish ATC after the Military coup VictorAtienza94
2016-07-14 00:22:42ATC Clearance to wrong airport KBWI flyer57
2016-07-12 17:03:09RTO, blown tire, lost hydraulic fluid at Houston 2016-07-11 oktalist
2016-07-11 06:41:19Delta MD-88 engine out returns to Atlanta ATL VictorAtienza94
2016-07-10 21:27:30Delta MD90 near Tulsa on Jul 9th, contaminated cabin air injures 9 passenge GeoffSM1
2016-07-10 19:30:31American B772 near Shannon on Jun 16th 2016, battery discharge issues GeoffSM1
2016-07-10 19:01:12Aeroflot 102 goes around at KJFK on 9 July GeoffSM1
2016-07-10 18:10:39Re: Emergency landing at Bradley International Airport (KBDL) - 9 July VictorAtienza94
2016-07-10 16:10:16Father and daughter in Piper PA-32 crash near Orlando Executive Airport. GeoffSM1
2016-07-10 02:41:25DAL2288 engine fire indication on departure JFK 2016-07-07 oktalist
2016-07-09 21:56:38Emergency landing at Bradley International Airport (KBDL) - 9 July GeoffSM1
2016-07-06 00:15:04KORD - Check for stuck mic, please neillaferty
2016-07-04 20:47:06No, you first, my dear Gaston! poitras
2016-06-29 21:38:58Re: Terror attack at Atatürk Airport VictorAtienza94
2016-06-29 18:15:35Omni B762 has to return to Shannon on 26 June - pitot issue GeoffSM1
2016-06-22 08:20:45Back to back Southwest emergencies at KBWI semperflyer797
2016-06-21 21:51:46NorCal approach shenanigans with Gunsmoke38 (KSMF) mtpiper
2016-06-14 12:25:47Lil Wayne (Rapper) in medical emergencies at Omaha on 13 June GeoffSM1
2016-06-13 20:54:42UAL328 engine failure on takeoff causes grass fires at KDEN oktalist
2016-06-13 20:54:42UAL328 engine failure on takeoff causes grass fires at KDEN oktalist
2016-06-12 22:43:57Fatal crash at Good Neighbor Day Airshow at KPDK on 14 May GeoffSM1
2016-06-11 11:39:41Cirrus SR20 N4252G crash at William P Hobby Airport (KHOU) flyflyfly
2016-06-11 02:59:52Re: Anyone Have Audio Of This Afternoon's Hawthorn, CA Crash? semperflyer797
2016-06-10 12:21:01Allegiant A320 returns to Saint Petersburg on 2 June due to hydraulic failure GeoffSM1
2016-06-07 04:44:47Delta 1303 Blown Tire semperflyer797
2016-06-06 13:06:11Ryanair B738 at Dublin on Jun 3, rejected takeoff due to flight operations issue GeoffSM1
2016-06-04 23:15:34Ryanair B738 near Dublin on 30 May, flaps fault forces flaps up landing GeoffSM1
2016-06-02 21:33:45Iberia A320 at Orly on May 27, rejected takeoff due to slow engine acceleration GeoffSM1
2016-05-31 22:32:12Tampa: RTO, fire, air cart start, misc ground movements oktalist
2016-05-31 14:49:59United B752 returns to Shannon on May 27 with engine problem GeoffSM1
2016-05-30 20:42:39Baby on Board GeoffSM1
2016-05-29 20:46:40Compass E175 at Denver on May 20th 2016. GeoffSM1
2016-05-26 22:34:55Air Refueling Comms Fryy
2016-05-26 15:09:13Go Around at Salt Lake City on 20 May GeoffSM1
2016-05-26 11:44:14VLM Fokker 50 lands at Dublin on diversion from Waterford GeoffSM1
2016-05-21 22:52:52Father and Son Seriously Injured in Crash near Des Moines Airport GeoffSM1
2016-05-20 07:07:08N133BW stops responding at crashes near Burbank, BUR VictorAtienza94
2016-05-19 14:56:15Fatal Crash near Henderson, NV abelenky
2016-05-18 12:08:30Fatal Crash at Tupelo on 16 May GeoffSM1
2016-05-15 22:22:12Possible drone sighting at EHAM on 14 May. GeoffSM1
2016-05-15 21:11:56Jetstar A320 at Melbourne on May 11th 2016, tail strike on GeoffSM1
2016-05-15 20:32:46Re: Solar Impulse SOLAR2 arriving Moffett NUQ VictorAtienza94
2016-05-14 18:08:41Storms, Hail and Wind-Shear Chicago ORD. Go-Arounds and "LOW ALTITUDE ALERT!!" genemas
2016-05-14 18:02:45"D*** REGIONAL JETS!" and "Piss off Man!" impatient pilots Chicago ORD genemas
2016-05-13 21:13:24Brussels AI(R) Avroliner (RJ-100) at Brussels on May 9th 2016, hydraulic leak GeoffSM1
2016-05-11 19:49:37Re: AA423 large bird strike on departure from Phoenix VictorAtienza94
2016-05-11 19:07:00AA423 large bird strike on departure from Phoenix safe-T
2016-05-11 16:24:41Rejected takeoff and go-around because of a drone Mormegil
2016-05-11 16:24:41Rejected takeoff and go-around because of a drone Mormegil
2016-05-10 21:23:25Southwest Boeing 737-800 near San Jose on May 9th 2016, smoke in cockpit GeoffSM1
2016-05-10 17:59:51United 1451 bird strike during climb out of KSAN csecse
2016-05-10 13:42:54Boeing B744 N744ST Super Tanker Firefighter VictorAtienza94
2016-05-09 20:30:55American Boeing 737-800 at Washington on May 7th 2016, flaps problem GeoffSM1
2016-05-08 20:19:02KLM Boeing 737-800 at Amsterdam on May 6th, near collision with a drone. GeoffSM1
2016-05-07 23:04:27Re: Navaids Calibration flights around the world. GeoffSM1
2016-05-05 20:33:16Delta Boeing 767-400 near Shannon on May 4th - problem with exterior light GeoffSM1
2016-05-04 00:07:44N440H BE35 crashed on Long Island 20160503 121mhz
2016-05-03 20:41:06Aeromexico AM683 diverts Houston, 88 old man dies on board VictorAtienza94
2016-05-02 21:52:03Southwest Boeing 737-700 at Islip on Apr 29th: engine problem GeoffSM1
2016-05-01 19:59:42Re: Busy Morning at KPHL with two emergency landings and a brief closure GeoffSM1
2016-05-01 19:59:42Re: Busy Morning at KPHL with two emergency landings and a brief closure GeoffSM1
2016-05-01 19:59:42Re: Busy Morning at KPHL with two emergency landings and a brief closure GeoffSM1
2016-04-30 21:08:15Re: Busy Morning at KPHL with two emergency landings and a brief closure GeoffSM1
2016-04-30 18:55:13Allegiant A319 engine failure during go around at low height oktalist
2016-04-29 21:35:03Re: Busy Morning at KPHL with two emergency landings and a brief closure GeoffSM1
2016-04-29 17:54:13Busy Morning at KPHL with two emergency landings and a brief closure mk223
2016-04-28 22:27:57Delta McDonnel Douglas MD-90 at Atlanta on Apr 27th rejected takeoff GeoffSM1
2016-04-28 18:49:02American Airlines A321 BIRD STRIKE at Seattle VictorAtienza94
2016-04-26 21:46:53PIA Boeing 777-200 near Shannon on Apr 23rd 2016, lavatory smoke indication GeoffSM1
2016-04-26 14:11:15Skywest CRJ7 (FL 5336) near San Francisco on Apr 18th, chilled windscreen GeoffSM1
2016-04-26 02:59:08Plane crash at KPMP today silagi
2016-04-24 08:57:31Re: Solar Impulse SOLAR2 arriving Moffett NUQ VictorAtienza94
2016-04-22 22:59:09Re: Jet Blue flight makes emergency landing in Wilmington GeoffSM1
2016-04-19 21:13:02BA flight declares a Pan Pan Pan at JFK on 16 April GeoffSM1
2016-04-18 22:36:37Ryanair medical emergency at Dublin on 16 April GeoffSM1
2016-04-17 22:21:57Allegiant 433 low down bird strike at Quad City GeoffSM1
2016-04-15 22:00:09Piper PA28, Incident occurred April 08, 2016 at David Wayne Hooks Airport GeoffSM1
2016-04-14 21:14:53Bellanca 7GCBC Citabria. Fatal accident occurred April 08 at Mid-Way (KJWY) GeoffSM1
2016-04-13 22:06:12Re: Sun 'n Fun (Texas Raiders B17 etc on 9 April) GeoffSM1
2016-04-13 14:34:37Re: Sun 'n Fun - a flat on touchdown GeoffSM1
2016-04-13 14:18:40Re: Delta B764 at Atlanta on Apr 8th, hydraulic problems (extended version) GeoffSM1
2016-04-11 20:17:59Re: Cathay Pacific CX379 electric odout in the cockpit VictorAtienza94
2016-04-11 14:57:41KDCA....The list of controllers this controller is not kempboeing
2016-04-10 20:09:56Navaids Calibration flights around the world. VictorAtienza94
2016-04-10 18:14:55Delta B764 at Atlanta on Apr 8th 2016, hydraulic problems; and a little extra semperflyer797
2016-04-09 18:06:09Re: Myrtle Beach Incident 19 March. VictorAtienza94
2016-04-09 13:16:41Emirates EK229 diverts to CYVR after go around at KSEA and declares EMERG FUEL VictorAtienza94
2016-04-08 23:02:13Westjet Encore DH8D at Thunder Bay on Apr 4th 2016, flaps up landing GeoffSM1
2016-04-07 21:07:23Diversion from Aspen-Pitkin County Airport to Denver Centennial on 6 April GeoffSM1
2016-04-07 16:25:08Myrtle Beach Incident 19 March. GeoffSM1
2016-04-04 15:20:204 unrelated extracts from JFK joined. GeoffSM1
2016-04-04 14:31:07Heavy Icing at Vancouver (CYVR) GeoffSM1
2016-04-03 16:37:41KIAD strong winds landing; pilot not realizing he's on radio while cursing Fragbert
2016-04-01 22:39:46Re: Three drones on final at EHAM (trimmed version) GeoffSM1
2016-04-01 21:15:57Three drones on final at EHAM SimNico
2016-04-01 20:39:22Fargo (KFAR): North American T28 Landing Incident on 29 March GeoffSM1
2016-04-01 19:51:31Re: Iron Maiden ED FORCE ONE tour VictorAtienza94
2016-03-31 21:24:25Fedex Airbus A-300 returns to Vancouver on 23 Mar, electrical problems GeoffSM1
2016-03-31 12:22:26Angry pilot blames on LAX and gets angry... VictorAtienza94
2016-03-30 19:24:16Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow II, N54TA: March 29, 2016 near Raleigh-Durham (KRDU) GeoffSM1
2016-03-29 19:48:58Re: Iron Maiden ED FORCE ONE tour VictorAtienza94
2016-03-28 22:48:22KORD - Wait a minute, I was the one taxiin'! neillaferty
2016-03-28 20:40:46Fatal small plane accident at Yeager Airport, Charleston on 26 March GeoffSM1
2016-03-25 22:57:32American Flight 722 diverts to Boston on 18 March GeoffSM1
2016-03-25 21:35:55Re: AAL4233 Lightning Strike VictorAtienza94
2016-03-24 21:40:55SJC Landing Gear Collapse silagi
2016-03-24 21:10:55Bonanza emergency landing on I25 frontage road. 3/20/16 near KSAF neechert
2016-03-23 18:58:43Re: Help finding a clip semperflyer797
2016-03-23 17:06:39Weight-shift-control plane crashes after departure from Hawthorne Airport (KHHR) GeoffSM1
2016-03-22 13:08:45Re: BEELine Flight 56M arriving at Brussels after the awful explosions this morning. GeoffSM1
2016-03-22 12:43:42BEELine Flight 56M arriving at Brussels after the awful explosions this morning. GeoffSM1
2016-03-21 15:49:11American A321 near Des Moines on Mar 18th 2016, electrical odour on board GeoffSM1
2016-03-20 13:33:22'A bunch of balloons' at LAX GeoffSM1
2016-03-20 13:11:33Re: FlyDubai B738 crash at Rostov (Russia) VictorAtienza94
2016-03-18 20:38:42Double Triple-7 fuel dump over Ireland oktalist
2016-03-18 11:19:41AAL4233 Lightning Strike dave
2016-03-17 21:27:30MEDIVAC Air Taxi Flight JLG111 at Van Nuys: 16 March GeoffSM1
2016-03-16 21:21:13Allegiant Airbus A-320 at Baltimore on Mar 13th - brakes indication GeoffSM1
2016-03-16 13:54:37Citation Jet Spots Smoking Ship ronr530
2016-03-14 22:10:44Swiss RJ1H at Zurich on Mar 10th 2016, rejected takeoff due to sparking engine GeoffSM1
2016-03-14 21:22:05B744 at EHAM hyrdraulic leak and smoking gear 2016-03-12 oktalist
2016-03-14 16:29:21Tampa ATC on Mar 13th 2016 GeoffSM1
2016-03-13 16:19:02Re: Iron Maiden ED FORCE ONE tour VictorAtienza94
2016-03-11 03:24:34Brawl on Spirit Airlines landing at KLAX semperflyer797
2016-03-10 13:02:36Re: Iron Maiden ED FORCE ONE tour VictorAtienza94
2016-03-08 16:32:27Envoy Embraer ERJ-145 near Wichita on Mar 7th 2016, cargo smoke indication GeoffSM1
2016-03-07 22:15:00United Boeing 767-400 at Houston on Mar 6th 2016, bird strike GeoffSM1
2016-03-07 20:24:33Re: AAL1027 stab trim failure at KMCO 2016-03-02 semperflyer797
2016-03-06 22:36:50Farmingdale (KFRG) Tower Feed: 5 March - plane parachute deployed GeoffSM1
2016-03-05 00:25:23FBI Allegation that Flight attendant lit fire on plane in order to find it GeoffSM1
2016-03-04 20:49:08AAL1027 stab trim failure at KMCO 2016-03-02 oktalist
2016-03-04 14:24:05Martinair MD11 at Amsterdam on Mar 3rd 2016, bird strike GeoffSM1
2016-03-03 17:10:04Last Flight of the N7001U - 03-02-2016 Diêgo Monteiro
2016-03-01 20:14:21Re: Iron Maiden ED FORCE ONE tour VictorAtienza94
2016-03-01 04:20:08Smoke / Fumes event on TT511 YBBN-YMML 1 March 2016 HeathRussiaGc
2016-03-01 02:00:27Laser Alert SeaTac 2/28/2016 espn5
2016-02-29 22:36:42KLM Cityhopper E190 at Amsterdam on Feb 28th: runway incursion by tow truck GeoffSM1
2016-02-27 09:20:54Re: Asia Pacific B727 landing WITHOUT nose gear at PGUM VictorAtienza94
2016-02-26 16:51:49Re: Iron Maiden ED FORCE ONE tour VictorAtienza94
2016-02-26 13:25:48Piper PA28 Landed gear up, Minden (KMEV), Nevada GeoffSM1
2016-02-25 23:18:14Mistaken Identity GeoffSM1
2016-02-25 00:28:28Super Bowl Intercepts Fryy
2016-02-24 23:52:11Aer Lingus flight EI105 to New York returns to Dublin when gear fails to retract GeoffSM1
2016-02-24 00:15:09Dublin Departure gets it wrong. GeoffSM1
2016-02-23 11:05:56Re: Iron Maiden ED FORCE ONE tour semperflyer797
2016-02-22 18:57:31Re: Iron Maiden ED FORCE ONE tour JetScan1
2016-02-22 14:28:02Iron Maiden ED FORCE ONE tour VictorAtienza94
2016-02-22 05:31:08Lighten up Francis - DAL @ KMSP jrsx
2016-02-21 13:53:27Re: /FedEx gets mad at LAX tower, then AA 777 goes around GeoffSM1
2016-02-19 21:39:32Re: /FedEx gets mad at LAX tower, then AA 777 goes around GeoffSM1
2016-02-19 19:58:51Re: /FedEx gets mad at LAX tower, then AA 777 goes around oktalist
2016-02-19 01:32:38/FedEx gets mad at LAX tower, then AA 777 goes around jay2712
2016-02-18 22:36:33Ryanair B738 at Dublin on Feb 14th 2016, bird strike GeoffSM1
2016-02-18 17:55:33Re: AFL151 diverts JFK due to woman giving birth VictorAtienza94
2016-02-17 17:20:40Re: Atlas B748 Emergency return KMIA with blown tire VictorAtienza94
2016-02-16 21:10:02Jazz De Havilland Dash 8 at Vancouver (CYVR) on Feb 6th - Electrical Odour GeoffSM1
2016-02-16 16:47:04SWA5252 Engine Failure returns Orlando MCO VictorAtienza94
2016-02-16 12:13:16 Silver Airways Flight 70 engine fire at Orlando gate 36 GeoffSM1
2016-02-16 09:23:51 Virgin Atlantic A346 Feb 14th 2016: laser strike GeoffSM1
2016-02-15 21:14:31United 808 DIVERTS ANCHORAGE due to technical issue VictorAtienza94
2016-02-15 20:56:02Re: Alaska 1 Smoke in the cockpit oktalist
2016-02-13 23:27:51A Cessna C152 caught fire after landing at Brookhaven Airport GeoffSM1
2016-02-13 02:49:31UAL102 engine problem divert EINN and descent below MSA oktalist
2016-02-12 22:49:09BA69 - London HR to Philadelphia on 9 Feb diverted to Dublin: poorly passenger GeoffSM1
2016-02-11 23:39:51Beech Bonanza: Accident occurred February 08, 2016 near Santa Barbara, CA GeoffSM1
2016-02-11 21:42:37Execjet Phenom loses control and diverts Reno VictorAtienza94
2016-02-11 00:13:16Flight WS1876 in aborted takeoff at Vancouver on 1 Feb GeoffSM1
2016-02-10 10:18:43Re: KSFO - "Tell Virgin to go around" / "Nice job capin!" semperflyer797
2016-02-10 04:32:29Blue Angels Super Bowl 50 Flyover SQK7700
2016-02-09 14:44:45Saudia SV593 returned to Dubai on 8 February GeoffSM1
2016-02-09 02:56:35Re: go around schiphol storm 8-02-2016 oktalist
2016-02-09 01:01:29go around schiphol storm 8-02-2016 danny1995
2016-02-08 23:16:10Another from the Shannon (EINN) archives. GeoffSM1
2016-02-08 20:53:33Disruptive passenger causes Oslo to Tenerife flight to divert to Shannon. GeoffSM1
2016-02-06 20:34:04KSFO - "Tell Virgin to go around" / "Nice job capin!" slayer816
2016-02-06 18:27:132 planes collide in midair near port of Los Angeles GeoffSM1
2016-02-05 23:42:56Swiftair AT72 at Sofia on Jan 21st, loss of radio communication. GeoffSM1
2016-02-05 23:08:08Re: Air France AF23 declares MAYDAY on ground JFK due to FUMES InterpreDemon
2016-02-05 20:47:22Air Berlin Airbus intercepted by military aircraft above France J-LucB
2016-02-05 00:13:01Allegiant MD83 at Allentown on Feb 3rd, burst both left main tyres on landing GeoffSM1
2016-02-04 13:42:09Re: Air France AF23 declares MAYDAY on ground JFK due to FUMES VictorAtienza94
2016-02-04 00:03:07Air Canada Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner returns to Heathrow on Feb 3rd 2016 GeoffSM1
2016-02-03 01:47:28Super Bowl Action silagi
2016-02-02 22:43:27 Mesa Airlines CRJ700 near Madison on Jan 27th 2016, loss of cabin pressure GeoffSM1
2016-01-31 22:42:46Flight KL691 bird strike on departure from EHAM on 27 January GeoffSM1
2016-01-31 22:24:28DAL307 BIRD STRIKE from Saint Thomas diverts to San Juan VictorAtienza94
2016-01-29 01:21:36KLM1576 flaps problem on approach to EHAM 27-01-2016 oktalist
2016-01-28 22:36:01Re: Scotsdale (KSDL) Incident 18 Jan 2016 GeoffSM1
2016-01-27 23:05:59KSDL (Scotsdale) Aircraft lands out of sequence GeoffSM1
2016-01-27 21:44:27Scotsdale (KSDL) Incident 18 Jan 2016 GeoffSM1
2016-01-26 06:07:54Delta 661 Moments from potential trouble? semperflyer797
2016-01-25 14:31:32AA206 diverts St. John after turbulence injuries people VictorAtienza94
2016-01-24 19:16:31Re: Delta B757 divert due to BAD BEHAVIOR of the CREW...?¿?¿ VictorAtienza94
2016-01-23 18:08:25Thomson B738 at Toronto on Jan 13th 2016 GeoffSM1
2016-01-23 16:02:20Re: LH419 Lufthansa diverted Boston due to CRACKED WINDSHIELD VictorAtienza94
2016-01-21 19:43:11Re: Cirrus SR22 (C-GZZJ): Concorde, N Carolina - 8/1/16 VictorAtienza94
2016-01-20 23:48:14A light hearted exchange. GeoffSM1
2016-01-20 22:51:05Cirrus SR22 (C-GXXJ): Concorde, N Carolina - 8/1/16 GeoffSM1
2016-01-19 23:09:57Re: Crash on Approach to Akron Fulton International Airport on 10 November GeoffSM1
2016-01-19 08:45:56SWA3358 - Emergency landing cabin smoke KELP 2016-01-17 ashawley
2016-01-19 06:23:28AA597 Unsafe gear emergency landing KSJC semperflyer797
2016-01-18 23:39:11Re: Citation N711BX fatal crash at Salt Lake City bbrasmussen
2016-01-18 23:05:05Citation N711BX fatal crash at Salt Lake City flyflyfly
2016-01-18 04:12:39Re: Fatal Accident - Northern Colorado Beech Bonanza C35 Harris
2016-01-17 14:47:53DAL2611 Emergency ronr530
2016-01-17 00:36:49Fatal Accident - Northern Colorado Beech Bonanza C35 Harris
2016-01-16 23:18:57Vero Beach (KVRB): Cherokee on the grass after landing GeoffSM1
2016-01-15 23:32:27 Kahului, Hawaii (PHOG) Emergency landing on 12 Jan 16 GeoffSM1
2016-01-12 20:58:41UAL Flight 812 Incident closes Spokane Airport on 5 January. GeoffSM1
2016-01-12 20:41:20SWA3097 bird strike KSMF 2016-01-09 ashawley
2016-01-07 17:31:54Guy calling Toronto Center from his bathtub JetScan1
2016-01-07 17:31:34Re: Unruly Passenger on Jet Blue Flight Forces Return to KBOS ronr530
2016-01-07 17:08:05Re: Unruly Passenger on Jet Blue Flight Forces Return to KBOS ronr530
2016-01-06 22:55:45Re: AAL17 Engine Issue at KJFK 010416 GeoffSM1
2016-01-06 00:49:06AAL17 Engine Issue at KJFK 010416 cptbrw
2016-01-05 23:37:44 GoJet Airlines Flight GJS3693 Sustains wing damage when struck by a vehicle GeoffSM1
2016-01-05 22:43:54Man on Laser Charge: Daytona KDAB - 3 January GeoffSM1
2016-01-05 16:41:30Open Skies 757 Smoke in Cabin ronr530
2016-01-05 01:40:02B-2 Rose Bowl Flyover lajim
2016-01-04 22:32:26Allegiant Flight 736 diverted to KPVD on 30 December. GeoffSM1
2016-01-03 23:58:33Allegiant Air flight 760 made an unexpected stop in Chattanooga. GeoffSM1
2016-01-03 11:01:22Boca Raton KBCT GeoffSM1
2016-01-03 01:47:52B-2 Rose Parade Flyover lajim
2016-01-02 22:16:23Buzzard Strike at Fort Pierce on 30 December GeoffSM1
2016-01-02 19:54:41BAW243 pan-pan diverted KMSP fumes in cabin 2016-01-01 oktalist
2016-01-02 09:10:09Re: Swa2371 aborted landing flyflyfly
2016-01-01 23:53:22Incident at Page Field Airport on 20 December GeoffSM1
2015-12-30 23:13:23Ground Loop at KFUL on Christmas Day GeoffSM1
2015-12-30 08:48:18Re: JetBlue Flight 611 (11 December) JFK to LAS InterpreDemon
2015-12-29 22:38:23Bird Strike at Sacramento GeoffSM1
2015-12-28 23:19:28JetBlue Flight 611 (11 December) JFK to LAS GeoffSM1
2015-12-28 22:08:49KHWD Landing gear problem 18 December GeoffSM1
2015-12-28 15:28:45Re: VFR into IFR.......5 souls 3 kids 1 family GeoffSM1
2015-12-27 06:35:41SWA2547 emergency landing KOAK 2015-12-23 ashawley
2015-12-22 10:34:02VFR into IFR.......5 souls 3 kids 1 family tkibob
2015-12-22 04:21:24DAL 944 Alternator Failure InterpreDemon
2015-12-18 18:36:54Re: Qatar A350 Aborted Takeoff GeoffSM1
2015-12-16 22:43:25Southwest Flight 987 Diversion GeoffSM1
2015-12-16 09:46:44Re: ASQ4698 Running on empty semperflyer797
2015-12-15 13:31:39Re: ASQ4698 Running on empty ChrisDTC
2015-12-11 08:40:33KOMA N145JR CRASH - CLASSIC PILOT ERROR (imo) tkibob
2015-12-08 03:35:43Cessna 172 Skyhawk icing emergency KBTV 2015-12-04 ashawley
2015-12-07 06:46:40N164WC_KPSP_GEARUP Fryy
2015-12-06 17:03:50Could this be you ? READ & LISTEN & LEARN tkibob
2015-12-05 23:00:45United flight UA 142 from Houston to Lagos diverted to Washington GeoffSM1
2015-12-03 22:09:59 SAS Flight SK909 Copenhagen to Newark 2 December GeoffSM1
2015-11-30 23:13:13Another from McKinney (KTKI) GeoffSM1
2015-11-27 18:49:14Aborted Take-Off on 21 November at KGEG GeoffSM1
2015-11-23 23:30:07CityJet go-around in gusty wind at Cork on 18 Nov GeoffSM1
2015-11-21 00:06:50Suspicious Activity on Spirit 969 Flight from Baltimore on 17 November! GeoffSM1
2015-11-20 16:00:03Scandinavian Flight 2534 Strays into a Restricted Area GeoffSM1
2015-11-20 00:34:07Re: Anyone Have Audio Of Helicopter Crash KCRQ? GeoffSM1
2015-11-19 23:08:25Re: Anyone Have Audio Of Helicopter Crash KCRQ? GeoffSM1
2015-11-19 03:14:32ASQ4698 Running on empty silagi
2015-11-17 17:54:20AF1 in Manila. Obama to attend APEC PRFlyer
2015-11-15 20:23:11El Al 005 (Boeing 777) divert to KBIL engine fire mtpiper
2015-11-11 23:34:25Crash on Approach to Akron Fulton International Airport on 10 November GeoffSM1
2015-11-11 16:16:28AAL953 Mayday Call ronr530
2015-11-09 22:59:27SR22 Accident, KCOS, Nov 9, 2015 PP4life
2015-11-08 23:27:01Lahore GeoffSM1
2015-11-07 16:00:51ZBW Gives Geography Lesson ronr530
2015-11-06 16:34:02AAL121 Hydraulic Problem ronr530
2015-11-06 00:27:26Tornado at Austin, Texas (KAUS) on 30 October GeoffSM1
2015-10-29 18:01:25Re: Aircraft on fire, chutes deployed FLL, now. Air Dynamic. Joel T
2015-10-27 04:03:13Final UA flight at JFK (UA535 JFK-LAX, 24OCT2015) riphamilton
2015-10-26 23:13:33Bird Strike today at McKinney National Airport GeoffSM1
2015-10-25 23:22:19'Runway' 18 Right at McKinney National Airport (KTKI) GeoffSM1
2015-10-18 22:04:07Aer Lingus EIN485 - Aggressive pax, restrained, later dies. Paulbc
2015-10-17 08:43:45US Airways 1939 - Last Flight (KSFO-KPHL) bocon13
2015-10-15 23:13:50Re: Vehicle on Rwy 25R LAX DL5700 Aborts Takeoff GeoffSM1
2015-10-15 22:12:34Sky Airlines piece of engine flew off the aircraft on takeoff VictorAtienza94
2015-10-14 19:06:21Vehicle on Rwy 25R LAX DL5700 Aborts Takeoff PRFlyer
2015-10-13 17:26:05Cessna 210 emergency landing KBOI mtpiper
2015-10-11 23:32:44Do Alaska and Horizon crews have the same crew lounge? mtpiper
2015-10-11 22:11:33 Another problem from Scottsdale (KSDL) GeoffSM1
2015-10-11 20:13:42Athens (USA) - KAHN Tower GeoffSM1
2015-10-11 20:13:42Athens (USA) - KAHN Tower GeoffSM1
2015-10-10 13:58:23BA296 Captain passes out while taxiing VictorAtienza94
2015-10-10 12:42:18Delta 281 returns Seattle after bird strike VictorAtienza94
2015-10-08 20:49:24Jetblue 493 hydraulic pump failure at Boston (KBOS) mk223
2015-10-08 00:41:15DAL702 at KDEN 10-02-15 Smoke from Gear cptbrw
2015-10-08 00:41:15DAL702 at KDEN 10-02-15 Smoke from Gear cptbrw
2015-10-07 13:22:51Delta 1946 cannot retract gear at KATL, 2015-10-05 AndresPlaza
2015-10-05 17:54:24Re: US Airways Flight 550 - Pilot dies in flight dave
2015-10-05 06:51:08Need help: what was pilot requesting? sever
2015-10-04 19:04:00Military Attempting to Contact Unknown Rider lajim
2015-09-30 17:55:16Loitering with Intent GeoffSM1
2015-09-29 01:48:01EIN11EA Hydraulic Failure ronr530
2015-09-28 11:59:19Shepherd One in air after leaving KPHL Raleighguy
2015-09-28 11:47:23Air Force Two leaving KPHL Raleighguy
2015-09-28 11:40:45Shepherd One leaving KPHL Raleighguy
2015-09-27 16:17:35AAL 922 captkel
2015-09-27 08:47:36In flight medical emergency enroute to NYC JFK on 6730 milocs
2015-09-26 19:57:03Pope - Shepherd 1, USA Tour VictorAtienza94
2015-09-25 00:25:28Shepherd 1 Arrives at KJFK cptbrw
2015-09-23 20:34:48Cherokee N43241 KSNA Fryy
2015-09-20 03:03:45Cessna 150 Mayday engine trouble. Lands in corn field nbelback
2015-09-18 08:43:28Student pilot gets 'slightly lost' GeoffSM1
2015-09-18 01:41:59Military Mayday Practice Call viista
2015-09-13 13:45:19Re: DAL361 Emergency ronr530
2015-09-13 02:30:18DAL361 Emergency captkel
2015-09-11 12:39:55Car on Runway Not Responding to ATC GeoffSM1
2015-09-09 00:37:06KLAS British Airways Flight 2276 Fire on the Ground mk223
2015-09-06 12:37:18Flight Attendant Inadvertantly Broadcasts to ATC GeoffSM1
2015-09-03 08:19:58vous voulez voir les baleines ?? :-D usernil
2015-08-31 02:11:37Blue Angels on with KACY resistance2fly
2015-08-18 23:01:28Bonanza Crash on LIRR Tracks Aug 16 ronr530
2015-08-12 16:56:42LH457 Super Person standing in the Cabin. Cancels T/O Clearance 08/01 PRFlyer
2015-08-11 23:52:13DAL8801 Hyd Failure at KJFK 080915 cptbrw
2015-08-09 01:36:36Delta 1889 BOS-SLC Severe Weather Damage DEN Diversion mk223
2015-08-08 20:01:34AAL669 Engine Failure at KPHL 080715 cptbrw
2015-08-08 18:43:10Re: SFO emergency-door "flew off aircraft" 8/6/15. Fryy
2015-08-07 18:04:26Re: Aircraft declares emergency at SFO 8/6/15 - door problem. gillmores
2015-08-06 17:33:38Re: SWA838 Divert to KMCI for Medical Emergency dave
2015-08-04 16:40:08Small plane cleared to land on Taxiway Delta gillmores
2015-08-02 12:50:10Autopilot failure on ILS approach robs2107
2015-08-01 20:53:16Delta 407 seeing a DRONE over Canarsie landing JFK VictorAtienza94
2015-07-29 22:42:07I'm gonna have to give you a full route clearance... catalogfalls
2015-07-28 13:12:43LSGG runway incursion oktalist
2015-07-27 18:53:05CBs around LSZH with a go-around, an RTO, and BAW718 pan-pan fumes in cockpit oktalist
2015-07-23 01:37:59Crash at OSH Joel T
2015-07-21 20:33:15Small Drone at EPWA maredzki
2015-07-19 15:30:03UAL 350 Hydraulic Problem ronr530
2015-07-17 13:20:24LOF910A Diverts to KGRR craig
2015-07-16 13:55:02Unauthorized laser activity KEWR 7/15/2015 dave
2015-07-10 00:38:55Gossip at KORL janikpilot
2015-07-09 17:42:21SWA 3299 Aborted Takeoff, engine failure, KMDW 7/8/15 @23:00 (w/ video) VampyreGTX
2015-07-09 17:42:21SWA 3299 Aborted Takeoff, engine failure, KMDW 7/8/15 @23:00 (w/ video) VampyreGTX
2015-07-07 05:18:16Sky Fire - Air Tanker Comms Fryy
2015-07-04 04:50:07C172 crash Bartlett, IL near KDPA (DuPage Airport) VampyreGTX
2015-06-30 17:22:26KSFO Coast Guard helicopter crash hayek
2015-06-30 02:10:23Re: Bonanza 5626D crash - Plainville MA 2015-06-28 dbperry
2015-06-29 01:08:01Bonanza 5626D crash - Plainville MA 2015-06-28 dbperry
2015-06-23 02:21:54JQ413 Pan Pan diversion to Williamstown Air Focce Base after possible fire dannews
2015-06-22 17:18:03KSQL N95995 Radio Problem wenyuzhang
2015-06-17 20:47:44KMDW very near miss STOP STOP STOP topgun966
2015-06-16 02:07:44KSMF_AAL1763 Fryy
2015-06-10 19:24:31Republic Air 4650 Information Echo joke at KBTV ashawley
2015-06-09 02:21:02Is this a former JFK controller at ORD? kempboeing
2015-06-05 22:24:29Police and DAL Tower went Drone Hunting bruddick
2015-06-05 14:44:27Snowbird with Hydraulic Loss (CYOW, Ottawa) janlam01
2015-06-02 23:15:54AAL648 at KPHL 060215 - Bomb Threat cptbrw
2015-05-31 14:10:42Working Memorial Day :0 ronr530
2015-05-31 14:04:37Air France 022 Threat May 25 ronr530
2015-05-29 17:53:29Suicidal passenger on Virgin America (Redwood) 218 semperflyer797
2015-05-27 22:58:29Stuck Mic after takeoff - C-GTVI (CYOW, Ottawa) janlam01
2015-05-24 23:58:35AC847 - Capt. Judy Cameron Retirement ATC4lyfe
2015-05-19 06:37:41Re: looking for dal 1608, stuck landing gear semperflyer797
2015-05-17 01:38:21Cherokee N7099R lands on street, near Gillespie Field (KSEE), San Diego County. darrylr
2015-05-15 13:30:36Need to be towed Off the runway + OIL SPILL usernil
2015-05-13 00:48:03C130s at PWM cwhitten
2015-05-11 19:42:41SkyWest 5316 Belly landing KLAX semperflyer797
2015-05-08 19:14:25VE celebration fly over emergency landing at KDCA woohookitty
2015-05-08 17:04:26Peachtree Dekalb / Hwy 285 crash TangoWhiskey
2015-05-07 18:00:34Citation Transitions JFK's South Shore kempboeing
2015-05-06 13:23:54Re: Homing beacon for the mothership ronr530
2015-05-01 06:02:272014-05-26 KPNS - Bonanza 296 "Did you just call me a banana?" JamesUWF
2015-04-30 02:28:28Republic Airlines/United Flight 4882 de Havilland Dash 8-400 Enigine Fire semperflyer797
2015-04-21 14:56:37Austrian Flight 94 Smoke in the Cabin semperflyer797
2015-04-20 21:54:53Looking for more on Aerostar N7502S "gear-up touch and go" and flight to FLX darrylr
2015-04-19 00:47:34Towed Back In Shame kempboeing
2015-04-16 13:10:13Re: American 1696 Smoke in the Cabin semperflyer797
2015-04-14 03:40:11United 1545 Fly's great, doesn't drive so well once on the ground in Houston semperflyer797
2015-04-13 19:40:22Re: Last "Cactus" flight arrives KPHL lineupandwait
2015-04-12 23:46:43Cessna 172 ice landing on Lake Champlain ashawley
2015-04-09 18:39:23JFK mrrroww av geek
2015-04-09 18:34:48JFK ground - you might as well cancel the flight av geek
2015-04-08 21:35:59Last "Cactus" flight arrives KPHL cptbrw
2015-04-08 17:43:33Re: Bad Day at the Office (Medical Emergency and Pilot Deviation) DingerX
2015-04-08 17:43:33Re: Bad Day at the Office (Medical Emergency and Pilot Deviation) DingerX
2015-04-08 12:57:33ZBW COntroller Predicts Redsox Season ronr530
2015-04-08 09:12:29Re: Cactus Clip Challenge mik_ny
2015-04-07 00:13:58KMCO DAL1158 Close Call with Gulfstream janikpilot
2015-03-31 13:47:25JFK Great Retires Today March 31, 2015 Along with a Delta Capitan kempboeing
2015-03-20 04:30:07Piper Cherokee N8026N Deer Strike on take off roll. Emergency Declared. psupilot
2015-03-17 05:56:21UA1074 IAD - "Passenger Disturbance" JJimmy
2015-03-11 02:22:26Air Force One in Atlanta KATL cmorris327
2015-03-07 06:04:26Lufthansa 424 go around - KBOS 2015-03-06 dbperry
2015-03-06 00:40:01Santa Barbara (BBR1520) Left engine fire indication KMIA MAR 6 tinmad
2015-03-05 23:58:20Re: SMO engine failure hayek
2015-03-05 17:20:34Re: Delta 1086 off runway LGA 3-5-15 NickW557
2015-03-05 17:07:08Delta 1086 off runway LGA 3-5-15 spikerjack
2015-03-03 03:12:40February 6th 2015 - A bad day to be in Reno nvn8vbryce
2015-02-25 22:35:14KFSD King Air 50VP Emergency Landing Shattered Windshield on Takeoff kb0wsw
2015-02-24 05:19:54Delta 1459 Broken Windshield Danscobou
2015-02-22 17:17:56AAL9253 Hydraulic Problem Descending Into JFK ronr530
2015-02-21 04:23:42CSJ79 - Misunderstanding of amended departure instructions? (CYOW, Ottawa) janlam01
2015-02-05 22:42:28N441TG Crashes near FAF for KDTO (36RNAV), Edited to remove space. captbrando
2015-02-04 21:15:20Air Canada 1174 Mayday - Flight Controls - 7/20/14 ATC4lyfe
2015-01-31 16:00:54UPS36 witnesses a Delta II rocket launch. SQK7700
2015-01-31 04:03:56Re: JetBlue 94 on Jan 25th at 1:25 PM at HPN dave
2015-01-25 00:37:31Bomb Threats on Delta 1156 and Southwest 2492 in Atlanta dorough
2015-01-22 16:22:14Re: Jetblue 1295 High Speed Aborted Takeoff at JFK InterpreDemon
2015-01-21 02:31:13Re: Jetblue 1295 High Speed Aborted Takeoff at JFK mk223
2015-01-20 14:46:28Re: Jetblue 1295 High Speed Aborted Takeoff at JFK keith
2015-01-19 03:41:08Caribbean Airlines 526 JFK Runway Incursion vs JetBlue 1295 dorough
2015-01-18 19:03:20Jetblue 1295 High Speed Aborted Takeoff at JFK mk223
2015-01-14 00:45:43KLAX Departure Emergency - DAL2116 Yaw Problems (1/13/2015) catalogfalls
2015-01-13 01:33:12Re: KIAD Tower Fire DarkPaw
2015-01-12 21:14:55Porter 723 diverted to Williamsport Smoke in cabin (CYTZ - KIAD) psupilot
2015-01-12 05:22:46Cessna doing 180 on the runway at SFO. Tower: "what are you doing man?" bluefonzie
2015-01-02 10:04:45Can you recognize the record? wwaaggyy
2015-01-01 04:57:21RPA5927 @ KPHL Engine Failure 12/29/14 cptbrw
2014-12-31 20:45:46Porter 539 Emergency landing at Pearson, smoke in the cabin jefferykerrison
2014-12-30 06:49:22Can you identify the plane? victorengel
2014-12-29 21:52:19JetBlue 1994 requests medics after laser incident safe-T
2014-12-28 14:48:19Re: is there recording of Air France 747-400 declaring mayday and landing in Shannon ronr530
2014-12-22 18:09:52Re: Welcome Back Eastern! gillmores
2014-12-21 15:00:19This NY Liberty North Controller Obviously Loves His Job! ronr530
2014-12-14 01:37:07Southwest 3118 Bird Strike on Final for BWI 12/12/14 mk223
2014-12-08 18:31:32KGAI (Gaithersburg, MD) Crash - N100EQ mdreferee
2014-12-06 22:48:42Air-Ground Communication Issues at KJFK ronr530
2014-12-06 03:09:00What is this sound? 650ChicagoBearsFan
2014-12-02 00:09:20Re: KADS: "PAN PAN, I've crashed and we can't get out" TangoWhiskey
2014-12-01 23:41:47KADS: "PAN PAN, I've crashed and we can't get out" TangoWhiskey
2014-11-29 16:18:14NY Tracon Controller Still Full from Thanksgiving ronr530
2014-11-28 14:20:49SWA1469 Cabin Pressure Loss ronr530
2014-11-26 17:25:16Captain thrown under the bus by his copilot :-D ronr530
2014-11-18 16:39:53Plane Crash at MDW (Chicago) silagi
2014-11-15 05:08:16Air Force One G20 Arrival nate503
2014-11-11 04:24:20Gear up landing at KDWH kjablonski8706
2014-11-07 00:12:55UAL925 smoke in cockpit and cabin, diverted to Dublin oktalist
2014-11-03 05:03:36Request for pilot reports of UFOs matt68
2014-11-02 05:33:55Here's how not to do practice approaches StuSEL
2014-10-30 19:28:35Re: Funny? or Dangerous? svoynick
2014-10-27 21:23:22Philly Tower Yesterday... DASFlies
2014-10-23 01:41:25so excited about climbing to 6000 keith
2014-10-15 00:25:37Nieuport 11 incident at CYYJ bcradio
2014-10-12 03:43:18IWA Tower coaches ATP Seminole student throughout the taxi kcmeyers
2014-10-06 18:22:14Green Laser Phase on Aircraft usernil
2014-10-05 01:34:14AMX18 at KLAX - Aborted Takeoff cptbrw
2014-10-05 01:31:07JBU683 at KJFK - Bird Strike cptbrw
2014-10-03 20:24:29IWA Tower discusses FAA Hiring Changes kcmeyers
2014-10-01 03:23:05Ottawa (CYOW) reopens Runway 14/32 after several months of construction janlam01
2014-09-22 14:26:04SWA1704 Diverts to KLAX ronr530
2014-09-18 23:44:08NYPD Helicopter Reports Near Miss with Drone dorough
2014-09-16 20:19:18Re: AA182 Medical Divert to Tokyo Haneda SQK7700
2014-09-15 22:41:39WestJet 373 stuck mic on Tower Frequency (CYOW, Ottawa) janlam01
2014-09-12 23:51:22Pilot reports drone at Nashville Intl KBNA dorough
2014-09-12 22:30:42KOAK - Piper mistakenly lands on Taxiway zyuzin4
2014-09-07 01:12:04TBM Military Comms captkel
2014-09-06 04:44:05N900KN trouble call edited - 6.75 min airmaneric
2014-09-05 19:19:43Re: Military Fighters chasing Private Plane with Unconscious Pilot (just happened) gillmores
2014-09-05 17:20:26Military Fighters chasing Private Plane with Unconscious Pilot (just happened) av8tor172
2014-09-04 02:02:46KATL RWY26R: Coyote on Runway ChrisMOlmstead
2014-09-03 00:57:59Delta Flyer Demands Plane Land Over Reclining Seat Fight dorough
2014-08-22 23:23:43KDCA Standard Phraseology?!? LOL kempboeing
2014-08-20 19:20:59High Altitude Military Balloon Radio Comms av8tor172
2014-08-19 03:25:38Air Canada Jazz 8953 diverted to Ottawa (CYOW) because of smoke janlam01
2014-08-18 02:44:53Re: ASQ4535 callsign ACEY smoke in the cabin emergency EWR 8/15/14 mk223
2014-08-11 02:56:27Emirates 237 Engine fire at KBOS cptbrw
2014-08-10 14:39:30Re: JFK ground starts getting frustrated ronr530
2014-08-08 16:08:29A-10's being directed into to talk out enemy boats. Good audio. av8tor172
2014-08-03 02:43:48Re: Super Traffic Jam at JFK ronr530
2014-07-31 04:35:49Re: San Diego small plane crash KiloYankee
2014-07-30 01:33:40CHQ6093 at KJFK with Gear Issue cptbrw
2014-07-28 20:02:41JFK Ground....He is just so good (Well worth the length) Second kempboeing
2014-07-28 19:59:11JFK Ground....He is just so good (Well worth the length) First (Starts @ 8min) kempboeing
2014-07-27 04:36:07Re: Has this really not been posted yet? Delta pilot snaps at ATL ground. Hilarious! ChrisMOlmstead
2014-07-21 18:21:25VRD412 Emergency Descent on 7/17/14 ronr530
2014-07-20 14:57:20TAP 085 Mayday , Engine Failure @LPPT orge_pt
2014-07-18 19:16:49Gear issue at El Monte Unbeliever
2014-07-18 14:25:23F-15C Pilot Looses Contact Lens in Flight av8tor172
2014-07-18 11:51:42Re: EAM and ORDERWIRE on UHF - Related to Malaysia Airlines being shoot down? av8tor172
2014-07-17 23:44:12EAM and ORDERWIRE on UHF - Related to Malaysia Airlines being shoot down? av8tor172
2014-07-17 08:04:01Re: KMCI Runway Excursion 7/16/2014 roe
2014-07-17 00:02:55KMCI Runway Excursion 7/16/2014 dougk.ff7
2014-07-16 15:06:09Re: Request: Air India engine fire at EWR on 7/13 ronr530
2014-07-16 01:09:34Re: Brisbane closed due car on the runway Neon_WA
2014-07-13 00:28:13"That Ain't Right" cmorris327
2014-07-12 18:03:29Amelia Rose Earhart Oakland Arrival ATC SQK7700
2014-07-10 01:48:31Who remember's this clip ???? dshore
2014-07-09 21:02:53Air Force One at KDEN and Lakes Air go-around captainhobbes
2014-07-09 02:59:37Air Canada 166 declares PAN-PAN due to low hydraulic pressure (CYOW, Ottawa) janlam01
2014-07-08 13:09:09NYPD Helicopter near-miss with drone at night leads to arrests isler
2014-07-07 19:36:307-4-14 AAY148 at KIWA Bird Ingestion into Engine - Shout out to IWA Airport OPS kcmeyers
2014-07-06 21:31:43TAP Airbus A340 Lowpass at Nos Air Race festival in Cascais, Portugal redknap
2014-07-05 05:48:45Air NZ first 787-9 crew training graysono
2014-07-05 04:44:15Citrus 187... Sock Eating Golden
2014-07-02 02:09:54Re: KLGB JBU 1635 windshield Birdstrike svoynick
2014-06-30 23:04:46Re: United 1463 Diverts to ICT after slide inflates during flight svoynick
2014-06-28 00:54:06US2148 Go Around at KBOS due to stuck mic twistedpair
2014-06-25 23:39:23Controllers with Personalities kempboeing
2014-06-14 01:02:22Re: Atlanta controller joke causes go around dave
2014-06-13 19:05:31HPN Crash N5335R - Controller sounds distraught 121mhz
2014-06-13 00:58:30Cirrus Emergency Landing with CAPS Parachute Deployment near KBED Burlington MA NEaviator
2014-06-10 04:12:04KDAB Crash silagi
2014-06-07 19:19:44DC FRZ Intercept USFJoseph
2014-06-03 19:55:55H35 Bonanza N653T Crash at Monroe, LA KMLU slayer816
2014-06-02 00:56:28DL312 "We Were Goin' Directly At Him" ysitincoach
2014-06-01 13:31:13N121JM GLF4 Crash at KBED ronr530
2014-05-29 23:30:11Triple go around at SFO silagi
2014-05-24 07:13:31KIAH May 8 close approach, UAL601/UAL437 svoynick
2014-05-20 13:50:20Re: Bird? No...Wind shear? No...Balloons? ronr530
2014-05-10 16:52:48Re: Searching for Sun Country 248 engine failure recording 4-30-2014 ronr530
2014-05-06 13:45:24AVA021 Door Problem ronr530
2014-05-05 03:08:24Boston Tower Explains the Winds boeing71234567
2014-05-04 22:06:11Tethered Blimp above Salt Lake City Medicdelta
2014-05-02 00:18:25Re: JTX1994 BAE146-300 VH-NJI No. 2 Engine Blowout YPPH Neon_WA
2014-05-01 11:38:36Comms of Last Space Shuttle Flight while in Orbit. av8tor172
2014-04-29 09:50:18JTX1994 BAE146-300 VH-NJI No. 2 Engine Blowout YPPH lukemcconville
2014-04-28 14:33:14By the tit Extender
2014-04-28 03:07:12Air Force One Contact WMKK Lumpur Control, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ShukorZ
2014-04-26 07:20:49Re: Air Force 1 Arrival - Osan Air Base (RKSO), Pyeongtaek, South Korea AsianNomad
2014-04-25 21:11:33 Loss of separation at KEWR 4/24/14 mk223
2014-04-25 07:54:03Air Force 1 Arrival - Osan Air Base (RKSO), Pyeongtaek, South Korea AsianNomad
2014-04-23 20:06:04AF1 ATC - Western Washington bballjh
2014-04-23 01:42:37Re: Controller only side of conversation emergency N10332 dave
2014-04-21 19:48:20BAW32N at KMIA unreliable airspeed 8-Apr-2014 oktalist
2014-04-19 05:36:19Delta 1500 Denver Center Audio possible bomb JesseFSD
2014-04-17 18:52:11What does a can of Coke sound like being opened in an F-15, here's the audio. av8tor172
2014-04-11 15:44:39Audio of Grumman Flight Test aircraft breaking Sound Barrier. av8tor172
2014-04-06 21:34:36Blue Angels Sample Bigdradio
2014-04-02 02:05:09American Eagle first flight at ROA Joel T
2014-04-01 22:31:24Caribbean 600 fuel emergency - Updated InterpreDemon
2014-04-01 21:12:32KSAN - where's united 1538? BladesOfSteele
2014-03-24 22:37:13SWA 4013 "I assume I'm not at your airport" graysono
2014-03-24 11:32:08PHDAI reporting flight conditions iibg
2014-03-22 20:34:55Connie 214 TCAS Alert ronr530
2014-03-20 15:25:57Too Early in the Morning? ronr530
2014-03-19 20:24:44AAL 1491 KTUL Bird Strike 03-14-14 mk223
2014-03-14 00:51:44AWE1702 at KPHL Nose Gear Collapse on Takeoff cptbrw
2014-03-04 08:21:35Montgomery Field CA Gear Up 3/2/2014 KiloYankee
2014-03-02 16:01:47DAL2151 Engine Problem ronr530
2014-03-01 21:36:15Costera 673 started takeoff roll without clearance roe
2014-02-28 07:49:17Phoenix Police helicopter "Firebird 7" hard landing brian51974
2014-02-26 02:55:07SWA flight can't go higher than FL380 ronr530
2014-02-25 08:50:59Re: KFMY Bird Strike & Emergency Landing roe
2014-02-25 05:30:29KFMY Bird Strike & Emergency Landing ChrisMOlmstead
2014-02-24 22:21:26Re: Follow the car with the blinking lights... flyflyfly
2014-02-23 18:54:53USAF Thunderbird Radio Audio from Daytona 500 Race Flyover. av8tor172
2014-02-23 03:55:55Pilots asking for the hockey score on the Canada vs US 2014 Winter Oympics Games janlam01
2014-02-23 03:06:38Aircraft reg. CFBNA emergency landing and "nordo" - Feb 15/2014 (CYOW, Ottawa) janlam01
2014-02-20 02:53:04POTUS TFR Violation (Palm Springs) lajim
2014-02-19 20:29:26ZBW Suggests Using a Bigger Airplane ronr530
2014-02-18 23:48:26United B737 turbulence injures FA Joel T
2014-02-18 20:48:08AWE1967 Doesn't Answer KJFK Tower ronr530
2014-02-18 05:55:07Re: UPS 1354 (Birmingham, AL) crash audio svoynick
2014-02-16 20:10:54Cessna 210 N732EJ down in Birmingham tehmightypirate
2014-02-16 13:57:24So Many Vehicles on the Taxiways ronr530
2014-02-15 22:43:37Need my wallet back! graysono
2014-02-14 16:56:15GJS6233 Gear Retraction Problem ronr530
2014-02-13 17:31:50Possible NASA Flight Testing Comms for 2 days. av8tor172
2014-02-13 17:31:50Possible NASA Flight Testing Comms for 2 days. av8tor172
2014-02-13 02:30:35GIANT 2884 diverts to KJFK after engine shut down at FL350 ronr530
2014-02-12 19:46:11F-15's dogfighting over the Atlantic, E-3B calling the shots. av8tor172
2014-02-10 09:42:56Re: Great Save at SDL roe
2014-02-06 04:56:58distress or urgency busy
2014-02-06 02:11:28You get better service here! KHWO Extender
2014-02-04 19:16:24Super Bowl NYPD & Mil Comms - The whole thing. InterpreDemon
2014-02-04 17:48:41Twin Commander Crash near Nashville ronr530
2014-02-01 23:55:52Smoke in cockpit-DAL987-KPHL-020114 cptbrw
2014-01-31 23:10:42Military getting ready for Super Bowl InterpreDemon
2014-01-31 19:58:40Nice Sounding Swiss Controller - LSZH Tower beckerm13
2014-01-31 07:02:47Military ATC Training Exercise lajim
2014-01-30 15:03:49United 3759 Emergency Landing New Castle County, Delaware - Smoke in cabin nyy574
2014-01-30 00:33:46Swiss 1885 Hits Fox on Runway - LSZH beckerm13
2014-01-27 18:07:18Go Hawks! abelenky
2014-01-27 15:46:59Re: SWA251 Tail Strike at KLAS, 1/3/2014 ronr530
2014-01-27 04:12:48SWA 3230 at MCI on 1-16-2014 (Windshear, Emergency Fuel) nvn8vbryce
2014-01-23 14:23:03SBBR ATIS - NDB's and VOR out service and others problems Diêgo Monteiro
2014-01-23 00:25:19Bad Vibrations? InterpreDemon
2014-01-22 18:14:18Bonanza lands at KADS with towbar attached JimNtexas
2014-01-22 14:42:09SWA2768 Go-around at KMCI Due to High Winds ronr530
2014-01-22 02:46:28AAL 1277 stuck in snow @ BWI Joel T
2014-01-21 21:23:19Audio of Military Aircraft declaring Emergency off Central Florida Coast av8tor172
2014-01-15 17:17:58EGF2906 Engine Failure ronr530
2014-01-15 16:23:05Question on what happens if a domestic flight within Canada diverts to the US janlam01
2014-01-15 13:51:21Testy Moment at JFK ronr530
2014-01-15 11:31:17Hudson landing anniversary flyflyfly
2014-01-15 04:31:19Sparks observed on Porter 263 during takeoff (Ottawa) janlam01
2014-01-14 18:44:51Air Force Two Passes Over NY Area this Morning ronr530
2014-01-14 15:09:45New Orleans Saints Coming Home from Seattle ronr530
2014-01-12 14:45:27Re: Air New Zealand emergency landing in Melbourne ronr530
2014-01-10 21:45:19Air New Zealand emergency landing in Melbourne dannews
2014-01-08 15:16:31A Very Slow RJ kempboeing
2014-01-07 19:33:11JFK Tower Chatter ronr530
2014-01-06 17:29:23Jet Blue Pilot Manages Not to Spill His Coffee ronr530
2014-01-05 21:59:50Re: N115WF Challenger Crash at Aspen dave
2014-01-05 21:27:19N115WF Challenger Crash at Aspen gillmores
2014-01-05 15:26:35KJFK Airport Closed This Morning ronr530
2014-01-05 14:31:15Re: Emergency landing on Major Deegan Expressway in Bronx, NY (Piper N9409J) ronr530
2014-01-05 01:40:18KJFK: LOT006 - "Say position" stingray0
2014-01-04 16:04:07Re: Hydraulic Issue - UAL3890 / RPA3890 ("Brickyard"/N34NG) Q400 EWR-RDU on 02JAN ronr530
2014-01-02 15:40:16Question regarding Montreal Centre frequencies 134.975 and 128.775 (Ottawa area) janlam01
2014-01-01 02:57:42Re: United B738 near Omaha on Dec 30th 2013, captain incapacitated ronr530
2013-12-31 00:35:34[Audio Clip] A typical flight from Montreal to Ottawa on Air Canada Jazz 8779 janlam01
2013-12-30 11:24:47A Spanking Off Disneyland in Dublin acoughlan
2013-12-29 22:08:36Los Angeles (Whiteman Field) Cessna Crash Today medflight5
2013-12-25 00:42:09ATC asks Porter pilot why they are stopping in Ottawa for refuelling janlam01
2013-12-23 02:59:24Air Transport B757 Slides off icy taxiway KSLC 12/19, condensed. SntElmosFire
2013-12-22 15:19:02Lindbergh 3667 Gear Problem ronr530
2013-12-21 16:13:25Pilot Invites Controller to Go Along ronr530
2013-12-18 16:06:03Crash into a field near KMSY on December 10 ronr530
2013-12-18 15:14:10Re: B738 vs. tumbleweed ronr530
2013-12-17 02:50:29Delta 385 slides off runway at KMSN pweeden
2013-12-12 03:50:41AF1 Out Of Africa, Coming To America InterpreDemon
2013-12-08 21:32:39Re: LAX south tower catalogfalls
2013-12-08 01:01:41Air Canada 450, Cockpit/Cabin Fire (CYOW - Ottawa) janlam01
2013-12-07 00:28:10Proper Class "D" coms coopermasonry
2013-12-04 21:18:11Female Air Refueling Boom Op is asked How Many Chicks on Board? av8tor172
2013-12-04 16:15:50Re: Looking for DAL 2078 11/25/2013 Bird Strike out of SAN Audio ronr530
2013-12-01 13:46:40VRD406 Emergency Return to LAX ronr530
2013-11-29 18:09:27Re: DAL 109 Madrid/KATL Diverted to JFK loss of crew oxygen InterpreDemon
2013-11-28 14:55:26Re: DAL 109 Madrid/KATL Diverted to JFK loss of crew oxygen ronr530
2013-11-27 23:57:34Re: DAL 109 Madrid/KATL Diverted to JFK loss of crew oxygen flyflyfly
2013-11-27 21:27:05DAL 109 Madrid/KATL Diverted to JFK loss of crew oxygen InterpreDemon
2013-11-27 16:01:47Loss of Glideslope at JFK ronr530
2013-11-26 04:06:13KLAX Final asking difference between RJ700 and 900 PRFlyer
2013-11-25 16:16:58Watch the waistline JohnN
2013-11-23 23:20:25Airplane Smells kukuis
2013-11-23 01:45:35KPWM Cessna 152 engine failure tehmightypirate
2013-11-22 21:07:10Re: Dreamlifter lands at wrong airport flyflyfly
2013-11-22 01:07:15Re: Any feed on May Day Etihad flight EY473 from Brisbane to Singapore today daveydaver
2013-11-21 15:21:24Re: Delta 1840 go around ronr530
2013-11-21 07:27:55Dreamlifter lands at wrong airport pvupilot
2013-11-20 17:46:55Re: Southwest Pilot Thinks He's Talking to his Passengers InterpreDemon
2013-11-20 17:25:57Southwest Pilot Thinks He's Talking to his Passengers ronr530
2013-11-20 15:56:17Re: Medical Evac aircraft (XA-USD) crash - KFLL audio? ronr530
2013-11-20 03:32:29VP Biden clogs up Panama City InterpreDemon
2013-11-14 21:44:26Pax Jumps/falls out of plane without Parachute major22
2013-11-13 16:40:42Allegiant Air 737 Engine Failure ronr530
2013-11-11 17:14:52Re: Air Force One ATC ronr530
2013-11-08 02:47:46DAL2219 Compressor Stall/Engine Failure ronr530
2013-11-04 17:26:40GREAAAT DAY! ronr530
2013-11-03 23:13:33Re: Looking for AudioTCF3466 (UA3466) 02NOV ORD Rejected Take Off and Gate Return ronr530
2013-11-02 14:54:07Re: Looking for feed of US Airways 4061 - HPN to DCA diverted to EWR 10/29/13 ronr530
2013-10-26 21:59:11My Favorite KISM Controller (Maui Jim Sunglasses Challenger 300) kempboeing
2013-10-25 15:22:29[Audio Clip] A typical flight from Ottawa to Montreal on Air Canada Jazz 8982 janlam01
2013-10-25 15:01:20Delta 249 (Airbus A330-300) diverted to Ottawa on October 7, 2013 janlam01
2013-10-25 13:16:39ZNY Controller in a Good Mood ronr530
2013-10-24 11:22:27AFR066 with flaps issue 10/22/2013 Renaud972
2013-10-22 12:33:05BLUE51 over the Malta FIR Nicolai953
2013-10-18 21:49:14Cessna Citation N610ED crash at KICT on 10/18/13 flyflyfly
2013-10-18 02:16:52First Landers on New ORD Runway 10/28C Adrian8
2013-10-02 20:09:53MCO runway hopping hartad01
2013-09-30 20:19:58Iberia 6124 MIA-MAD Nose gear smoke at take off. tinmad
2013-09-30 15:09:29Re: N194SJ (CJ2) Crash at SMO 9/29/13 cptkirk
2013-09-30 04:08:40N194SJ (CJ2) Crash at SMO 9/29/13 kcmeyers
2013-09-29 04:40:18The Odyssey of Flight 1068 InterpreDemon
2013-09-27 18:15:42Re: Clip of UAL1603 Diversion to Boise? dave
2013-09-24 02:06:11Mayday - N24145 down on Lake Shore Drive, Chicago esv216
2013-09-18 04:43:02EagleFlight 3040 bad stuck mic conversation medflight5
2013-09-17 02:10:57Re: New ZBW/ZNY/ZDC (JFK Area) feed! ronr530
2013-09-14 15:59:19Re: KBWI lightning strike audio Joel T
2013-09-14 15:59:19Re: KBWI lightning strike audio Joel T
2013-09-14 15:59:19Re: KBWI lightning strike audio Joel T
2013-09-14 15:44:15KBWI lightning strike audio ronr530
2013-09-10 09:57:39What's that tower? graysono
2013-09-03 17:07:40Pilto forgot what center he was talking to :) ronr530
2013-08-31 04:13:20UCA4820 at FNT: Gear Pins Left in Main Gear StuSEL
2013-08-29 18:02:22Re: poor spoken english between crew and ATC Fryy
2013-08-29 18:02:22Re: poor spoken english between crew and ATC Fryy
2013-08-27 18:38:17American Inaugural Flight from BDL to LAX with Funny Pilot boeing71234567
2013-08-24 07:43:07Piper Cherokee crash KSAC Fryy
2013-08-24 07:40:49Piper Cherokee crash KSAC Fryy
2013-08-18 22:38:28Re: "you've gotta hold it all together speedbird 279" NEILCM
2013-08-12 02:29:07Point the Nose of Your Airplane at the Field jameyers14
2013-08-09 18:32:46N13622 Crash in East Haven, CT gillmores
2013-08-09 13:32:18Re: Tower Communications Failure Nashville 8/7/13 gillmores
2013-08-07 03:17:18Air Canada 196 go-Around due to "brake fault" message (CYOW, Ottawa) janlam01
2013-08-04 09:11:14"Can you get a controller in the tower that will at least let us land?" tca1937
2013-08-01 02:25:06Re: 787 Captain irked by taxiway traffic at KSFB 7-26-2013 21:26Z svoynick
2013-07-27 19:08:38787 Captain irked by taxiway traffic at KSFB 7-26-2013 21:26Z SFBAce
2013-07-25 20:56:36Air Force One KJAX 25 JUL 2013 dorough
2013-07-25 07:09:52EVA 28 Too Low at KSFO 23 July PHXCONXrunner
2013-07-24 05:49:14AAL1634 Landing Gear/Hydraulics emergency landing KORD - 7.23.2013 genemas
2013-07-22 23:17:57SWA345 nose gear Collapse at LGA 7/22 mk223
2013-07-22 14:17:32Rare cause for a go-around Hollis
2013-07-11 15:11:53Ugly Jets Hollis
2013-07-10 20:56:37N8860 KACK-KIAD Almost causes go around 19L at IAD ORDATC2020
2013-07-10 07:47:01Re: Crash @ SFO razzle
2013-07-10 07:47:01Re: Crash @ SFO razzle
2013-07-08 23:38:01Re: SWA2709 Stuck Mic saiarcot895
2013-07-07 20:45:06Re: Asiana 214 Crash at KSFO flyflyfly
2013-07-07 08:35:32Asiana 214 Crash Incident at San Francisco International - unabridged audio SQK7700
2013-07-06 20:02:13Asiana 214 Crash at KSFO capolydude
2013-07-05 22:39:36This is scary - crew cannot understand plain instructions from Shanwick 55brianb
2013-07-03 20:06:36Re: Air Pacific FJ810 Go Around LAX Hollis
2013-07-02 01:20:35Air Pacific FJ810 Go Around LAX PRFlyer
2013-07-01 20:51:43NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg piloting helo N422SH isler
2013-06-27 01:36:05AF1 checking in on ARINC Oceanic InterpreDemon
2013-06-26 16:07:32King Air forced landing short of 16 at KPWK neillaferty
2013-06-24 21:56:23Re: Sep Loss JFK/LGA traffic 6/13/13 Joel T
2013-06-24 00:27:08Cutting it too close Hollis
2013-06-23 06:07:30N9926Q Fatal Crash at PTK 6/22/2013 StuSEL
2013-06-22 17:48:18Re: Sep Loss JFK/LGA traffic 6/13/13 Joel T
2013-06-21 13:58:302 AA Airplanes get a little close at JFK. mldoc
2013-06-19 07:01:37Re: Help Finding Audio Clip roe
2013-06-17 20:03:22Air Force One - Shanwick Oceanic david2006
2013-06-08 21:10:35Re: Jet Blue Bird Strike on Takeoff InterpreDemon
2013-06-08 16:33:16Jet Blue Bird Strike on Takeoff ronr530
2013-05-31 19:33:40Re: NAX7001 OSL-JFK 30.05.13 InterpreDemon
2013-05-31 13:07:46Cessna 177B emergency/crash near IAD - May 31, 2013 kitsu
2013-05-31 03:59:35Baltimore Railroad Incident 5/28/13 tom247
2013-05-29 03:38:19Near Miss at DCA on 5/24 mk223
2013-05-26 05:16:46Animal on Dulles runway 1R...and radio interference at BDL all in 1 hr! hbball36
2013-05-26 05:16:46Animal on Dulles runway 1R...and radio interference at BDL all in 1 hr! hbball36
2013-05-25 03:01:37SuperDARN, HFDL or what? InterpreDemon
2013-05-19 18:30:00JFK "Whale" A380 kempboeing
2013-05-14 14:29:16KBOS twr vs. pilot confusion Hollis
2013-05-05 10:41:50KBOS twr missed a/c ID Hollis
2013-05-01 05:50:14Re: C172 Midair over Santa Monica mountains, both departing KSMO uplink
2013-04-30 22:44:30Man drives onto Love Field runway, starts yelling "Jihad" Rhollmer
2013-04-30 04:13:19Frontier 1557 loss of cabin pressure 04/29/13 datainmotion
2013-04-29 23:42:01Bad Luck for Delta 757 Flt 534 mk223
2013-04-28 14:17:52Emergency Off-Site Landing, Whiteman Airport, Pacoima, Ca (KWHP) Cessna 172 uplink
2013-04-28 11:56:16Cessna Cardinal gear up landing, Van Nuys, CA (KVNY) uplink
2013-04-25 05:04:22Confused Pilot at KOXC boeing71234567
2013-04-20 01:00:29Lufthansa Hit by Rocks while waiting on taxiway, KBOS mk223
2013-04-19 01:49:03Skywest pilot fails his CYAAAAAAH to LAX controller ARMEDnPISSED
2013-04-17 19:04:19US Airways 357, smoke event in aft lavatory emckirdy
2013-04-16 10:04:56What's your call sign? AsianNomad
2013-04-15 05:55:18A real Channel Master InterpreDemon
2013-04-15 03:06:445 1/2 hours of a breakfast fly-in in 30 minutes itismike
2013-04-15 00:59:08A tax break for you... InterpreDemon
2013-04-13 05:37:42NASA F-15 Emergency lajim
2013-04-12 20:19:41Loose dog at KBOS Hollis
2013-04-12 19:28:24CRJ Wing Tip Strike Landing Charleston, WV (CRW) 2013-04-05 jshall755
2013-04-08 22:12:35no interesting audio -PZ help! interpretation- offficer45
2013-04-06 15:13:47American 1454 med emergency at sea, expedited JFK arrival InterpreDemon
2013-04-06 05:08:22KEWR near miss? ryannayr140
2013-04-02 02:35:24Cranky Air Canada Captain kylepetten
2013-03-31 18:09:10Sudden windshift at KBOS causes landing aborts Hollis
2013-03-29 01:23:34RKSO - Declared emergency for gear malfunction AsianNomad
2013-03-27 04:47:31Confused helicopter bassplayer87
2013-03-26 03:10:30HF recording - translation needed InterpreDemon
2013-03-25 14:05:37PHL go around Hollis
2013-03-19 03:10:16UAL1607 Emergency Landing at LAX lajim
2013-03-18 20:11:04Southwest 481 at KLAS - Cargo Fire Indication emckirdy
2013-03-17 21:35:16KRSW AWE1809 Goes Around: "He spent half the morning out there." StuSEL
2013-03-14 23:11:03Air Canada Ignores Go-Around AirKevin
2013-03-14 20:32:41Re: ZOA to HAL45 - "You sound very young" Hollis
2013-03-06 23:35:20Sequestration Vacation InterpreDemon
2013-03-06 01:03:19Re: Drone sighting at JFK InterpreDemon
2013-03-05 17:31:44Drone sighting at JFK Joel T
2013-03-05 03:03:09ZERO-G parabolic maneuvers Amerijet 213 SQK7700
2013-03-04 05:52:17I need some subtitles. offficer45
2013-03-03 14:15:31ZBW My Bad ronr530
2013-02-26 18:23:59Ryan Air 227 at EIDW "screwed everything" Maxx
2013-02-23 19:02:36Re: Forced go-around at KORD Hollis
2013-02-23 14:48:01Forced go-around at KORD Hollis
2013-02-21 13:31:35Patience or patients Hollis
2013-02-20 01:59:28Re: Looking for the audio from my first solo flight today at KOWD kjablonski8706
2013-02-14 19:20:30KPWK ATC: "For future reference..." neillaferty
2013-02-14 18:42:33EGF 4438 Bleed Issues craig
2013-02-08 13:57:51JFK twr a bit irked Hollis
2013-02-06 22:22:37Expressjet E145 @KORD Smoke in the Cockpit mk223
2013-02-03 20:01:23Cactus 1167 air conditioning problem neillaferty
2013-02-02 11:25:17LBSF_APP(Sofia Approach) and QTR944 some out of job personal things boeing 763
2013-02-01 14:29:49KBOS tower, Automatic response...oops Hollis
2013-02-01 10:28:47AA 473 pilot passes out graysono
2013-02-01 01:33:45DAL2101 Brake fire at KBOS 01/31/13 cptbrw
2013-01-30 23:05:54Odd signal at JFK Hollis
2013-01-30 00:46:09N1967E Piper Cherokee down in Hudson River NYC 1/27/13 isler
2013-01-28 09:40:55AAL634 Bird Strike on takeoff from KSNA, makes emergency landing at LAX uplink
2013-01-25 20:14:10FedEx 1420 - tailstrike at DEN emckirdy
2013-01-25 01:22:40Hungry Passengers, Thirsty Plane kjablonski8706
2013-01-19 17:09:42AAL1357 Emergency ronr530
2013-01-15 22:16:44Heavy traffic at KBOS Hollis
2013-01-15 18:18:48Gone Fishing ronr530
2013-01-14 01:54:52Moe go-arounds at JFK Hollis
2013-01-13 00:29:40Re: Severe turbulence, Windshear at TVC today forcing 2 go arounds dave
2013-01-09 03:12:30JAL FLT7 @ KBOS Fuel Leak on Taxiway mk223
2013-01-09 03:11:37The Pessimist ronr530
2013-01-09 00:40:32Pilot has no idea how to handle Class D airspace (KPKB) jshall755
2013-01-08 22:40:42Birds disrupt operations at KBOS Hollis
2013-01-08 22:40:42Birds disrupt operations at KBOS Hollis
2013-01-07 00:11:53ATC departue info Hollis
2013-01-06 17:03:01Overwhelmed ATC in Barcelona flyflyfly
2013-01-06 14:55:43Pilot Technique... ronr530
2013-01-06 03:00:26ZBW Stuck Mic ronr530
2013-01-04 15:27:54When you gotta go, you go Hollis
2013-01-04 03:21:23B-2 Rose Bowl Flyover lajim
2013-01-02 14:49:31Spirit Wings vs. CACTUS FLL 1-1-2013 aircraftmx
2013-01-02 14:49:31Spirit Wings vs. CACTUS FLL 1-1-2013 aircraftmx
2012-12-27 16:07:35Southwest @KISP off taxiway "We just made your day exciting" mk223
2012-12-26 11:55:30C172 SE-KHX krasched 16NOV planefan
2012-12-21 22:30:56I Feel Like I'm in Training Here unicycletrumpet
2012-12-18 16:56:54KBDL TFR Violation "Dropping off Santa" digitalpretzel
2012-12-17 15:47:11Laser pointed at aircraft - "genitally challenged" bt95
2012-12-16 23:52:00Air Force One inbound KBDL dave
2012-12-14 21:57:28KBOS Xmas 2011 Hollis
2012-12-14 18:17:13Runway incurson and rejected takeoff, KLAX, Dec 12 roe
2012-12-13 18:19:00SKW2679 rejected takeoff @ LAX yesterday due to runway cross without permission ARMEDnPISSED
2012-12-12 06:49:18LASER pointed at Cockpit of Aircraft during Takeoff Isaac2112
2012-12-10 22:14:19Captain forgot to bring the duct tape InterpreDemon
2012-12-04 22:31:52United Dreamliner Emergency Landing at KMSY frumpy16
2012-12-03 11:28:51Re: KRST Crash roe
2012-11-23 07:04:53Audio of Piper Cherokee crash at YPJT helimedic
2012-11-22 14:44:27Who's right or who's left? Hollis
2012-11-18 19:26:41Runway Incursion at KOJC n9088d
2012-11-13 17:52:58JFK's satellite airport LGA kempboeing
2012-11-13 08:39:25Audio of EK-413 graysono
2012-11-13 01:26:14Emirates A380 Pan Pan Pan departing Sydney, Australia dannews
2012-11-08 14:02:56Snowstorm frustrations at JFK Hollis
2012-11-07 00:16:56Election day at KBOS Hollis
2012-11-06 23:05:13Election Day Tower (JFK Tower) kempboeing
2012-11-06 23:05:13Election Day Tower (JFK Tower) kempboeing
2012-11-06 04:21:37Re: Taxiway incursion at Sofia Airport(LBSF/SOF) mik_ny
2012-10-30 00:31:32JFK ATIS during hurricane Sandy Hollis
2012-10-30 00:29:15JFK ATIS during hurricane Sandy Hollis
2012-10-26 04:15:06Blue Angels Fleet Week 2012 Survey Flight San Francisco SQK7700
2012-10-23 15:47:55Re: Fedex B752 near Cincinnati on Oct 18th 2012, engine shut down in flight derekjackson
2012-10-22 00:10:20Re: Volga-dnepr An-124 taking off without clearance - YUL Fryy
2012-10-20 20:34:56AF1 dropping in for a nice friendly debate... InterpreDemon
2012-10-20 16:53:46Taxiway incursion at Sofia Airport(LBSF/SOF) boeing 763
2012-10-19 00:38:38Peter never calls mark dsflyerds
2012-10-18 16:52:46What did he say? offficer45
2012-10-11 23:15:16Jazz Dash-8 wake turbulence encounter Joel T
2012-10-06 03:36:09Re: Midair collision SW of KCHD - Chandler, AZ Fryy
2012-10-05 01:09:51U-2 Over SoCal lajim
2012-10-04 22:20:04Re: Typical SFO ARINC traffic InterpreDemon
2012-10-04 22:20:04Re: Typical SFO ARINC traffic InterpreDemon
2012-10-04 22:20:04Re: Typical SFO ARINC traffic InterpreDemon
2012-10-04 15:56:49Typical SFO ARINC traffic InterpreDemon
2012-10-04 15:56:49Typical SFO ARINC traffic InterpreDemon
2012-10-04 15:56:49Typical SFO ARINC traffic InterpreDemon
2012-10-04 00:45:04Audio choppy. Scanner issue, antenna, or software issue? itismike
2012-10-03 12:18:38AAL443 return to JFK (loose seats) dave
2012-10-03 12:18:38AAL443 return to JFK (loose seats) dave
2012-10-02 11:04:50AAL685 loose seats (diversion to JFK) dave
2012-10-02 00:07:29FDX514 loses engine cowling while landing - KPHL cptbrw
2012-09-30 21:58:42Re: Comair Last Flight InterpreDemon
2012-09-30 02:28:36Comair Last Flight boeing71234567
2012-09-29 15:20:42Coast Guard Helo shuts down engine dan9125
2012-09-27 22:49:32what's this mean? offficer45
2012-09-27 00:55:03TAM8078 Gear problem at KJFK cptbrw
2012-09-26 20:47:06Air Force One Missed Approach at KTOL Toledo, OH 09/26/2012 brain615
2012-09-24 14:16:17Re: WorldWide 12, Smoke in Cockpit (Ann Romney's plane) dave
2012-09-23 06:34:30AA2005 goes around with LH454 "super" on runway at SFO. corn587
2012-09-22 23:56:55"ASTRO 95 Heavy" San Francisco Bay Area ATC audio SQK7700
2012-09-22 15:36:37WorldWide 12, Smoke in Cockpit (Ann Romney's plane) TangoWhiskey
2012-09-20 22:38:29BOS twr misc comms Hollis
2012-09-18 20:20:27Re: JFK Bomb Threat / Cranky Captain TangoWhiskey
2012-09-16 01:18:47Winnipeg Terminal (CYWG) getting no response from RAC YWGTower
2012-09-14 16:40:13EGF2829 Indicator/Engine Emergency at KGRR craig
2012-09-11 07:29:05DL 107 Declares emergency, lands JFK. InterpreDemon
2012-09-10 07:25:26Re: Snobby Australian Qatar Airways Pilot being horrible to Singapore Girl StuSEL
2012-09-05 07:11:00Practice No-Gyro ASR RWY 36 Approach at FNT StuSEL
2012-08-26 20:10:35Seems strange that VFR pilots can just bust in through a MOA if they want to. numbthumbs
2012-08-26 14:32:24Aeronca down at KWHP, Whiteman airport, Pacoima, Ca uplink
2012-08-23 15:56:22Question - Etihad 151 go-around ? wurtzie
2012-08-21 12:52:16low fuel for student pilot keith
2012-08-20 07:51:22LAX tower explains to American pilot new rules uplink
2012-08-20 04:32:06CAL Fire Air Attack (spotter) plane declares smoke in cockpit KSBP cow_boy104
2012-08-19 05:07:40United 96 at EWR - engine out, return to EWR emckirdy
2012-08-15 17:22:26UAL799 missed at EWR Hollis
2012-08-14 03:25:14FLG3285 bursts tire on takeoff, diverts to JFK derekjackson
2012-08-12 07:25:48US Airways 750 - PHL to Brussels, diverts to BOS for smoke in cabin emckirdy
2012-08-10 20:16:59JFK go aound time Hollis
2012-08-09 07:37:43King Air gear issues, KSBP cow_boy104
2012-08-06 20:01:09Hospital helicopter breaks skid, lands on mattresses at KSAT Joel T
2012-08-06 13:57:41Engine Failure Air Canada/Jazz Flight: 8631 July 26. 2012 13:30 AST thoughtfailure
2012-08-05 04:47:43TRS1792 Declares an emergency and returns to IND #2 tomcruse7
2012-08-05 04:46:57TRS1792 Declares an emergency and returns to IND #1 tomcruse7
2012-08-05 03:32:03Ohhh S*** alert!!! on the air boss freq 7/24 during the air show at OSH tomcruse7
2012-08-04 22:37:19let me know this part... offficer45
2012-08-04 09:35:09AFR102 Emergency at Moscow hotdog12
2012-08-04 00:39:53JFK Tower Delter kempboeing
2012-08-02 15:21:03Re: kdca tuesday gillmores
2012-08-01 04:17:08UAL 956 Bomb Scare 7/31/12 mielsonwheals
2012-08-01 00:56:30UA1475 bird strike at DEN derekjackson
2012-07-28 22:19:27Olympic traffic on opening night retro11
2012-07-25 00:06:56US Airways 544 Declares Emergency Lands at Dyess AFB with 6200lbs of fuel. numbthumbs
2012-07-24 03:49:25Spitfire to KOSH Tower: I won't laugh at you jefflcarr
2012-07-18 17:38:41I ought'a get paid extra for this... InterpreDemon
2012-07-17 18:37:43Exchange between Souther Air pilot and LAX Tower about the bright taxiway lights ARMEDnPISSED
2012-07-17 04:06:06JBU657 hit by green laser at JFK derekjackson
2012-07-14 00:56:08Re: Delta bomb threat at JFK? oktalist
2012-07-13 03:23:40Delta bomb threat at JFK? Hollis
2012-07-11 14:12:48Delta A320 Engine Failure 7/10 jefflcarr
2012-07-11 14:12:48Delta A320 Engine Failure 7/10 jefflcarr
2012-07-10 20:24:06Re: Sikorsky pilot can't take "no" for an answer during EWR shutdown emckirdy
2012-07-07 04:51:27California Pacific Airlines SoCal Pilot
2012-07-06 03:00:08Stingsport Light-Sport crash near Lake Piru, Ca uplink
2012-07-05 03:14:11Boston July 4th Fly Over Audio from Boston (KBOS) Tower mk223
2012-07-04 23:48:55Re: "Hey don't bother me no more..." gillmores
2012-07-04 23:48:55Re: "Hey don't bother me no more..." gillmores
2012-06-21 17:54:33Re: LAX Flight check go-around mk223
2012-06-19 03:00:56Jetblue 194 - Hydraulics Issue KLAS mk223
2012-06-15 21:17:31Piper N12FM wants to enter NYC class B, bumped between 4 different controllers oktalist
2012-06-15 12:57:46Re: Can't understand female at JFK Tower derekjackson
2012-06-14 20:54:59If you're unfamiliar with an airport, it's not a good idea to fly there. kcmeyers
2012-06-14 05:47:00KBFL: Comanche makes an emergency landing in onion field g841910b
2012-06-13 20:48:58Busy Day at Nellis AFB Tower recording hotshotmike1001
2012-06-11 20:08:40Pilatus PC-12 crash wurtzie
2012-06-08 04:28:52DAL1386 go-around/close call at KBOS Boston Logan dave
2012-06-08 02:36:51Cessna Cardinal busts Obama TFR, Camarillo, Ca uplink
2012-06-06 20:56:58Eagle 4141 blown nose wheel tire @ ORD (audio) Joel T
2012-06-01 21:19:22Go and Touch at FRG supertriplesss
2012-05-31 16:38:30AAL4069 slides off runway at KORD (5/31/12) dave
2012-05-29 02:45:54Re: Anybody have this - Air Canada 001 CYYZ ~2pm May 28 derekjackson
2012-05-27 18:17:54Unusual call by BOS twr Hollis
2012-05-23 02:09:07Re: PHL Flare incident on landing aircraft RWY 17 cptbrw
2012-05-22 20:01:53Re: PHL Flare incident on landing aircraft RWY 17 texmextrader
2012-05-22 17:03:38Cactus 787 Diverted from CLT to BGR for Security Issue gillmores
2012-05-19 00:46:04Another CAP Intercept During POTUS LA Visit lajim
2012-05-19 00:46:04Another CAP Intercept During POTUS LA Visit lajim
2012-05-17 14:03:02OLT Express A320 near Sofia on May 17th 2012, fire in cabin tooom91
2012-05-16 15:00:51Re: Near miss with unidentifed South of Denver dave
2012-05-16 05:53:12CAP Intercept During POTUS LA Visit lajim
2012-05-14 21:56:38US Airways Cactus 1020 bird strike @ MCO Joel T
2012-05-13 13:48:10Re: LSZH Tower - Lovely Swiss Voice klasseman
2012-05-12 12:00:43AIC121D emergency landing at OTP loplo
2012-05-10 19:52:20LSZH Tower - Lovely Swiss Voice beckerm13
2012-05-10 17:15:55Air Berlin, "Good night, Lady!" keith
2012-05-03 03:18:40Bird strike while landing at ORD rosh325
2012-04-28 12:55:17SWR885X engine failure after take off form OTP loplo
2012-04-28 06:41:57Space shuttle in NY (part#3/3) stingray0
2012-04-28 06:33:02Space shuttle in NY (part#2/3) stingray0
2012-04-28 06:24:02Space shuttle in NY (part#1/3) stingray0
2012-04-27 19:54:43Space shuttle "looky-looky" stingray0
2012-04-27 19:39:49Time for a question? jctorraco
2012-04-27 17:08:24shuttle at JFK comms Joel T
2012-04-27 17:08:24shuttle at JFK comms Joel T
2012-04-27 16:44:43Triple diversion, single pilot IFR keith
2012-04-26 19:01:58KLGA Dog on Runway 4/25/12 dave
2012-04-26 03:27:47Delta 1063 JFK Bird Strike - Composite Recording InterpreDemon
2012-04-26 01:53:56DAL 2019 emergency at JFK 04/22 stingray0
2012-04-25 15:34:26JetBlue 571 Birdstrike @KHPN mk223
2012-04-25 05:19:32UAL 224 emergency at Boston 04/23 stingray0
2012-04-19 21:07:31Delta 1063 bird strike - loss of one engine - return to JFK dave
2012-04-19 20:25:14N48DL Crash in Gulf (KASD to KSRQ) dave
2012-04-18 19:47:59Severe Turbulence on US Airways 496 Near Denver longacre
2012-04-18 05:01:06Re: KFMY 4-16-2012 poor student in cross country!, many mistakes. mik_ny
2012-04-18 05:01:06Re: KFMY 4-16-2012 poor student in cross country!, many mistakes. mik_ny
2012-04-17 14:00:58KFMY 4-16-2012 poor student in cross country!, many mistakes. XA-CMF
2012-04-14 05:14:04Lightning Strike - United 930 San Francisco > London SQK7700
2012-04-14 02:29:09KSFO question graysono
2012-04-11 00:43:02ATC Knows Where Good Hushpuppies Are robertl30
2012-04-10 17:39:48Dave Pascoe w/ Jack Hodgson and Amy Laboda at Sun 'n Fun dave
2012-04-10 02:18:50Re: Anyone got audio of DFW when they were hit by the tornado? bassplayer87
2012-04-10 00:18:32Re: Anyone got audio of DFW when they were hit by the tornado? bassplayer87
2012-04-09 17:51:48Re: Anyone got audio of DFW when they were hit by the tornado? bassplayer87
2012-04-09 16:58:04Re: Anyone got audio of DFW when they were hit by the tornado? bassplayer87
2012-04-06 16:55:04N52828 at FNT: Engine Vibration, Nose Gear Collapse StuSEL
2012-04-06 04:06:49Engine Fire and Emergency Landing at CYYJ bcradio
2012-04-05 01:31:42Re: Expressjet hits lighting at KDEN, anyone got it? mielsonwheals
2012-04-05 00:56:34Re: Expressjet hits lighting at KDEN, anyone got it? mielsonwheals
2012-04-02 03:57:22us airways aborted takeoff engine fire at kbur (cactus 271) fordman100
2012-04-02 02:29:02"where in God's name are you going?" keith
2012-03-27 23:25:18Re: Jet Blue 191 Radio Traffic dave
2012-03-27 16:58:54Netjets NJE145T CS-DXU Farnborough-Stockholm planefan
2012-03-25 07:06:17(KTUL) 737 Wants to fly skydivers cbkyro
2012-03-15 22:48:36Jet One Express @ TJSJ, engine fire and resulting crash Joel T
2012-03-15 18:24:14Fake "best of ATC" commercial shadd
2012-03-14 14:36:49"Probably should have another physical" Sixpack
2012-03-12 20:27:01Jet Blue diverted to Buffalo NY for bomb scare Joel T
2012-03-09 00:45:06Re: Gear up at KSDL 3/8 Joel T
2012-03-01 20:37:45Re: unknown vehicle on runway at PHL Joel T
2012-03-01 20:16:36unknown vehicle on runway at PHL Joel T
2012-03-01 17:32:55Air Force One arrival Manchester, NH dave
2012-03-01 04:36:35Re: Audio quality and antenna suggestions itismike
2012-03-01 03:08:47Re: SR22 Crash at MLB dave
2012-02-28 23:46:16Re: BA226 Diverted Feb 24th to JFK derekjackson
2012-02-28 12:56:19Re: KPHL-baggage cart blown near the runway Joel T
2012-02-28 12:47:49KPHL-baggage cart blown near the runway Joel T
2012-02-28 01:32:05Re: TCF5124 Emergency Landing EWR No Nose Gear derekjackson
2012-02-28 01:30:39TCF5124 Emergency Landing EWR No Nose Gear derekjackson
2012-02-25 23:58:01Tug Fire at A-East KPHL PHXCONXrunner
2012-02-25 22:13:48"Calling Newark tower speaking...French?" isler
2012-02-25 17:57:49Re: 'MOM' on Board Scare ? - Give me a break derekjackson
2012-02-24 17:30:58Ducks tracking the 27L localizer at KORD neillaferty
2012-02-20 03:09:11(Me-N721CT) In position, clears wrong aircraft for takeoff, then another to land cbkyro
2012-02-19 18:06:41FDX1807 does not want to go swimming silagi
2012-02-16 14:26:21Not on TCAS Mirlady
2012-02-15 19:21:38Incident: CSA AT42 near Prague on Feb 15th 2012, captain incapacitated and died dave
2012-02-14 23:28:22CRJ200 has two flapless landings hours apart derekjackson
2012-02-13 04:09:20KOXC The Old Volume Down Routine Mrbun
2012-02-12 05:02:51Ciao! kumara6
2012-02-09 21:07:41AAL 837 engine fire indication Joel T
2012-02-09 04:10:42(a little humor) Watch out for that... paineta
2012-02-04 22:32:47Re: We're not the cops...Tower not helping guy outside aircraft threatening pilot KiloYankee
2012-02-03 21:09:18KBOI fatal crash, N321LC (Micron CEO, Steve Appleton) VampyreGTX
2012-02-03 00:28:44KBOS AAL2410 fuel emergency medflight5
2012-01-24 19:43:46Inadvertant IFR - Possible Class B Violation - Call this number... flperez3
2012-01-23 00:00:08FLG4292 at KJFK 01/21/12 Smoke in Cockpit cptbrw
2012-01-17 19:29:09Snow time at KBOS Hollis
2012-01-10 14:37:32Runway Incursion @ MDW, ATC error derekjackson
2012-01-04 21:35:28MAH834 refused approach at Sofia,diverted to Budapest boeing 763
2012-01-02 15:09:57Windy day at KROC Hollis
2011-12-31 18:33:11N997TB Emergency near KTVC maiznblu_757
2011-12-30 19:32:42Re: BA 777 Birdstrike at YYZ Ychocky
2011-12-30 13:01:11Re: hand held scanner...which one? Joel T
2011-12-29 21:09:27"Air Shuttle 3785" declares emergency, returns to KBTV neillaferty
2011-12-27 23:49:38I need to subtitle for this ATC help... offficer45
2011-12-25 18:51:05Christmas with Boston John Hollis
2011-12-22 22:32:36Words you don't want to hear: "You are inside Boston class Bravo airspace." srhall
2011-12-22 19:29:12Re: Air Tran Emergency Landing at KLEX Joel T
2011-12-20 21:57:41Re: TBM-700 N731CA crash outside of MMU medflight5
2011-12-20 19:32:28TBM-700 N731CA crash outside of MMU medflight5
2011-12-17 21:23:52Re: JFK humor as usual Joel T
2011-12-17 21:03:39JFK humor as usual Joel T
2011-12-15 19:43:00Cirrus 7850P crash @ KSDL Joel T
2011-12-15 18:08:11Cirrus goes down at KSDL FrequencyChange
2011-12-06 14:30:55plenty of time to sleep eh? frontbutt49
2011-12-05 20:34:02extra crispy or boneless chicken? Joel T
2011-12-03 01:22:41Long Beach, CA (KLGB) tower and helos, warning:harsh language uplink
2011-12-03 01:05:36JFK Tower gives free wind checks thesirius728
2011-12-02 01:37:15bankrupt American + retiring controller? Joel T
2011-11-30 22:50:58End of an Era - CO86 lands at EWR derekjackson
2011-11-30 01:05:42Morristown tower can't see you behind the hill to the west? unicycletrumpet
2011-11-29 20:07:32Chicago - KPWK - Piper Navajo Crash - 28 Nov - Lifeguard Flight 773 beckerm13
2011-11-29 16:52:40Re: ATC lingo question from neophyte itismike
2011-11-29 05:36:33N223CD SR-20 Crash Chicago 11/26/2011 audio Wolfala
2011-11-28 06:44:49MES2415 Blows a Tire at MKE StuSEL
2011-11-22 23:04:14EGF4125 Runway Incursion at YYZ derekjackson
2011-11-21 12:31:47Re: Our Plane Thinks We're Stupid JFK Joel T
2011-11-20 21:21:00PR103 Aborted Takeoff @ LAX Nov. 17 PRFlyer
2011-11-19 22:41:23USAF - Unknown aircraft 200 east ACY Mode 3/A Wolfala
2011-11-19 22:41:23USAF - Unknown aircraft 200 east ACY Mode 3/A Wolfala
2011-11-18 22:21:32ATC GS determination question beechsundowner
2011-11-18 14:25:49BWI bird strike with an oops Hollis
2011-11-17 19:04:27DAL6132 cockpit/bathroom incident (LGA) dave
2011-11-17 15:11:00Re: FNT Avantair Emergency gillmores
2011-11-15 02:33:14Cirrus SR-22 down in Everglades cranford84
2011-11-14 03:39:33SouthWest Pilot Has A Great way To Slow Down! KLAX 11-13-11 speedotann
2011-11-12 22:30:24KBVY -- YEEHAWWW Short Approach my f*****g favorite bvyma
2011-10-30 21:36:12Jet Blue 504 stranded on tarmac for over 7 hours derekjackson
2011-10-29 11:36:09Re: Qantas grounds all flights flyflyfly
2011-10-28 01:42:29Northern Thunderbird Beechcraft Crash near YVR derekjackson
2011-10-27 20:55:23"lets go Rangers!" Joel T
2011-10-24 22:37:13Re: Crash at KADS Today derekjackson
2011-10-24 22:30:30Re: Crash at KADS Today flyflyfly
2011-10-23 11:14:54YPAD - Approach assisting pilot in restricted airspace robs2107
2011-10-22 14:36:41Re: Interesting DEN approach last night wurtzie
2011-10-17 03:14:02Blue Angels at Fleet Week San Francisco (cancelled show) SQK7700
2011-10-14 05:05:06BE35 icing emergency with SoCal socal_crz
2011-10-14 04:21:43Canadian Snowbirds at Fleet Week San Francisco (short clip) SQK7700
2011-10-10 19:07:48Tight traffic at KBOS Hollis
2011-10-04 00:46:43Controller asking pilot for low pass - people watching first time A380 landing komplik
2011-10-01 19:37:08This is JFK, right? stingray0
2011-09-28 01:47:38AA1077 @ SFO, Frustration at Double Go Around derekjackson
2011-09-28 01:14:32Delta 31 medical emergancy Joel T
2011-09-27 17:31:36Minor miscues at KBOS today Hollis
2011-09-27 11:27:02Re: "Isn't looking good for us" go around for a 736 derekjackson
2011-09-26 09:06:53strange...PIREP for birthday calls? uplink
2011-09-25 19:57:10Alaska 881 Oakland to Kahului - Struck flock of geese on takeoff. SQK7700
2011-09-25 19:57:10Alaska 881 Oakland to Kahului - Struck flock of geese on takeoff. SQK7700
2011-09-21 23:48:54JZA7928 Hydraulic Issue @ YYZ & Stuck Mic derekjackson
2011-09-19 22:19:31JFK count your blessings Joel T
2011-09-19 21:06:17Bomb threat at KOAK - Alaska 342 Hollis
2011-09-17 06:20:06Re: P-51 Mustang Crashes Into Grand Stand At Reno Air Show FebruaryXVI
2011-09-16 20:03:02LA Coliseum Flyover (Trojan One) lajim
2011-09-13 15:02:11Square Dancing Champion on board StrongDreams
2011-09-13 06:12:40Re: DTW/JFK Flights w/ F16 Shadows...Any Audio? stingray0
2011-09-12 15:15:52This guy's not too happy... wurtzie
2011-09-09 23:57:04KJFK partial comm issues??? Joel T
2011-09-07 19:51:02Re: HAL 8002 Declaring an emergency Fryy
2011-09-07 14:54:14Continental 1618 emergency stingray0
2011-09-07 03:59:31HAL 8002 Declaring an emergency silagi
2011-09-06 21:53:20Confusion at LROP Tower Gigikent4
2011-09-05 16:39:51Spirit Airlines Bomb Hoax @ LAS derekjackson
2011-08-31 20:49:24So.....have a nice day, eh ? wurtzie
2011-08-23 22:15:13Re: East Coast Quake KiloYankee
2011-08-23 22:15:13Re: East Coast Quake KiloYankee
2011-08-22 04:36:04BOS tower runway incursion medflight5
2011-08-22 04:36:04BOS tower runway incursion medflight5
2011-08-16 10:45:07Re: JFK controller's daughter and granddaughter onboard Joel T
2011-08-14 19:32:10heathrow director retro11
2011-08-13 13:38:46American 1080 emergancy landing Joel T
2011-08-13 13:38:46American 1080 emergancy landing Joel T
2011-08-13 03:00:19Re: Another crash landing Mcallen, TX(KMFE) Cessna Navajo XB mexico texmextrader
2011-08-13 02:57:55Another crash landing Mcallen, TX(KMFE) Cessna Navajo XB mexico texmextrader
2011-08-13 02:57:55Another crash landing Mcallen, TX(KMFE) Cessna Navajo XB mexico texmextrader
2011-08-11 15:51:49Cessna 206 Crash Landing Mcallen, TX (KMFE) texmextrader
2011-08-11 11:23:09ZU-TAF near Réunion dave
2011-08-10 23:30:51Burgas Approach speaks very interesting boeing 763
2011-08-09 16:29:55JFK controller's daughter and granddaughter onboard Joel T
2011-08-09 07:10:41Coyote Traffic MYF KiloYankee
2011-08-05 21:05:54AAL41 Tire Fire - KORD frumpy16
2011-08-05 14:21:10Taxiway Excursion @ YYZ derekjackson
2011-08-04 23:43:53Annoyed atc at LROP Tower Gigikent4
2011-08-03 16:24:02"It's morning somewhere..." wurtzie
2011-08-01 23:25:25JFK Joker retiring? stingray0
2011-08-01 03:58:24N345JM Crash at Aurora, IL derekjackson
2011-07-31 02:24:28Oshkosh Air Boss - Sean Tucker and Thunderstorm pweeden
2011-07-30 05:15:12AAL107 Hydraulics Failure on Short Final to JFK aevins
2011-07-29 02:56:27F-16 Runway Overrun at Oshkosh pweeden
2011-07-26 21:28:06Re: KJFK birds on runway??? Joel T
2011-07-26 20:08:53Re: Warrior Runs out of Fuel KRIC gillmores
2011-07-26 18:00:11Warrior Runs out of Fuel KRIC Eng/Pilot
2011-07-26 15:45:01"That was tight..." wurtzie
2011-07-26 03:50:53American 1193 Emergency Vibrations/Fumes/Bird Strike at KMEM bugalou
2011-07-26 01:13:03KJFK birds on runway??? Joel T
2011-07-25 11:55:17Re: AA 777 Engine Fire cptbrw
2011-07-24 01:56:04Re: KEWR - DAL56 emergency? derekjackson
2011-07-19 19:45:38USCG Rescue KSFO DingerX
2011-07-18 13:36:56Re: EINN Shannon Aer Arrann (Aer Lingus Regional EI-3601) Nosewheel Collapse derekjackson
2011-07-17 07:41:37jetblue 405 (kbur->klgb) wayne530
2011-07-16 16:30:23Re: Boston Airliner Collision derekjackson
2011-07-15 01:57:35Boston Airliner Collision mk223
2011-07-15 01:57:35Boston Airliner Collision mk223
2011-07-12 21:38:18EGPD recording "aberdeen offshore" retro11
2011-07-12 17:46:57Runway incursion - LROP 11 July 2011 loplo
2011-07-10 17:56:20thunderbirds over the uk retro11
2011-07-09 16:54:14A question on Ozone? SQK7700
2011-07-07 03:08:25Re: Signature Phrases? derekjackson
2011-07-05 15:52:4295kt Loss on Final and a pile of wrecked airplanes gillmores
2011-07-04 06:11:17Re: Southwest jet lands safely after engine failure rekno13
2011-07-03 15:40:33Southwest jet lands safely after engine failure wurtzie
2011-06-29 05:41:20Socal Tracon complete RADAR/partial Radio failure Unbeliever
2011-06-29 05:41:20Socal Tracon complete RADAR/partial Radio failure Unbeliever
2011-06-29 00:47:27SWA3773 missed approach X2 at KPHL cptbrw
2011-06-27 22:28:59Turtles take over JFK Airport dannews
2011-06-27 04:03:22Molester at ORD medada
2011-06-25 06:52:41Engine out and fire at KEMT Unbeliever
2011-06-24 05:38:50Tower fire @ KDAL dsboice
2011-06-23 21:36:55Re: Germanwings A319 near LSZB, loss of separation Ruputer
2011-06-23 21:06:12Germanwings A319 near LSZB, loss of separation Ruputer
2011-06-23 20:03:46Malaysian B744 at EHAM, engine problem Ruputer
2011-06-22 21:51:34Re: Cancelled take off Clearance - JFK derekjackson
2011-06-22 05:53:11Possible Nosewheel Problem VK3AWA
2011-06-21 14:36:44Re: Cancelled take off Clearance - JFK (GND audio) stingray0
2011-06-21 14:22:18Re: Cancelled take off Clearance - JFK (TWR audio) stingray0
2011-06-20 23:58:33C-FSUV Engine Failure and Forced Landing bcradio
2011-06-20 23:52:50Re: Cancelled take off Clearance - JFK squircle
2011-06-20 02:05:51Re: Drew Laughing. Beaver Tower silagi
2011-06-19 13:56:20N210KW, C210 Crash @ KHPN, Four Dead jjcee
2011-06-16 17:40:42Re: The Cup Comes Home! mk223
2011-06-16 14:44:42Re: The Cup Comes Home! dave
2011-06-16 14:01:44The Cup Comes Home! johnbclark
2011-06-13 23:13:04Re: Vintage B-17 crashes west of Chicago wurtzie
2011-06-13 17:28:44B-17 Forced Landing, Aurora Tower derekjackson
2011-06-11 17:01:58UAL479, SFO Emergency Landing derekjackson
2011-06-10 18:58:47KSAT Airport Intrusion toeknee25
2011-06-10 14:38:38KCOS 50 or 60 Touch and Go's paulqualls
2011-06-08 15:40:0425-MAY-2011 FAKE ATC IN ACTION (LTBA-ISTANBUL) TA1FL
2011-06-08 01:36:04DAL30 @ KJFK: Aborted Takeoff / Flat Tire squircle
2011-06-06 21:36:05Fun Times at PHL Ground derekjackson
2011-06-05 19:03:51Drew Laughing. Beaver Tower tomlowry91
2011-06-02 21:48:54red arrows retro11
2011-05-26 01:49:25Two American F-15 Eagles Land @ CYYT; One Emergency With Hydraulic Issue kylepetten
2011-05-25 20:51:05airforce one departure dublin retro11
2011-05-23 19:48:40Re: Air Force One "Missed" Approach cranford84
2011-05-23 18:46:05LOF9503 @ GSO, Medical Emergency derekjackson
2011-05-23 15:50:44Re: AWE2039 vs. DCA tower Regalswan
2011-05-23 00:07:29Vancouver Canucks @ San Jose Ground derekjackson
2011-05-22 13:32:35"Just shooting missed approaches tonight?" Wolfala
2011-05-19 01:15:09JBU180 @ KJFK - Lightning Strike cptbrw
2011-05-17 17:30:29Mooney, minimum fuel into Teterboro keith
2011-05-16 22:32:45Cathay Pacific emergency landing at Singapore's Changi Airport dannews
2011-05-16 16:46:29CMB438 emergency landing @LROP loplo
2011-05-16 00:14:26Continental 85 Cargo Fire Indication EWR Shutdown. mk223
2011-05-14 00:38:39EVAS Air 7620 ... Going to Iqaluit? kylepetten
2011-05-12 15:08:20Thanks.....but no thanks wurtzie
2011-05-11 17:02:08Re: Tapescripts maruse
2011-05-11 16:59:56Tapescripts maruse
2011-05-10 04:41:31AA 1561 ORD to SFO - man tries to enter cockpit wurtzie
2011-05-08 07:07:43QANTAS last flight KSFO - YSSY graysono
2011-05-03 18:22:37AAL47 - Emergency Landing CYQM 050311 djchopperd
2011-05-03 16:16:05JFK Tower cautions American B-757 for wake turbulence from Cherokee shtank
2011-05-03 03:47:15Helicopter photoshoot ticks off LAX Tower controller ARMEDnPISSED
2011-04-28 14:32:29KVNY/LAPD Helo shooting. "Emergency landing...we just took a round" uplink
2011-04-28 02:33:49Thunderstorm tango at KROC StrongDreams
2011-04-28 01:51:24DAL2158 w/smoke odor at KPHL cptbrw
2011-04-26 23:01:49Thomson 033: KSFB Bird Strike & Landing jonnolongo
2011-04-25 03:51:41Nature call at JFK Hollis
2011-04-21 20:31:16Re: AA 1962 KPHX-KDFW 4/21 12:45 LCL dave
2011-04-20 02:21:27AA 1705....Too much gas silagi
2011-04-16 23:25:00Navy Vessel - Red Deck and FOD Inspection lajim
2011-04-15 00:42:35SWA1918 Gear Problem at KPVD cptbrw
2011-04-14 03:35:54Re: RNO tower sleeping on the job? dave
2011-04-14 03:35:54Re: RNO tower sleeping on the job? dave
2011-04-14 00:25:33RNO tower sleeping on the job? silagi
2011-04-13 18:55:51Re: Plane flipped by wind event at KCOS 4/3/2011 michaeltovar
2011-04-13 15:43:37Re: Hello Albuquerque.......make that Chicago wurtzie
2011-04-13 15:33:58Hello Albuquerque.......make that Chicago wurtzie
2011-04-13 14:33:45Plane flipped by wind event at KCOS 4/3/2011 paulqualls
2011-04-12 21:55:20hannover arrival retro11
2011-04-12 01:53:37AFR 7 Super vs. Comair 553 at KJFK cptbrw
2011-04-07 14:49:50Re: Air Force One Lands At JFK - April 6th, around 4:50PM ET jrob1390
2011-04-06 21:31:10Air Force One Lands At JFK - April 6th, around 4:50PM ET jrob1390
2011-04-05 00:26:18Piper N132ND Beach Landing near JFK isler
2011-04-04 18:01:21NORCAL offering to hook a brother up landis
2011-04-04 15:45:00UAL 497 MSY-SFO emergency landing at MSY Palal
2011-04-04 14:39:42Emergency landing at KMSY, smoke in cockpit K5PAT
2011-04-01 04:18:53Dodger Stadium B-2 Flyover lajim
2011-04-01 04:13:13Jet Logistics 569 crash at Greensboro, NC poitras
2011-03-31 22:56:10Sun n Fun airshow wx damage report Hollis
2011-03-30 13:34:59Re: SFO Tower vs. UAL479 DingerX
2011-03-29 22:57:59Phillies arrive at KPHL cptbrw
2011-03-23 23:33:29DCA Unmanned tower mk223
2011-03-16 18:26:32Fatal departure crash at KLGB 3/16/2011 - last comms (IFR release/takeoff) dave
2011-03-07 10:50:59Dutch 'Lybia' Lynx NRN277 erikz
2011-03-04 20:16:30Re: SFO Tower vs. UAL479 Fryy
2011-03-04 19:35:01SFO Tower vs. UAL479 sfpho
2011-03-01 02:09:34De-icing and "You forgot your people?!?" KBUR kcmeyers
2011-02-25 02:21:48Dave's Interviewed at NYTTT fray
2011-02-24 02:25:58Speedair 928 -- Stuck Mic -- Controller Not Happy kylepetten
2011-02-19 19:00:08Air France 636 Lands at CYYT-St. John's Because of a Medical Emergency kylepetten
2011-02-14 00:10:17Jfk humour as usual turi76
2011-02-07 22:06:51Laughing with KBDR tower Wolfala
2011-02-07 00:17:43American 91 asks Gander ACC for direct to KGRR so he can watch Super Bowl kylepetten
2011-02-06 00:31:24KSAT turns into an ice rink toeknee25
2011-02-05 09:00:05Beans + Flying + Radio = Embarassment Perriwen
2011-02-04 02:06:49No rest in San Luis Obispo jschou
2011-02-03 21:49:50KSBP Engine Failure Fryy
2011-02-02 23:36:29Re: UAL9790 at snowy KORD, "we're just glad to be away from the ground" jschou
2011-02-02 17:56:00UAL9790 at snowy KORD, "we're just glad to be away from the ground" jschou
2011-02-02 17:56:00UAL9790 at snowy KORD, "we're just glad to be away from the ground" jschou
2011-02-01 23:00:15American 1825 Stuck In Chicago... joeyb747
2011-02-01 04:27:46Re: BA-292 and BA-9608 Fryy
2011-02-01 03:17:18Re: BA-292 and BA-9608 Fryy
2011-01-28 01:30:12Jazz 7811 Venting Fuel On Takeoff At CYYZ 01/14/11 joeyb747
2011-01-26 18:08:39Southwest 450 SFO-MDW Emergency Landing at OAK 650ChicagoBearsFan
2011-01-24 07:16:57ATIS Adana Şakirpaşa Airport, Turkey: LTBA/ADA CVG
2011-01-17 20:49:32KEWR - NY Jets Championship Approach joebolton
2011-01-17 02:10:56KBOS water tornados? Hollis
2011-01-13 20:11:56CYYT -- St. John's, NL -- You Need To Move Your Airplane kylepetten
2011-01-12 05:06:11Helicopter N55TV Boston Commons precautionary landing
2011-01-09 00:38:13"After MARCS cleared direct ALAMO.." toeknee25
2011-01-09 00:20:55AAL2536 Lost Engine MCO cptbrw
2011-01-07 04:59:45Re: "they give boners not bonuses" KBOS jrd929
2011-01-06 01:05:47AAL180 Gear issue at KJFK cptbrw
2011-01-03 23:49:46Re: Lufthansa stuck while JFK Ground wants AF6 in Paris raol
2011-01-03 23:24:24Re: Lufthansa 410 at JFK, not happy! raol
2010-12-31 10:36:29How long is too long? graysono
2010-12-29 22:01:47escape from new york retro11
2010-12-29 18:16:52Re: Lufthansa stuck while JFK Ground wants AF6 in Paris Lrusso
2010-12-29 15:09:42Afriqiyah A320 , In Flight Engine Shutdown the_scorpion
2010-12-29 12:04:34Lufthansa 410 at JFK, not happy! mrhahn
2010-12-29 07:00:42Re: TWA 800, per request Reptyle
2010-12-29 06:37:48Lufthansa stuck while JFK Ground wants AF6 in Paris Lrusso
2010-12-29 03:11:43KOSU- Aero Commander 500 Engine Failure Crash all4golf
2010-12-28 21:37:22YYZ - WS492 Aborted takeoff, hot brakes kahuna
2010-12-28 12:51:18KSYR - UA 8084 Icing Emergency, Cancelled kahuna
2010-12-27 17:32:57United 15 birds and snow retro11
2010-12-26 07:34:16Southwest 1226 Emergency divert to Oakland SQK7700
2010-12-25 19:36:37Christmas Eve, Bonanza off RWY @ SYR UNDATCer
2010-12-25 19:11:09Jet Blue 1797 Audio captkel
2010-12-25 19:11:09Jet Blue 1797 Audio captkel
2010-12-22 22:07:01Re: Heathrow Approach - Handling the snow closure retro11
2010-12-22 02:44:38KJFK - Confusion and Reason cptbrw
2010-12-20 00:22:15ASQ7097 at KJFK - Gear Problem cptbrw
2010-12-18 20:36:01Heathrow Approach - Handling the snow closure mrhahn
2010-12-16 21:22:45My first tower comms Fryy
2010-12-07 16:44:14Boston Ground/JBU1264 Save (Nov 24, 2010) dave
2010-12-03 20:41:45FlightCheck Jet 76 at KBUF NDG
2010-12-03 20:41:45FlightCheck Jet 76 at KBUF NDG
2010-12-02 19:11:48DHL188 engine out - KBOS Hollis
2010-11-30 16:00:58KRSW Sun Country 382 Lost Comm and accidental Squawk 7500 (Hijack) Doddjeff
2010-11-24 17:14:45Cracked windshield event at KPIT Hollis
2010-11-23 21:06:43Windscreen shatters dan9125
2010-11-23 03:05:10Kite traffic at JFK Hollis
2010-11-23 02:00:43KSEA Overrun mikew188
2010-11-22 02:01:58Delta 30 Heavy emergency KJFK graysono
2010-11-21 16:36:58delta 196 engine failure retro11
2010-11-21 13:23:09LN3591P makes gear-up landing at PHL cptbrw
2010-11-16 11:46:55"N82FR resume own nav"..."your kidding me right?" uplink
2010-11-16 07:11:12Qantas 17 returns to SYDNEY graysono
2010-11-12 02:08:20AWE739 at KPHL Bird Strike cptbrw
2010-11-07 21:58:01Soloed today robertl30
2010-10-31 06:37:44AA 1640 (American 1640) Miami Center Audio captkel
2010-10-31 01:39:41Re: Cessna 340A N68718 crash bsmith19
2010-10-30 09:30:37AAL 1640 graysono
2010-10-30 06:27:13KJFK Position Line Up Hold Wait! graysono
2010-10-30 06:25:05Emirates 201 @ KJFK suspicious packages graysono
2010-10-30 06:25:05Emirates 201 @ KJFK suspicious packages graysono
2010-10-30 06:25:05Emirates 201 @ KJFK suspicious packages graysono
2010-10-28 01:09:09Twice times twice at KSLC Hollis
2010-10-27 20:42:07Cessna 340A N68718 crash wazzu90
2010-10-26 12:08:21DAL8891 or AAL1209 KPHL 10-22-10 cptbrw
2010-10-23 19:22:25Air Force 1 into LAX Yesterday lajim
2010-10-20 14:47:11Air Canada A320 Has Hydraulic Failure At CYYC joeyb747
2010-10-20 00:20:04US Airways A319 Diverts to KSEA With #1 Engine Shut Down joeyb747
2010-10-19 09:47:04Runway incursion causes collision at KCLT Hollis
2010-10-19 02:03:14San Francisco, CA - Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Audio Part 2 of 2 SQK7700
2010-10-19 01:40:04San Francisco, CA - Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Audio Part 1 of 2 SQK7700
2010-10-19 01:06:10San Francisco, CA - Fat Albert exits show area Blue Angels arrival checks SQK7700
2010-10-19 00:11:40SKW3044 stuck mic at KMKE N243NW
2010-10-18 19:05:10Fatal crash at KFRG Hollis
2010-10-18 01:13:46San Francisco, CA - Blue Angels ground - taxi - takeoff SQK7700
2010-10-17 23:42:47San Francisco, CA - Fat Albert Blue Angel 09 Audio SQK7700
2010-10-15 16:39:06KPWM - Cessna does a touch and go without clearance 10/13 cwhitten
2010-10-15 04:17:30San Francisco, CA - Blue Angels Survey Flight Audio SQK7700
2010-10-13 08:15:39Last communication from old KLGA Tower (USA1632) dave
2010-10-01 18:57:23AAL1057-KRNO Fryy
2010-09-30 22:10:25Old Habbits Die Hard neondesert
2010-09-30 18:24:55Line up and Wait at KLAX 9/30/10 speedotann
2010-09-30 06:46:10Re: TWA 800, per request aa7ya
2010-09-30 00:00:59UPS 2954 Flight Control Issues silagi
2010-09-29 16:33:16Another 2-gear landing Hollis
2010-09-28 18:30:18a bit old but i havent seen it here magicgreg
2010-09-27 05:58:54Re: Delta 4951 (Acey 4951) Incident (9/25/2010) CFD208
2010-09-26 23:30:15Delta 4951 (Acey 4951) Incident (9/25/2010) dave
2010-09-25 02:44:54Re: MSP near miss cptbrw
2010-09-24 20:54:45Re: 767 almost lands on wrong runway at JFK Sunday 9/19 Fryy
2010-09-22 22:58:56ny centre in a tizzie retro11
2010-09-21 18:21:17Piper Saratoga lands on I-85 near KPDK, Sep 20 railpass
2010-09-21 04:31:16Re: 767 almost lands on wrong runway at JFK Sunday 9/19 Hollis
2010-09-20 06:24:53Air Mexico Emergency at KLAS neondesert
2010-09-18 19:05:20dutch QRA retro11
2010-09-15 20:19:13Air Force 1 at KPHL cptbrw
2010-09-15 19:55:30Unknown vehicle on runway in Winnipeg skyjock81
2010-09-12 19:07:08good slap retro11
2010-09-12 01:08:21KSFO controllers & pilots witness explosion & fire in San Bruno, Calif.
2010-09-11 02:38:50No delays are allowed in Kennedy fpx2gwak
2010-09-05 07:00:16Area 51 ATC from October 2009 pdgls
2010-09-04 23:18:39Hydrogen explosion at KROC on 8/26/2010 @ 1650Z edwardb
2010-09-02 20:50:50Airplane Accident near KSQL San Carlos, CA Sept 2, 2010 dave
2010-09-02 05:19:25787 visits ONT low approach teaser! N400PW
2010-09-02 05:19:25787 visits ONT low approach teaser! N400PW
2010-09-01 00:38:48Re: Qantas 747 engine explodes (or some other small problem) SQK7700
2010-08-31 15:13:58Qantas 747 engine explodes (or some other small problem) emckirdy
2010-08-29 23:27:12Making the best of it at JFK cptbrw
2010-08-27 19:46:37kbaf arrivals retro11
2010-08-27 19:39:25demon 41 flt retro11
2010-08-27 19:34:17thunderbirds are up retro11
2010-08-27 11:02:07Another short clip from Shannon ... timmy
2010-08-26 03:55:48Navy Carrier Air Traffic Control lajim
2010-08-24 20:54:22fluctuating gearbox oil pressure dan9125
2010-08-22 09:32:17"Unidentified Air Contact ...You May Be Subject To Coalition Defensive Measures" lajim
2010-08-20 12:13:20Old control tower recording Polar tiger
2010-08-20 00:01:16AAL24 at SFO - Security Threat cptbrw
2010-08-19 22:16:02speedbird are you trying to pull a fast one retro11
2010-08-19 20:56:55Police chase on Love Field tower recording rationaljeff
2010-08-19 19:05:19Re: 2 Emergencies at KAUS in 2 Weeks beachdarryl0202
2010-08-18 21:58:55N4325W gear up landing in KASH heliUD
2010-08-18 16:20:58SKW6467 gear appears to be up N400PW
2010-08-18 16:20:58SKW6467 gear appears to be up N400PW
2010-08-17 20:46:48Air Refueling Coordination Fryy
2010-08-17 18:02:32Military exercises over Lincolnshire/Northsea UK this afternoon. sunburn
2010-08-16 12:31:40Not on this frequency! graysono
2010-08-16 04:27:08Oshkosh "Collision" on Fisk Arrival pweeden
2010-08-15 07:51:05Shannon Controller and "Speedbird" pilot - little morning chat in good temper timmy
2010-08-11 22:07:572 Emergencies at KAUS in 2 Weeks beachdarryl0202
2010-08-10 04:05:36SFO Tower "DO NOT BACK UP! TRAFFIC DEPARTING THE RUNWAY!" silagi
2010-08-10 01:18:17Air France Concorde is back at JFK (2001) heliUD
2010-08-08 01:21:50Audio comparison of using a filter to improve reception. SQK7700
2010-08-07 05:18:26AWE1651 at PHL blows tire on takeoff cptbrw
2010-08-06 06:45:51Prankster on ATC Frequency beachdarryl0202
2010-08-05 04:26:48Re: Help Setting Up a Feed SQK7700
2010-08-05 04:26:48Re: Help Setting Up a Feed SQK7700
2010-08-03 07:32:11N444YP - 1 Fatal + 4 Injured KMYF San Diego Crash 8/2/10 blueskyy
2010-08-03 06:49:45Crash of Velocity XL-RG5 at KMYF-Montgomery Field, San Diego CA into golf course Duffy
2010-07-30 04:44:00Re: Transmission of Possible Terrorist at KDCA Fryy
2010-07-28 02:44:14KOSH ATC Audio of N6JR Incident pilotmike
2010-07-28 02:44:14KOSH ATC Audio of N6JR Incident pilotmike
2010-07-28 02:44:14KOSH ATC Audio of N6JR Incident pilotmike
2010-07-27 23:12:29AA 622 smoke captkel
2010-07-25 23:28:05Harrison Ford Landing Oshkosh psupilot
2010-07-25 02:24:19Position And Hold Vs Line Up And Wait joeyb747
2010-07-24 23:49:55SOUTHWEST HOT MIC and GOAT ROPING... MAD Controller KLAX 7/24/10 speedotann
2010-07-24 18:57:15Green laser shined to Cockpit of Adria Flight - recorded conversation petervee
2010-07-22 22:49:20Continental 1162 have no fear, cross 22R, good luck. rysium
2010-07-20 17:54:23Re: LOT Polish Brake fire at ORD? VampyreGTX
2010-07-18 19:40:53SWA Charter Takeoff CLT 23 (rare) adscram14
2010-07-18 04:38:05Lufthansa Cargo 8250 (MD11) Go Around, Mexicana 902 on Runway KLAX 7/17/10 speedotann
2010-07-17 21:22:03KPWM crash 7/17 cwhitten
2010-07-16 04:50:15United Maintenance - Captain's window needs repair and cellophane tape? SQK7700
2010-07-15 02:44:13Need lav service...but there's a catch SQK7700
2010-07-10 07:02:36Justin Bieber Interference Fryy
2010-07-09 19:27:01"Air Force got a minute?" silagi
2010-07-05 21:32:21Re: jfk gnd: the joker is gettin mad Hollis
2010-07-04 11:21:13Brand new 31L at JFK? Or maybe not... flyflyfly
2010-07-03 01:39:04Flight of 2 F-18's into Boeing Field svoynick
2010-06-23 15:46:51UAL 56 vs ATC @ SFO last night silagi
2010-06-23 12:35:42Quebec-CYQB Aeropro 201 crash-CYQB TOWER m4t
2010-06-23 01:17:19Re: "Mystery Tone" often heard over the air communications? SQK7700
2010-06-21 03:03:05Working at busy JFK on Father's Day Hollis
2010-06-20 23:14:15jfk gnd: the joker is gettin mad turi76
2010-06-20 01:38:29KJFK balloons on runway graysono
2010-06-20 00:28:17Delta 5684 turbulence diversion daryldoss
2010-06-19 03:42:47USS Forrestal near KPHL cptbrw
2010-06-18 23:50:57Re: Funny thing heard on ORD departure joeyb747
2010-06-18 02:40:01Lakers score? graysono
2010-06-17 05:22:05"Mystery Tone" often heard over the air communications? SQK7700
2010-06-16 23:25:56JFK Tower 162028Z - 2030Z (callsign muttered)101/H Move the damn airplane! cbkyro
2010-06-16 12:00:07Alitalia 615 lost engine (KBOS) June-14-2010 dave
2010-06-15 06:16:32Air Canada 698 @ CYYT graysono
2010-06-15 06:15:47Bankstown, Sydney. Aircraft Collision. 30 mins cut down to 10 mins sssoaring
2010-06-13 12:52:32Melbourne (Australia) ATC - NASA DC-8/NZ 194 Polar tiger
2010-06-12 03:51:54Dual landing clearance for two aircraft at LAX? ARMEDnPISSED
2010-06-11 18:28:15Blackhawks Landing in Chicago after winning the Stanley Cup Goon357
2010-06-11 15:27:16Re: kbhm divertion davolijj
2010-06-11 01:23:31N121HJ lost engine power -ONT N400PW
2010-06-06 01:25:25BTA2989: "We'll work on that" mdr666
2010-06-02 14:58:15Was that a NO!!?? fresnosmooth
2010-05-30 20:23:50We need another minute, "ok I am Going to time you".. KLAX 5-30-10 speedotann
2010-05-28 00:47:22Delta 1454 Possible Security Breech, Return to the gate! KLAX 5-27-10 speedotann
2010-05-26 19:17:54Air Force One at San Fran on May 25, 2010 mibzzer15
2010-05-26 03:39:49JFK Tower recommends driving lessons. rekno13
2010-05-26 00:52:29Air Force One at SFO RWY 19L, May 25, 2010 650ChicagoBearsFan
2010-05-25 00:34:26Re: When things go HOT at JFK - Original Postings fgalaz208
2010-05-24 03:54:25Technically he's a peckerhead! peepsnet
2010-05-24 02:52:10When things go HOT at JFK - Original Postings peepsnet
2010-05-23 06:04:06American 119 Overfly Airport... Man in Lavatory!! KLAX 5-22-10 speedotann
2010-05-21 14:30:49YSSY (Sydney, Australia) - Fri 21st May 2010 meso
2010-05-21 14:30:49YSSY (Sydney, Australia) - Fri 21st May 2010 meso
2010-05-21 14:30:49YSSY (Sydney, Australia) - Fri 21st May 2010 meso
2010-05-21 14:23:54SkyWest 6024 Go Around Gear Warning KLAX 5-21-10 speedotann
2010-05-18 23:21:53Re: Jetblue Multiple Canada Geese strike Hollis
2010-05-18 23:14:24"Uncle Johnny" Gives a good SYR release time UNDATCer
2010-05-18 21:44:18Re: New Shanwick Feed from Dundalk ireland sunburn
2010-05-18 20:49:34UAL 27 Fire in the Cockpit VampyreGTX
2010-05-16 21:06:30American 1435 Aborts takeoff at KPHL joeyb747
2010-05-15 16:41:42Re: JFK Plane decides to go home upon advisory from Tower Hollis
2010-05-15 06:26:05JFK Plane decides to go home upon advisory from Tower rekno13
2010-05-14 17:46:45Air Force One lands in Buffalo dan9125
2010-05-14 14:56:37EI 120 engine failure at KMCO heliUD
2010-05-13 15:40:01Re: Boeing 707 IRAN Government , emergency landing communication ect76
2010-05-11 21:09:29Grumpy? ATCFAN00
2010-05-10 15:52:22Re: Mechanical trouble forces landing at Newark (COA9) matthammer
2010-05-09 20:55:11Re: Mechanical trouble forces landing at Newark (COA9) dave
2010-05-09 10:22:29'United 25, you have time for a shoutout'? ARMEDnPISSED
2010-05-09 05:17:31B-17 Flying Fortress at Hayward, CA SQK7700
2010-05-08 02:53:33AAL 329 busted engine Hollis
2010-05-08 02:18:04#1 in NYC cptbrw
2010-05-07 06:43:50Meet Kilo-Charlie @ JFK, he's new here rekno13
2010-05-05 19:55:20Re: Weird JFK Emergency Yesterday around 5:10 PM "give me 31R or I'll declare" VampyreGTX
2010-05-05 17:28:42Re: Weird JFK Emergency Yesterday around 5:10 PM "give me 31R or I'll declare" jpwilde
2010-05-05 14:33:15Weird JFK Emergency Yesterday around 5:10 PM "give me 31R or I'll declare" jpwilde
2010-05-05 04:27:12Fedex TCAS vs ADSB info N400PW
2010-05-04 10:21:32Suspect in failed Times Square bombing pulled off UAE202 at JFK foopolate
2010-05-03 03:25:43SkyWest 6470 Gear Problem KLAX 5-2-10 speedotann
2010-05-03 01:27:18Re: Metalic microphone Hollis
2010-05-02 18:36:12WN jet near miss with helo at KHOU toeknee25
2010-05-01 16:11:21Mexicana 112 To High Go Around KLAX 5-1-10 speedotann
2010-04-28 18:13:38JetLink 3006, Houston to Dulles, Bomb Threat VampyreGTX
2010-04-28 02:28:15Air Force One and Two at KBKW Echonomix
2010-04-27 14:53:12Meteor Sighting over Madison with NVG pweeden
2010-04-24 04:46:16KTVC student, lost? iceman23
2010-04-23 21:30:11KBUR Runway incursion 4-19-10 bleyton
2010-04-23 17:12:43DAL2148 LA to Tampa - Unruly Passenger VampyreGTX
2010-04-21 00:01:28TCX952P turns back to Manchester UK (EGCC) after smelling ash in the cockpit. sunburn
2010-04-20 22:43:44Obama's Marine Choppers Arriving at KLAX 3-19-10 speedotann
2010-04-18 01:45:16"Things are going bad on us" lajim
2010-04-15 21:02:06Midwestern fireball - probably meteor jeffcyn
2010-04-15 05:09:15Dodger Stadium - Opening Day Flyover lajim
2010-04-13 08:21:20KWHP: "airplanes everywhere" uplink
2010-04-13 05:47:29It can be so hard to leave JFK. rekno13
2010-04-08 23:13:51Shoe Fire Broadcasts: "here we go again" uplink
2010-04-07 02:41:18Re: Disoriented PA-28 pilot lands off airport at KSDF toeknee25
2010-04-07 02:18:36Disoriented PA-28 pilot lands off airport at KSDF Patt5735
2010-04-05 17:14:14Re: Easter earthquake in Baja rationaljeff
2010-04-04 11:17:21Who can hear what the pilot said? guohui
2010-04-03 06:25:21LA, Cactus 45... Are You in a Good Mood This Morning? lajim
2010-04-02 15:21:56Air Force One Landing at KCLT 4/2/2010 computerman0219
2010-04-02 04:36:36Laser shined at planes leaving KMKE April 1, 2010 greenfieldwi
2010-04-01 23:14:12AAL178 - pos. engine fire at SFO cptbrw
2010-04-01 18:51:25AAL 1392 70kt overtake on landing toeknee25
2010-04-01 17:19:21Can anybody help me to figure out what the two pilots say in the transmittion. guohui
2010-03-31 17:21:27Re: Near Miss @ KSFO - We Need to Talk! (w/OAK Ctr) rationaljeff
2010-03-31 16:00:19NORTH ATLANTIC TRAFFIC 1985 teebee
2010-03-31 01:59:54Near Miss @ KSFO - We Need to Talk! (w/OAK Ctr) kahuna
2010-03-31 01:35:58Near Miss / Thank You captkel
2010-03-31 00:04:39Near Miss @ KSFO - We Need to Talk! ect76
2010-03-30 19:15:44N6913Z Malibu Crash in Roanoke gillmores
2010-03-30 10:44:44QFA5 Emergency 30th March stevenb12
2010-03-29 22:44:09Tail strike at JFK Hollis
2010-03-27 16:54:33Re: Flint (FNT) Tower Fire - unedited StuSEL11
2010-03-26 20:40:27Flint (FNT) Tower Fire - shortened audio clip StuSEL11
2010-03-24 22:42:48KWHP:"TV7 listen up","you gotta be kiddin". Just another day at Whiteman Class D uplink
2010-03-24 17:46:31Re: AA2363 - Pressurization problem 3-21-10 joeyb747
2010-03-24 13:21:08Re: AA2363 - Pressurization problem 3-21-10 joeyb747
2010-03-19 01:08:22Pilots having fun at KBOS Hollis
2010-03-17 00:28:18Re: JBU916 @ JFK joeyb747
2010-03-16 02:37:00Jetlink 5685 Has Rough Ride Into KORD joeyb747
2010-03-16 02:37:00Jetlink 5685 Has Rough Ride Into KORD joeyb747
2010-03-15 02:37:49KBOS wind shear go arounds Hollis
2010-03-15 01:32:34a "sporty" afternoon at JFK cptbrw
2010-03-14 22:48:38A Day in the Life of HAL47 - PDC issues and a shattered windshield - Return back SQK7700
2010-03-14 15:48:52Re: UAL942 B763 KORD-LFPG Turns Back joeyb747
2010-03-14 15:48:52Re: UAL942 B763 KORD-LFPG Turns Back joeyb747
2010-03-14 06:23:55AAL1092 Diverted KLAS Fryy
2010-03-13 23:18:00JFK's Shattered Wind Equipment Pilot3033
2010-03-13 21:49:23Aeromexico go around at JFK 3/13/10 rationaljeff
2010-03-12 21:22:15American Airlines MD-82 Bird Strike At KORD joeyb747
2010-03-12 21:22:15American Airlines MD-82 Bird Strike At KORD joeyb747
2010-03-11 16:48:42Cactus1101 Bird Strike KROC 3-11-10 speedotann
2010-03-09 22:17:29Direct Where? United 270 KSNA 3-9-10 speedotann
2010-03-09 03:22:42Have Fun Killing The Rabbit (KJFK) ttesting123t
2010-03-07 18:59:12Just another evening with Boston John fgalaz208
2010-03-07 01:28:07Re: CM804 PTY > JFK joeyb747
2010-03-06 05:17:20Space Shuttle Comms - Approach to Edwards AFB lajim
2010-03-06 01:55:13United 769 Diverts To KBUF With Fire In Lav joeyb747
2010-03-05 02:18:38Re: Captain C.B. Sully Sullenberger to Retire From US Airways - Last Flight Audio joeyb747
2010-03-05 01:14:44Re: Controller in trouble for letting child direct air traffic at Kennedy Airport b757lvr
2010-03-03 21:20:05Spirit Landing with Eyes closed!! peepsnet
2010-03-03 21:02:25Captain C.B. Sully Sullenberger to Retire From US Airways - Last Flight Audio peepsnet
2010-03-03 20:10:50Re: anyone know whos kid that was at jfk tower today? what a joke Hollis
2010-02-28 02:50:50Hot Mic on MMMX Approach Himerzi
2010-02-28 02:08:10American 89 Heavy Goes Around At KORD With Flap/Slat Problem joeyb747
2010-02-28 02:08:10American 89 Heavy Goes Around At KORD With Flap/Slat Problem joeyb747
2010-02-28 00:48:15British Airway B747-400 Diverts To CYWG Medical Emergency joeyb747
2010-02-27 01:18:06Re: DAL1281 doing crossword puzzle in bad weather at KBUF 02-26-10 joeyb747
2010-02-25 07:30:54Snowstorm makes things hectic at O'Hare Hollis
2010-02-25 04:46:18SkyWest 6845 and United 737 are Wing Men!! KSFO 2-24-10 speedotann
2010-02-24 20:52:13UPS 844 Heavy Near KSLC Engine Shut Down In Flight joeyb747
2010-02-24 19:59:02Controller Wants A Vacation! joeyb747
2010-02-24 02:01:11Air Canada 485 Out Of Comm joeyb747
2010-02-23 22:37:12American B772 near New York on Feb 21st 2010, burning smell joeyb747
2010-02-23 01:35:48Fishfinder joeyb747
2010-02-23 01:33:48Re: VC-43A/Air Force One headed to Vegas joeyb747
2010-02-22 14:44:52I want your job... SQK7700
2010-02-22 04:38:38Stuck Mic at KSEA AdamH
2010-02-21 16:22:58Re: VC-43A/Air Force One headed to Vegas joeyb747
2010-02-21 07:50:02Southwest 388 Go Around Wind Shear Alert KSFO Tower+Approach 2-20-10 speedotann
2010-02-20 20:00:29Jet Blue 292 September 2005 Emergency Landing at LAX lajim
2010-02-20 17:13:35Sure is quiet here - ZOA in the morning. SQK7700
2010-02-20 03:08:10Re: A Moment with Boston John! Hollis
2010-02-19 21:16:25ZOA testing the patience of Cathay 870 pilot silagi
2010-02-19 19:03:50A Moment with Boston John! Riggs
2010-02-19 16:44:52Delta 165 Go Around KJFK 2-19-10 speedotann
2010-02-19 16:08:09Palo Alto Plane crash Hollis
2010-02-19 03:25:06Re: VC-43A/Air Force One headed to Vegas joeyb747
2010-02-18 21:15:32Re: Austin Plane Crash- take off on KGTU feed dave
2010-02-17 16:39:07Re: Cessna 210 Engine Emergency over So Cal jeffcyn
2010-02-17 11:44:18Southwest TCAS avoidance maneuver injures 2 cabin members on approach to KBUR uplink
2010-02-17 06:58:11LA Center Pinon Niner Niner Checking in Above FL600 lajim
2010-02-17 01:36:11New KJFK Controller? ? ? cptbrw
2010-02-14 08:38:25UAL473 Flap problems, Diverts to LAX (3 part MP3) KSNA+KLAX2/13/10 speedotann
2010-02-14 08:38:25UAL473 Flap problems, Diverts to LAX (3 part MP3) KSNA+KLAX2/13/10 speedotann
2010-02-14 08:38:25UAL473 Flap problems, Diverts to LAX (3 part MP3) KSNA+KLAX2/13/10 speedotann
2010-02-14 00:28:43Royal Thai AF 101 on Oakland Center silagi
2010-02-12 17:01:56Re: Marine Controller flying through our airspace so we messed with him Hollis
2010-02-11 21:55:19An exchange with JFK Tower over the effect of deicing agent on runway rationaljeff
2010-02-10 23:33:56Cessna 210 Engine Emergency over So Cal uplink
2010-02-10 17:21:24KDPA tower shakes after 4 AM earthquake maredzki
2010-02-09 14:40:22First Airbus A380 departure from BOS charlieontheradio
2010-02-09 03:53:05JFK Unknown Vehicle Possibly Crossing 31R While JBU144 Lands aevins
2010-02-09 02:15:44Airbus 380 First Ever Arrival at Logan Airport (Boston, MA) dave
2010-02-09 02:15:44Airbus 380 First Ever Arrival at Logan Airport (Boston, MA) dave
2010-02-04 03:50:43Piper Emergency Landing KAUS robertl30
2010-02-01 18:57:06Cessna touchdown on NJ Turnpike rjdowling
2010-02-01 09:59:34KWHP: Grumman560, Please!...for the love of...turn Crosswind! uplink
2010-01-31 16:50:56Unidentified sound discussion on 134.15 Oakland Center SQK7700
2010-01-31 01:14:1150 bucks a year for Delta employees SQK7700
2010-01-30 22:35:12Air China "communicating " with ATC (edited) airedale49
2010-01-30 02:32:52Fed Ex Humor lajim
2010-01-29 16:31:40Cactus 1430 "on the miss" - KROC 1.28.10 mpallo
2010-01-28 19:40:40American 1669 and United 216 both go around! KSNA 1/28/10 speedotann
2010-01-26 04:35:59Tough Final Approach at LAX lajim
2010-01-26 01:55:39Mountain Wave on Climb Out from LAX lajim
2010-01-25 21:11:44Re: JFK! Whats the bottom of a super like? cptkirk
2010-01-21 21:48:48You have not moved an inch! KSNA 1/21/10 Severe weather/high winds speedotann
2010-01-21 15:09:31KCRW: USAirways Express CRJ-200 Utilizes EMAS makonyy15
2010-01-19 23:17:32KTVC nerd iceman23
2010-01-19 07:14:15Re: JFK 2010-01-18 Just a few interesting exchanges applerider
2010-01-19 04:08:35JFK 2010-01-18 Just a few interesting exchanges rekno13
2010-01-18 03:40:28KTVC Security Scare freundlt
2010-01-14 22:50:01Travis Rapcon Evacuation Fryy
2010-01-14 00:02:33KOXC Accident 13 Jan 2010 Mrbun
2010-01-12 02:58:16KSAW American Eagle approach - The runway is plowed and sowed. sup3rmunch3r
2010-01-08 18:41:54CHQ6049 - KBOS - Aborted Takeoff - 01/08/09 cwhitten
2010-01-07 22:55:39Jetblue 5103 Engine Vibration from lost cowl, returns to JFK cptkirk
2010-01-07 22:55:39Jetblue 5103 Engine Vibration from lost cowl, returns to JFK cptkirk
2010-01-07 18:22:40Re: United 216 Landing at LAX (Hydraulic Problems) cptkirk
2010-01-06 19:49:19Re: United 216 hydraulics problem getting gear down to SNA cptkirk
2010-01-05 06:26:31Prince Edward Island Air Beech 1900 Engine Failure at St.John's NF bcradio
2010-01-03 03:40:42KIAD-MMMX Flight Recording Himerzi
2010-01-02 19:19:14Blown tire on take off - West Jet 1862 returns to CYVR Dec 31, 2009
2010-01-02 04:12:20Air France 6 Super arrival at JFK Hollis
2009-12-31 14:24:02Austral pilot makes emergency landing in Tucuman, Argentina jolongo
2009-12-29 22:27:38Radar vectors to YAHOO mrhahn
2009-12-29 02:53:54Another Glorious Day In Paradise! joeyb747
2009-12-27 23:09:02CYA in American Eagle style ! fpx2gwak
2009-12-26 23:01:23Re: Funny Mele-Kaliki-Maka and Air "Barge" KLAX 12-25-09 joeyb747
2009-12-26 05:56:11Funny Mele-Kaliki-Maka and Air "Barge" KLAX 12-25-09 speedotann
2009-12-25 17:49:37Contact "She"cago Departure... joeyb747
2009-12-24 03:38:08SpeedBird 269 (747) can't make it KLAX 12-23-09 speedotann
2009-12-23 16:08:087973 goes missed, then gets admonished for min fuel at KROA gillmores
2009-12-23 04:53:18Alaska 520 Medical Situation joeyb747
2009-12-23 04:44:45FedEx 1204 Aborts takeoff, FedEx 976 goes around KLAX 12/22/09 speedotann
2009-12-22 22:40:49"Alaska 630: You might get shot down" blahblah121212
2009-12-22 16:14:27757 heavy question from the controller. KLAX 12-21-09 speedotann
2009-12-20 20:43:35United 162 Aborts Takeoff!! KLAX 12-20-09 speedotann
2009-12-20 16:37:39Re: Full Flight Recorded KORD - KBOS rekno13
2009-12-17 21:07:31A little turbulance? rekno13
2009-12-17 12:45:17FLG3947 - carbon monoxide in cockpit craig
2009-12-16 00:55:02Boeing 787 Dreamliner ATC ect76
2009-12-10 04:06:07"Hairy Creature" at the Syracuse Airport UNDATCer
2009-12-10 01:07:24This guy sounds like he's in a bad mood cboneill0099
2009-12-08 12:32:46EGF4187 - De-Ice Malfunction - Declares Emergency on Approach to CYYT stweaver321
2009-12-08 10:15:40BA-038 Tower Tape graysono
2009-12-08 00:39:54Jetlink 3046 Bird Strike - PHL - 12/06/09 cptbrw
2009-12-07 03:37:36Air Force One landing and departing KABE jeffcyn
2009-12-05 05:12:45A family of possums crossing at Oakland SQK7700
2009-12-03 22:48:31Let's talk in rhythm ! fpx2gwak
2009-12-02 02:53:44Left Side or Right Side? Camcanfly
2009-12-01 15:37:28AA254 Heavy is going around at 11:50 KLAX 11/30! and Funny ATC Whistling . speedotann
2009-11-26 08:41:22Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard this flight service to Philadelphia! flaps
2009-11-25 11:16:32Oh hell, wrong frequency sbpost
2009-11-24 20:23:40Cactus 652 were to high, going around!! KSNA. Nov 24 from 17:00-30:00 min speedotann
2009-11-16 22:46:52Re: Cleared To Land... I Guess n654pd
2009-11-16 17:42:161927 Travel Air crash at Page field 11/14/09 Hollis
2009-11-15 12:35:40Air Force One leaving Tokyo applerider
2009-11-14 04:17:21Full Flight Recorded KORD - KBOS Himerzi
2009-11-10 02:16:07We've got a great visual on him ! fpx2gwak
2009-11-08 20:13:28Re: Funn Call to JFK Tower Pilot3033
2009-11-06 03:49:16"You have chosen well" SWA 1364 Oakland arrival SQK7700
2009-11-04 04:26:12Cleared To Land... I Guess n654pd
2009-11-03 01:08:55Liveatc mentioned by tower controller on frequency - KPVU carbohydrate
2009-10-26 01:54:35TRS255 Birdstike at FNT StuSEL
2009-10-23 02:27:27Re: N6869R - Cessna 210 Crash near KPVU cboneill0099
2009-10-22 03:55:34N6869R - Cessna 210 Crash near KPVU carbohydrate
2009-10-21 07:59:45Re: JFK Pilot Announces full flight to london with weather - 13:48 UK Time 8:48 JFK yaruna
2009-10-20 13:39:34Comair 1411 doesn't want to talk to Ground thesirius728
2009-10-20 09:38:44JFK joker keep jokin'.... turi76
2009-10-20 05:57:18Call the tower please cboneill0099
2009-10-20 05:53:59VFR aircraft lost going to OXC cboneill0099
2009-10-19 16:31:50satellites or ufo over amsterdam? turi76
2009-10-19 16:13:07JFK tower and comair 353 "awww man..." turi76
2009-10-17 07:52:26Airforce One departing KSFO wayne530
2009-10-16 01:12:57Airforce One "Welcome to San Francisco" SQK7700
2009-10-16 00:21:21LH 405 JFK damages tyres prior take-off Binford
2009-10-14 00:26:19Blue Angels San Francisco radio calls - "Knock it off..." SQK7700
2009-10-13 18:41:23MD80 engine failure - handled professionally Hollis
2009-10-12 05:11:48EagleFlight isn't Tired, LAX Tower is Pilot3033
2009-10-12 05:07:14Blue Angels San Francisco radio calls - "a little pullll..." SQK7700
2009-10-05 18:44:56KCLT tower evacuation Oct 1 jeffcyn
2009-10-02 23:14:39Helicopter Encounters Mechanical Problems Himerzi
2009-10-01 18:43:59Re: Sullenberger and Skiles Fly Today jeffcyn
2009-10-01 16:47:00N400DE craig
2009-10-01 14:51:16Hey tower how're ya doin? [Cactus 2120 on BOS_TWR] spielberg
2009-09-30 17:19:34HF from the eighties Hoekb03
2009-09-26 14:46:08Re: Mystery Interference Short Bursts SQK7700
2009-09-26 04:20:08Mystery Interference Short Bursts *Mystery Solved* SQK7700
2009-09-25 02:27:1274N - PA28 - KDSM - Alternator Failure Sep 19,2009 qsecofr
2009-09-21 20:16:07Green laser near Buffalo dan9125
2009-09-17 04:57:44Raider 01 Oakland Coliseum Fly-by SQK7700
2009-09-10 23:16:29Re: Aeromexico 576 hijacked at MMMX aarisen
2009-09-09 20:50:53Aeromexico 576 hijacked at MMMX fpx2gwak
2009-09-09 20:50:53Aeromexico 576 hijacked at MMMX fpx2gwak
2009-09-09 00:01:42Re: CYYZ & CZYZ Toronto Center new home bcrosby
2009-09-08 17:26:05A punch in stomach ! fpx2gwak
2009-09-08 07:54:28Air Refueling Chatter Fryy
2009-09-08 05:33:40Contact mission control (: fpx2gwak
2009-09-04 15:37:51Re: Jet Blue 63 smell in cabin emergency at JFK yaruna
2009-09-04 15:37:51Re: Jet Blue 63 smell in cabin emergency at JFK yaruna
2009-09-04 14:02:17Mansfield, MA Route 495 Plane "Crash" Audio dave
2009-09-04 11:20:35Jet Blue 63 smell in cabin emergency at JFK graysono
2009-09-04 11:17:20C ya!!! Jet Blue NY style graysono
2009-09-01 19:12:41What real None-stop flight is ! fpx2gwak
2009-08-31 14:28:16Cyaaaa in Comair style (: fpx2gwak
2009-08-28 21:02:49Blue Angels #6 reporting fire in the cockpit on arrivel at Leeuwarden, EHLE BertAtHome
2009-08-28 07:46:05may day at sabe achi16
2009-08-21 23:20:55THY1955 asked to go around after landing clearance. Altitude problem again? Geile Lul
2009-08-19 21:39:00AAL1753 feeling sassy? n8764e
2009-08-19 20:47:37Miss by 250ft then just plays it cool. AdamH
2009-08-17 14:56:08if your not American 433 im not talking to you----Dallas/Ft.Worth (KDFW) Coral503heavy
2009-08-17 03:28:52Re: JFK Paraglider marcoleon
2009-08-17 00:14:21Turtle Strike jonnolongo
2009-08-15 03:09:55Re: AF1 - 8/11/2009 J-Mart
2009-08-15 03:09:55Re: AF1 - 8/11/2009 J-Mart
2009-08-14 09:15:49F111 Dump and burn over Brisbane, Australia mrbean
2009-08-13 02:25:17JFK "New York rats: A first class meal." amin182
2009-08-10 02:53:37JFK "Cya!" amin182
2009-08-10 00:43:40Bird Strike on Northwest A320 at Raleigh Aug 9th 2009 robertl30
2009-08-07 04:09:54San Francisco Bay Area radio station interferes with NORCAL SQK7700
2009-08-01 17:03:29Got buzzed by Sully Sullenberger fholbert
2009-07-31 14:50:19Boston John enjoys his job Hollis
2009-07-21 08:55:58KLAX - 20090721 - 0800Z - Rabbit Chase rekno13
2009-07-15 03:21:07AA 2493 lands at LAX with no clearance....... bluecrewfan08
2009-07-15 03:21:07AA 2493 lands at LAX with no clearance....... bluecrewfan08
2009-07-14 04:58:30KBED - Two incidents within minutes - July 13, 2009 dave
2009-07-12 05:09:28Good humor for the option at Oakland International SQK7700
2009-07-10 16:10:35Re: The event that is Air Force One tyketto
2009-07-10 16:10:35Re: The event that is Air Force One tyketto
2009-07-10 11:10:17Re: Information on Vancouver plane incident dave
2009-07-08 09:21:02Air Force One approach into Moscow UUWW spielberg
2009-07-04 03:44:06KIAD - Gear Emergency - N211SK PA34 - July 4 0052Z protonage
2009-07-02 08:39:04Thanks to the OAK feed... inigo88
2009-06-29 23:05:40AA 769 - KJFK - Engine problems - 29th June 2009 mrhahn
2009-06-29 00:31:13Allegiant 746 Emergency Landing at KABE makonyy15
2009-06-21 02:44:30Pilot in command announcement Hollis
2009-06-20 10:58:24"Three Sierra Hotel.."what are you doing?"..."go back to Van Nuys"... uplink
2009-06-19 18:30:59Air Canada 978 Landing Gear Emergency at MYNN 6-18-09 BBurrows13
2009-06-16 17:24:51Replica World War II bi-plane lands in field near Buffalo. dan9125
2009-06-16 05:22:50Gulfstream IV strikes Coyote departing ABQ - Flies all the way to SFO! inigo88
2009-06-14 10:10:54QXE114 KSEA EMG Fryy
2009-06-12 00:43:30AFR6419 not happy with Boston Center djchopperd
2009-06-10 18:39:43Re: KAL257 strikes ground vehicle at JFK. One injured. (EDITED - NO DEAD SPACE) mikedemon
2009-06-10 00:07:48Delta 98 fuel low at KJFK fpx2gwak
2009-06-09 05:36:19KAL257 strikes ground vehicle at JFK. One injured. ST
2009-06-07 15:03:07Re: KLAX - Someone with a radio that shouldn't have one. Hollis
2009-06-07 02:09:26Re: *Air France jet missing over Atlantic* avalon
2009-06-05 23:24:26Gorgeous voice from Eagle Flight once again (: fpx2gwak
2009-06-05 20:35:55Air Force One ETAR - Funny Exchange with Polezei Choppers numbthumbs
2009-06-04 14:03:13Re: Runway Incursion CLT 5-29-09? hand1dj
2009-05-30 20:30:13Contact approach vs. Visual approach Hollis
2009-05-30 14:43:00Re: ASQ5161 Emergency Landing at KSYR makonyy15
2009-05-30 00:32:25ASQ5161 Emergency Landing at KSYR makonyy15
2009-05-29 17:30:07Sticky mike in Amsterdam MathFox
2009-05-27 01:28:07Centurion Down in Seattle Park - Comm Confusion sflyer
2009-05-26 13:52:10Re: EGPF Audio bochora
2009-05-25 17:17:25US Airways 204 Aborted takeoff (KOAK) SQK7700
2009-05-24 16:41:47EGPF Audio bochora
2009-05-22 17:01:16Kennedy Ground Has A Sense of Humor aevins
2009-05-21 17:10:57Re: EGPF Audio, including FlyDubai Delivery Flight ect76
2009-05-21 05:03:46Re: KLGB witness to mid-air collision near the Queen Mary Unbeliever
2009-05-18 19:09:56Re: Wrong freq ! Qantas119
2009-05-18 09:38:22early xmas present Fryy
2009-05-18 03:31:47Northern Colorado Med Evac bird strike-good job! on2flight
2009-05-16 19:41:34One in, one out when IFR. fholbert
2009-05-11 05:08:57Chopper chit chat at Boston Hollis
2009-05-11 01:22:03Air Force Two at KSYR fpx2gwak
2009-05-11 01:21:09Having a hard time reading altitude fpx2gwak
2009-05-11 01:20:27Wrong freq ! fpx2gwak
2009-05-08 17:00:40SBGL: Dog stops partially a runway 707
2009-05-07 20:56:03no-gyro vector dan9125
2009-05-07 18:44:37DC-10 blows nose gear tire on landing at BWI Hollis
2009-05-05 02:08:12ILS approaches anthonychibnikC172
2009-05-03 02:10:03KLM785 TNCC Fire in the Cabin Emergency alexander
2009-05-03 01:58:41A320 bird strike on touch down. fpx2gwak
2009-05-02 16:06:21Re: UAL903 - May 1/09 - Flight diverted to Boston with passenger that may have flu Hollis
2009-04-30 20:07:19Re: Asiana B772ER engine failure departure KSEA fpx2gwak
2009-04-30 16:34:56ACA001 April 03, 2009 Flap Problem, fuel dump, return to CYYZ djchopperd
2009-04-30 06:29:20Asiana B772ER engine failure departure KSEA vitoflyer
2009-04-30 01:15:31Sick background personal . fpx2gwak
2009-04-30 00:51:04Dead deer on the runway at KBWI Hollis
2009-04-29 23:37:38JBU139 Gear Warning - Diverts to Buffalo dska22
2009-04-27 23:23:32Ms.Gorgeous voice over New York ;) fpx2gwak
2009-04-27 00:36:47Strong Tailwinds at KBUF & Delta1986 Go-Around dska22
2009-04-26 22:08:53Some More EGPH ect76
2009-04-24 09:15:37Hawaiian 363 - B717 - Engine failure (PHTO Feed) mrhahn
2009-04-23 21:07:06Doesnt take much to make a pilot happy fgalaz208
2009-04-23 17:52:16RC-3 lands in a field dan9125
2009-04-22 13:51:02KHPN Cessna Flying Backwards DeltaGolf
2009-04-14 23:24:36Re: King Air 200 559DW - Pilot saves aircraft and family after medical emergency beechsundowner
2009-04-14 03:14:13Kennedy Tower- Of Strobes and Rabbits ReverseThrust
2009-04-13 22:47:01Hot-Mic'd Pilot Transmits Rhetorical Comments about Controller Himerzi
2009-04-07 20:05:32SFB Bird Strike 06-Apr-09 Biff
2009-04-06 03:01:35jetBlue 36 Rochester fpx2gwak
2009-04-04 19:27:30zephyrhills forced landing macgyver4
2009-04-02 14:53:28Re: Smoke in the BWI ATCT danielG
2009-04-02 14:53:28Re: Smoke in the BWI ATCT danielG
2009-03-27 21:26:46KOXC - Cleaning Crew Mrbun
2009-03-24 19:52:52CRASH AEROPERU WITH CVR_603, FLIGHT DATA RECORDER kikelopez007
2009-03-22 05:26:23Sleeping in the tower? mkop
2009-03-17 20:33:58Cherokee engine failure and fire after landing roll, Sanford, FL Hollis
2009-03-16 00:03:02KMSN landing gear emergency pweeden
2009-03-15 21:03:00Re: BOS Hydro failure, gear problem ect76
2009-03-15 17:04:50BOS Hydro failure, gear problem Buzzard
2009-03-14 07:40:30Try not to taxi too fast! Unbeliever
2009-03-11 13:04:20Re: Concorde Descending and Landing @ JFK joeyb747
2009-03-09 19:33:11Bathroom call delays takeoff at JFK Hollis
2009-03-07 17:04:04Re: Airbus & Boeing's GPWS Callouts . joeyb747
2009-03-07 06:28:56Pilot get confused on controllers joke :) fpx2gwak
2009-03-07 06:28:06Nobody knows what they're doing keith
2009-03-06 22:58:38EGF stuck mic flycrj
2009-03-06 21:41:12NWA1605 Gear Door Problems craig
2009-03-06 21:41:12NWA1605 Gear Door Problems craig
2009-03-05 15:24:14Re: Boston John - mocha... Jebtha
2009-03-04 23:13:02Boston John - mocha... Hollis
2009-03-04 12:21:48Check your frequency... fpx2gwak
2009-03-03 22:04:55Some more EGPH audio - By Request! ect76
2009-03-03 02:57:53Airbus & Boeing's GPWS Callouts . fpx2gwak
2009-02-27 05:26:19UAL933 medical emergency on ZID IndyTower
2009-02-26 21:23:14ASH 7256 Emergency at KJFK fpx2gwak
2009-02-26 14:37:51FDX1406 Emergency at Boston, MA (KBOS) Feb 26, 2009 dave
2009-02-25 08:12:45Japan airlines flight 1 take off without clearance feb-23-2009?! deadd
2009-02-25 00:28:00Reports of a Fireball? Fryy
2009-02-23 15:45:47Laser light show at KSEA ST
2009-02-21 15:28:52American Airlines 1236 loses right engine after take off at KSNA ed3004
2009-02-19 21:16:33Newark Continental 1129 Told To Go Around rjdowling
2009-02-17 20:08:03JFK Tower talking about ducks ReverseThrust
2009-02-17 20:04:34United 1220 birdstrike abort at KSJC Hollis
2009-02-15 22:33:41Re: ATC "Not at liberty to say": Air Force One arriving at KORD ReverseThrust
2009-02-15 22:33:41Re: ATC "Not at liberty to say": Air Force One arriving at KORD ReverseThrust
2009-02-14 19:45:50Laid back NY controller keith
2009-02-14 15:56:45Icing over Buffalo - previous clips reposted KSYR-pjr
2009-02-14 15:56:45Icing over Buffalo - previous clips reposted KSYR-pjr
2009-02-14 00:22:46ATC "Not at liberty to say": Air Force One arriving at KORD ReverseThrust
2009-02-13 07:11:38Re: Continental (Colgan) -8 Crash in Buffalo Duffy
2009-02-13 06:27:58Re: Continental (Colgan) -8 Crash in Buffalo onetwenty
2009-02-13 05:58:37Re: Continental (Colgan) -8 Crash in Buffalo bsmith19
2009-02-13 04:53:38Continental (Colgan)-3407 -8 Crash in Buffalo mhawke
2009-02-08 01:56:02KOXC Landing Gear Problem Mrbun
2009-02-06 22:27:26KORD - FOD and multiple go arounds beckerm13
2009-02-06 16:00:26Re: US Airways 1549 Audio. Adrian8
2009-02-05 21:28:58US Airways 1549 Audio (Edited, full convo.) fpx2gwak
2009-02-05 20:34:01Re: US Airways 1549 Audio. wannafly
2009-02-01 02:54:47Startup to Shutdown beechsundowner
2009-01-29 16:55:30BO-SOX multiades
2009-01-28 20:56:26FDX705 Fryy
2009-01-28 15:48:11Boeing & McDonnell Douglas' GPWS, TCAS, and Callouts . fpx2gwak
2009-01-28 02:15:32GPWS Alerts .. fpx2gwak
2009-01-27 04:39:09IFR Clearance Practice #3 rbrong
2009-01-25 20:37:19Smiley balloon on short final at KCVG Hollis
2009-01-25 08:27:46Re: Plane headed to CLT from LGA down in Hudson River gstream
2009-01-20 03:24:10I forget my name somtimes too . fpx2gwak
2009-01-17 16:04:44Re: US Airways 1549 Audio KSYR-pjr
2009-01-17 05:49:46Aborted Takeoff at O'Hare LOTPilot16
2009-01-16 15:39:08Re: Request: Bad Day at JFK Ground enginebird
2009-01-16 04:03:02Re: USAir Crash in NYC today rbrong
2009-01-16 01:45:50Sequence? Please? Instruktor
2009-01-15 07:07:06Wolves coming home LOTPilot16
2009-01-14 22:55:44Re: Mayday Recording cessna157
2009-01-14 04:43:43O'Hare Tower LOTPilot16
2009-01-13 23:02:07Blind pilot is talked down
2009-01-13 04:07:08Re: SFO Using 10's? Fryy
2009-01-10 16:10:44Balloons, tired pilots, plastic bags, its just 'one of those afternoons' in JFK spielberg
2009-01-09 18:07:18Re: What does a wind sheer alarm sound like? cessna157
2009-01-08 21:55:47What does a wind sheer alarm sound like? dan9125
2009-01-07 03:29:43Eagle Flight 3906 skids off the runway .. fpx2gwak
2009-01-05 02:55:16Great Day ! fpx2gwak
2009-01-03 15:47:37KJFK Unauthorized turn could bring to a collision vicosh
2009-01-01 23:42:02Re: Zurich Arrival - Aircraft Type ect76
2008-12-30 23:09:27FRED07 Emergency Fryy
2008-12-25 05:09:46Lost at Night at FRG - in the air and on the ground SkanknTodd
2008-12-23 23:31:42Watching out for Turbulence from .. fpx2gwak
2008-12-23 23:07:58Reason for doing Readback. fpx2gwak
2008-12-19 00:52:52Wake Turbulence. fpx2gwak
2008-12-18 02:31:44No Christmas Presents for you ! fpx2gwak
2008-12-17 21:14:54Re: COA 1050 diverts to KSYR . fpx2gwak
2008-12-17 15:01:22KMSN C402 crash pweeden
2008-12-17 03:24:30COA 1050 diverts to KSYR . fpx2gwak
2008-12-16 05:34:12Re: PHL Emergencies cptbrw
2008-12-16 04:17:07Re: PHL Emergencies cptbrw
2008-12-16 02:12:09Don't ever call me that again fpx2gwak
2008-12-10 14:47:37Concorde Retirement Recording 24/10/03 chill51
2008-12-09 00:20:06Re: UFO sighting Fryy
2008-12-08 13:58:26Old Military Recordings from early to mid 80s. chill51
2008-12-07 11:31:39UFO sighting MathFox
2008-12-06 17:13:28Old ATC 1975 Recordings of (EGLL) London Heathrow BHX33
2008-12-05 06:48:34Kennedy Tower's Late Night Chat with PD14 aevins
2008-12-05 01:09:28Cranky Day fpx2gwak
2008-12-05 00:12:42F15 Engine Fire Fryy
2008-12-04 21:39:16Old ATC 1975 Recordings of (EGBB) Birmingham Airport BHX33
2008-12-03 23:35:18More EGPH (Edinburgh, Scotland) audio ect76
2008-12-03 03:16:19Caution Prop Wash . fpx2gwak
2008-12-03 00:47:33Fair Well Captain Rich fgalaz208
2008-11-30 18:49:33Booooston John ! fpx2gwak
2008-11-30 06:31:22Moments on Thanksgiving day . fpx2gwak
2008-11-27 21:59:11A Chipper Frontier Pilot MattG
2008-11-27 03:13:51Why the change of squawk code? An explanation KSYR-pjr
2008-11-26 17:09:39Bonanza crash at KBNA Nashville Hollis
2008-11-26 02:36:30AWE753 Divert to KMSP MattG
2008-11-25 04:04:25Iced up pitot tube results in confusion, possible task overload for pilot KSYR-pjr
2008-11-24 00:27:43Kennedy tongue tied fpx2gwak
2008-11-24 00:26:14this pilot sounds really tired .number 2 =] fpx2gwak
2008-11-21 07:58:47Large Meteor near Calgary nameismike87
2008-11-21 03:24:52i just wanna see if you are listening . fpx2gwak
2008-11-20 01:23:05United 890 cya ! fpx2gwak
2008-11-19 03:45:41jetblue 1016 cya ! fpx2gwak
2008-11-18 22:53:32Speedbird 183 at minimun speed . fpx2gwak
2008-11-17 04:18:21Oshkosh on Steroids aevins
2008-11-17 03:16:07Piedmont 4551 emergency at KPHL fpx2gwak
2008-11-16 06:23:56EHAM funnn fpx2gwak
2008-11-16 06:23:11sound from background at EHAM fpx2gwak
2008-11-16 04:24:05Midnight emergency at KSFO Galaxy001
2008-11-15 04:15:40KSFO using 10's for takeoff and landings (very unusual) Galaxy001
2008-11-14 20:43:06Dead Bird on the runway . fpx2gwak
2008-11-13 15:23:25Another Coyote Incident craig
2008-11-12 03:55:48way to say byeeeee ~ fpx2gwak
2008-11-12 01:19:30Re: JFK VIP Hollis
2008-11-11 01:20:24this pilot sounds really tired . fpx2gwak
2008-11-10 03:32:32Air Jamaica 0.....11 fpx2gwak
2008-11-10 02:35:00way to say cyaaaaaa ! fpx2gwak
2008-11-07 18:03:26Re: learjet CX-VMC crash Mexico City ect76
2008-11-06 00:17:59Controller's imagination fpx2gwak
2008-11-04 01:52:35happy election day fpx2gwak
2008-11-03 21:30:49JFK ground controller after hardwork . fpx2gwak
2008-10-30 20:21:00EGPH audio ect76
2008-10-30 06:58:19KSMF Audio Fryy
2008-10-30 00:58:05ASH 7262 emergency evacuation at KSYR fpx2gwak
2008-10-28 21:16:31AVANTI103 Fryy
2008-10-28 03:37:22Green Laser hits pilot in the right eye. SQK7700
2008-10-28 03:29:59Re: JFK gnd and Iberia cessna157
2008-10-27 02:52:47Aeroflot 316 STOP ! fpx2gwak
2008-10-27 02:01:37great radio voice .. i think fpx2gwak
2008-10-26 20:45:45its mehhicana not mexicana =) fpx2gwak
2008-10-23 11:22:56Cirrus SR22 crashes at Zürich (LSZH) koni
2008-10-23 11:22:56Cirrus SR22 crashes at Zürich (LSZH) koni
2008-10-16 10:17:14jfk gnd with sense of favourite controller turi76
2008-10-15 18:20:59Blue Angels audio Fleet Week San Francisco "A Little More PULLLLLL" SQK7700
2008-10-15 02:24:55Oracle Challenger II Biplane at Fleet Week San Francisco SQK7700
2008-10-14 03:57:17Canadian Snowbird #7 returns back to SFO due to airframe vibration SQK7700
2008-10-14 03:12:34Dad and Son "chit chat" at Fleet Week San Francisco SQK7700
2008-10-07 21:17:21KSFO tower having a "long day" ufpncc1966
2008-10-03 17:02:28Stuck Mic, ILS Lesson sj761
2008-10-03 15:53:21Windshear event at BOS Hollis
2008-09-30 04:26:02Go around at JFK switch monkey
2008-09-26 23:50:18Re: KSFO - "just say cleared to land and you'll probably do fine" Adrian8
2008-09-25 08:52:40KABE Runway Incursion 121mhz
2008-09-23 16:25:39American 268 overrun at KORD Hollis
2008-09-22 01:34:33JBU358 Fryy
2008-09-17 03:06:14Re: Yet another Cactus mess up, this time at SAN Adrian8
2008-09-12 18:18:15Ryanair emergency tail strike dublin planning12
2008-09-12 07:39:46"...i've never had a controller talk to me like that!" ed3004
2008-09-11 23:37:28Re: What do you think of this controller? Emergence landing ect76
2008-09-10 23:11:33Plane crash in San Francisco bay bsmith19
2008-09-10 16:47:40Re: Yet another Cactus mess up, this time at SAN Hollis
2008-09-09 21:42:53US Air -> Cactus changed in ICAO database? MathFox
2008-09-09 02:05:43Execjet 996 too low on approach to SFO Adrian8
2008-09-08 18:26:50Re: john travolta spotted in Baltimore bsmith19
2008-09-07 20:20:32Fight on JetBlue flight causes it to divert bsmith19
2008-09-07 01:49:37Re: Crash in training at the Reno Air Races today bsmith19
2008-09-06 18:43:20911 - Las Vegas Navajo crash sgtstakem
2008-09-06 14:15:07Yet another Cactus mess up, this time at SAN laylow
2008-09-04 00:51:12Cactus screw up (just one of many that have been happening Steel_Anxiety
2008-09-04 00:48:57Chicken noises at Boston Tower Steel_Anxiety
2008-09-02 20:00:10AA 1586 makes emergency landing at LAX with blown tire bsmith19
2008-09-02 07:22:39Air tanker crash at Reno-Stead airport bsmith19
2008-09-01 17:05:25Hurricane Gustav activity Hollis
2008-09-01 16:13:30Green Laser illuminates SWA cockpit SQK7700
2008-09-01 03:51:57Re: YPAD feed down Jacko
2008-08-29 13:23:57Vomit everywhere and a broken new plane... SQK7700
2008-08-29 04:39:54Re: Range Question... SQK7700
2008-08-28 16:00:46Upset Pilot with Stuck Mic Disrupts Washington Center Dewey
2008-08-27 22:03:48Air France 346 goes off the runway at Montreal jahulian
2008-08-26 06:37:06Re: by hook or by crook (the smell of volcanic ash) ect76
2008-08-25 14:50:23BMI 2991 missed approach MathFox
2008-08-25 06:35:31Indian Guy Interfears with Melbourne Communications comalley0130
2008-08-22 21:06:12KBOS cutting it a bit too close Hollis
2008-08-21 04:43:20Re: Angry Controllers at Riverside Muni N628PW
2008-08-19 00:44:44Angry Controllers at Riverside Muni mark5388916
2008-08-15 00:22:41Emergency Landing JetBlue 1148 - EDITED sgtstakem
2008-08-13 00:26:25Disappearing Bunny Wabbit on the Wunway, Oakland SQK7700
2008-08-12 18:31:50Plane down (NGF15D) in Easton, MA [pilot audio] dave
2008-08-12 15:33:11Plane crash (NGF15D) in Easton, MA (near Mansfield, MA 1B9) dave
2008-08-12 01:44:43N98KC down in Seattle area NickBartolotta
2008-08-10 15:59:57Helicopter N1US round the world flight Hollis
2008-08-09 02:40:04Oshkosh 2008: Tower - July 26, 2008 dave
2008-08-08 20:41:19"That'd be 24 years down the drain." PHL_Approach
2008-08-07 07:17:45KSFO ground has to remind American 15 heavy to clear the runway Galaxy001
2008-08-06 03:39:48Re: Small plane mishap at JFK, night of 8/3 121mhz
2008-08-06 00:44:42Re: IFR Clearance Practice alexander
2008-08-05 19:18:59AA 31 makes emergency landing at LAX bsmith19
2008-08-05 16:14:18Tehran-Mehrabad Approach, Iran (Sept 2007) dave
2008-08-05 15:54:01American Airlines Declares Emergency KLGA / KJFK dave
2008-08-05 11:06:22Oshkosh 2008: Tower - July 25, 2008 dave
2008-08-04 16:34:33Re: Boston John having fun working Twr CFD208
2008-08-03 18:56:26JetBlue: "You're on Youtube" aevins
2008-08-03 06:09:07John Travolta's Boeing 707 (N707JT) leaving LAX for Oshkosh dave
2008-08-01 15:16:30Re: Crash at Oshkosh KTUS
2008-07-31 20:23:05Hawker jet crash in Owatonna, MN (near KRST) dave
2008-07-30 22:33:35Repost of 2005 KLM B747 PAN PAN due to low fuel KSYR-pjr
2008-07-30 10:50:58Continental 1803 heavy emergency JFK Jul-28-2008 10:26 benchill
2008-07-28 12:04:37Mooney has engine trouble sj761
2008-07-27 00:02:37Re: 7/26/08 KSEA: AA324 aborts takeoff due to crossing aircraft gmwnet
2008-07-26 17:03:18NW491 B757 Emerg Landing - KDAY - During Airshow hand1dj
2008-07-25 03:39:46Oakland rodent control. SQK7700
2008-07-23 21:19:40QFA108 Aborted Take Off Fryy
2008-07-23 03:22:19767 Fire at KSFO bcradio
2008-07-21 20:26:20ACA429 IFE - Flaps Failure bcradio
2008-07-12 20:14:06Re: ATC at LAS I am not a pilot rickeyy
2008-07-12 20:14:06Re: ATC at LAS I am not a pilot rickeyy
2008-07-12 03:17:262nd close call at JFK in last few days... NickBartolotta
2008-07-11 13:16:46Lost Pilot Mrbun
2008-07-08 20:37:58Re: Kennedy Not So Near Miss Fryy
2008-07-05 15:09:55Citation Accident at JFK - 4/4/08 KTUS
2008-07-03 22:40:25Re: RNO ATC experiances chest pains bsmith19
2008-07-01 19:30:32RNO ATC experiances chest pains nfredrich
2008-06-24 23:46:22Dead Iguana on the taxiway / Atlanta Pitcher alexander
2008-06-24 18:24:25"UHHH theres a dog on the runway.." N646DW
2008-06-23 22:49:1355 knot microburst alert and wind shear alert KSYR-pjr
2008-06-23 06:36:20Air Force 2 Departing KCPR clearblueskies
2008-06-22 16:05:24Re: Stuck mic causes NORDO on JFK Ground CFD208
2008-06-20 04:40:34More IFR Clearance Practice rbrong
2008-06-19 18:26:48Re: ATC scolds pilot SweedChef
2008-06-19 14:24:23Re: ATC scolds pilot SweedChef
2008-06-18 02:54:12Funny Republic Pilot kbpilot5
2008-06-14 00:05:54Top of the "Food Chain" - Skunk crosses in front of Southwest. SQK7700
2008-06-13 20:05:10Alternator Failure SkanknTodd
2008-06-13 04:00:15Southwest reports laser on final to Oakland. SQK7700
2008-06-06 16:07:53Typical Summer Day at YKZ bcrosby
2008-06-01 01:51:29Re: DAL MD-88 lands with gear doors open in BOS Hollis
2008-05-23 19:03:26Fatal crash at KBIL Billings Hollis
2008-05-23 19:03:26Fatal crash at KBIL Billings Hollis
2008-05-20 15:58:28More of Boston John Hollis
2008-05-15 12:34:42SMB, Help! OlyFlower
2008-05-15 11:55:09SMB, Help! OlyFlower
2008-05-10 19:45:08Re: "Let the abuse start..." JFK GND. Hollis
2008-05-10 01:57:22Re: IFR Clearance Practice moto400ex
2008-04-27 02:39:20The Good Old days Hollis
2008-04-26 22:24:59Earthquake shakes KRNO tower bsmith19
2008-04-25 04:13:03Continental Express (Jetlink) Causes Havock on Approach Himerzi
2008-04-18 20:23:14Double trouble for Alaska529 at KSEA Hollis
2008-04-16 23:21:36Re: Lancair crash at KPDX. One dead. moto400ex
2008-04-13 20:11:56Re: Boston John... Hollis
2008-04-11 04:15:54Close call at RDU today. NY Z Pilot
2008-04-10 16:17:23KSFB - SeaRay flipped on lake Biff
2008-04-10 00:54:35Re: FLL runway incursion chilling audio ect76
2008-04-10 00:54:35Re: FLL runway incursion chilling audio ect76
2008-04-06 04:26:59Re: JetBlue wants to play games Hollis
2008-04-05 14:57:49Skybus Last Flights kbpilot5
2008-04-04 02:49:25Re: Citation crash at JFK - twr audio Hollis
2008-04-04 02:09:25Citation crash at JFK - twr audio Hollis
2008-04-03 00:23:12Aloha Airlines Final Flight SQK7700
2008-04-03 00:23:12Aloha Airlines Final Flight SQK7700
2008-03-30 09:02:45Re: Narita Approach KTUS
2008-03-27 17:58:47Small Mistake on My Part bcrosby
2008-03-22 07:32:49Re: IFR Clearance Practice KTUS
2008-03-21 16:51:02JetBlue wants to play games SkanknTodd
2008-03-20 09:05:53Hazmat Fire aboard Alitalia -- Emergency landing BOS (Diverted from Miami) coz
2008-03-20 03:04:46Double trouble at KSLC Hollis
2008-03-19 04:21:30Everyone knows BOS John, even the friendly ladies Hollis
2008-03-13 01:45:39They'll give a pilot's license to anyone these days SkanknTodd
2008-03-07 15:51:30Hats off to JFK Hollis
2008-03-06 20:58:27A real low approach, aka: 'scrape and go' Hollis
2008-03-04 19:17:11Fun with the Phonetic Alphabet SkanknTodd
2008-03-04 01:36:10IFR Clearance Practice rbrong
2008-02-24 23:38:11Re: The flight assist mp3 - where is it?! Jason
2008-02-24 04:30:46Re: AAL862 MD-80 Emergency at KPBI Hollis
2008-02-22 21:44:41Controller complains about Southwest SkanknTodd
2008-02-22 09:15:00Re: KSFO Tower ATC has the hic ups... Fryy
2008-02-19 01:53:49Re: SFO using 01's for Dept. (normal) And Landings (unusual) 0830PST 2-14-08 inigo88
2008-02-17 22:56:08Re: Lancair crash at KPDX. One dead. Hollis
2008-02-17 00:37:12Busy JFK Ground controller gets a bit hot under the collar Hollis
2008-02-16 06:23:04Controller tricks a pilot moto400ex
2008-02-14 04:32:00Citation emergency return to Orlando Hollis
2008-02-13 21:08:28Trying to land using SVFR bcrosby
2008-02-13 02:10:18Re: Cargo mishap at JFK Hollis
2008-02-12 03:28:19Concorde test flight ATC ect76
2008-02-12 02:56:48Re: Lightning strike COA114 Hollis
2008-02-06 01:13:59Re: Busy Sunday Seattle Final chaoszero
2008-01-31 22:18:03AA flight from San Juan to Philadelphia: Smoke in cockpit KSYR-pjr
2008-01-24 17:28:15East ops at LAX. AAL521, two missed and low fuel Eugene Zaporozhets
2008-01-23 19:03:25Importance of a good knob dan9125
2008-01-23 00:34:28release dispatch busy
2008-01-22 19:44:36Fatal Malibu crash at San Antonio Hollis
2008-01-21 23:37:53How important is an Accurate read back dan9125
2008-01-21 20:30:11Importance of Proper Altimeter Setting bcrosby
2008-01-21 01:30:09Audio from Cherokee down in the everglades near Tamiami NoMad
2008-01-11 02:31:16ERJ off into the grass at JFK cessna157
2008-01-08 23:25:52Heavy winds 60-70 knot shear at SFO moto400ex
2008-01-08 13:29:02This was Schiphol, Good Bye MathFox
2008-01-08 02:44:31Deadstick landing Hollis
2008-01-01 21:22:59skedaddling jahulian
2007-12-28 00:48:44fuel temp blow busy
2007-12-27 05:40:16Timmy and JoAnn @ LAS sbpost
2007-12-26 17:17:18Controller calls a pilot an A-Hole on the air. ac2usn
2007-12-26 17:13:35Funny coordination ac2usn
2007-12-26 17:11:55Controllers exchange Notice to Airmen Information ac2usn
2007-12-25 18:48:56Speedbird 2: Last Concorde KJFK to EGLL KTUS
2007-12-24 04:46:04Strong winds aloft KSYR-pjr
2007-12-12 15:22:39The JFK joker again Hollis
2007-12-11 23:29:47Stuck Mic Fryy
2007-12-11 06:58:08John Travolta departing St. Petersburg Clearwater Florida moto400ex
2007-12-11 04:38:47Re: JFK Near Miss athaker
2007-12-11 04:18:45What happens when you call in right at closing time for a Class D tower moto400ex
2007-12-03 23:55:58Re: Syracuse JetBlue plane skids off Runway KSYR-pjr
2007-12-03 10:16:25Re: Travolta Flying Fryy
2007-12-03 04:26:41Tribute to September 11, 2001 rbrong
2007-12-03 02:59:27Air Force One Comes to Reno rbrong
2007-11-30 00:10:10Morristown safe wheels up landing rjdowling
2007-11-29 16:24:35JFK Ground having problems, but having fun as well Hollis
2007-11-23 21:56:20Emergency go-around at JFK Hollis
2007-11-22 19:26:23British Airways "Speedbird 287 Heavy" Second Go-Around for the evening. SQK7700
2007-11-22 19:26:23British Airways "Speedbird 287 Heavy" Second Go-Around for the evening. SQK7700
2007-11-21 19:12:01Midair collision near Seattle Hollis
2007-11-18 12:39:52Re: JFK Ground does an 'oops' cessna157
2007-11-17 18:25:35USAir 1473 diverts to KPDX Hollis
2007-11-17 08:23:24PHL 7-29-07 sstuff
2007-11-15 20:24:39Re: That Certain JFK, ahhh, Charm! moto400ex
2007-11-15 05:11:20That Certain JFK, ahhh, Charm! sstuff
2007-11-09 00:30:11Jet Blue situation dan9125
2007-11-07 03:01:15KSEA final approach monitor break-in gmwnet
2007-11-05 01:31:27JFK Ground does an 'oops' Hollis
2007-11-02 12:53:05SFO TWR makes aircraft go around because of Earthquake! inigo88
2007-11-01 03:41:57Controllers Voice change moto400ex
2007-11-01 00:06:05short delay ykf25
2007-10-27 04:59:23Do You know how many centerline stripes are on runway 13R at JFK? moto400ex
2007-10-26 16:55:35Re: JFK ground helps out "America's Finest" Hollis
2007-10-26 05:22:33JFK's Explanation of a Full Route Clearance aevins
2007-10-24 16:50:47Happy Birthday to John! Hollis
2007-10-24 04:52:53"Go Around" dave
2007-10-24 03:18:00Santa Ana fires BBQ moto400ex
2007-10-23 12:35:57Midair near KFRG: Edited clip KSYR-pjr
2007-10-21 17:54:54Beaver (KBVI) Skylane lands in field mklatval
2007-10-20 01:57:41Goodfellas at JFK Cleared2Land
2007-10-17 21:37:45A rare in-flight emergency Hollis
2007-10-13 01:23:56KOXC and the 6 Choppers Mrbun
2007-10-12 21:06:11Pilot Appreciation? Biff
2007-10-12 17:31:19Re: UAL628 makes bad landing at KORD Hollis
2007-10-10 15:55:19UAL628 makes bad landing at KORD Hollis
2007-10-09 23:10:08Re: Controller saved money on car insurance AirKevin
2007-10-02 12:37:12Re: Citrus Accident? Hollis
2007-10-02 02:26:34Odd Cargolux Argument Himerzi
2007-10-02 01:56:38Re: Citrus Accident? Hollis
2007-10-01 03:54:19Boston John having a fine day as usual Hollis
2007-10-01 03:51:24Re: scared GA pilot Jane G
2007-10-01 00:42:25Re: scared GA pilot Jason
2007-09-30 12:45:39Re: CommAir STOP the aircraft !!! KSYR-pjr
2007-09-25 16:11:231679 blocked in by vehical painting at Boston aaron_cooper
2007-09-21 14:56:28Re: Cessna lands on golf course Hollis
2007-09-20 23:26:13Cessna lands on golf course (KBVI) keith
2007-09-16 17:36:55Re: Controller saved money on car insurance robyul1
2007-09-11 04:08:50Featuring me :-) N1943L beechsundowner
2007-09-11 04:08:50Featuring me :-) N1943L beechsundowner
2007-09-11 01:26:57Floatplane crash at Lakehood Alaska Hollis
2007-09-11 00:07:15Gentlemen ( and Gentleladies)- START YOUR ENGINES flyer57
2007-09-11 00:02:13Re: JFK Clearance - sort of moto400ex
2007-09-09 17:07:56JFK Grnd and pilot argue Hollis
2007-09-06 21:09:20Jet Blue mistakes JFK for LGA nitroboie
2007-09-06 19:15:50KMSY - Coors Light truck IndyTower
2007-09-05 18:47:30Cessna blown over at BOS Hollis
2007-09-04 21:18:35Re: Virgin America 837 emergency landing SFO Fryy
2007-09-02 20:49:08Just needs little to "animate" Boston John ... timmy
2007-08-31 01:43:32Boston John still keeps rolling on Hollis
2007-08-30 23:48:34Your favorite controller and mine! SweedChef
2007-08-30 10:38:05KLAS Controller retires emd2135
2007-08-29 02:11:47JFK Clearance - sort of Hollis
2007-08-29 01:40:49Now, now, children Cleared2Land
2007-08-29 01:24:56Job description: Fly jets. Close fuel panels. Cleared2Land
2007-08-29 01:19:41You only get one chance Cleared2Land
2007-08-29 01:14:39JFK Tower's secret weapon: Pussycats Cleared2Land
2007-08-28 23:49:13Air Force One in New Orleans... KMSY
2007-08-26 04:37:43Re: Anybody have the audio clip of the slow clearance given to a woman pilot by Fryy
2007-08-17 18:08:47Re: Sanford Crash Biff
2007-08-17 18:08:47Re: Sanford Crash Biff
2007-08-17 14:31:05Mooney lands gear-up at Syracuse, NY KSYR-pjr
2007-08-16 02:29:52No Virgin at JFK? Hollis
2007-08-10 22:03:27Slightly annoyed controllers Himerzi
2007-08-08 22:32:56Virgin America Arrives in SFO Pearson
2007-08-07 18:32:04Two funny clips from New Orleans KMSY
2007-08-07 18:32:04Two funny clips from New Orleans KMSY
2007-08-07 01:10:37Park and go 'potty' Hollis
2007-08-05 14:22:22Bird strike at New Orleans International lowflite
2007-08-03 01:32:09Arrivals at Oshkosh 2007 was that for us?
2007-08-02 20:25:55Clearance Delivery Hell keith
2007-07-31 03:09:50Good memories from the drive-in. SQK7700
2007-07-30 07:23:36Runway Incursion at KPHL aevins
2007-07-28 04:48:17A rare emergency Hollis
2007-07-25 22:44:14NWA980 Bomb Scare Fryy
2007-07-22 00:11:37Economy descent to save gas SQK7700
2007-07-19 18:59:52rough morning at Caldwell with the blenders keith
2007-07-19 18:59:52rough morning at Caldwell with the blenders keith
2007-07-12 22:24:20Aircraft destroyed at Orlando, KMCO Hollis
2007-07-12 20:08:05Re: AA 136 LAX-LON Diverts to JFK - Suspicious passenger Hollis
2007-07-11 17:33:59Re: Sanford Crash pilotboi411
2007-06-28 00:53:21JFK short and sweet Hollis
2007-06-27 23:56:07Hot at JFK Hollis
2007-06-25 17:43:34"Let the abuse start..." JFK GND. sunburn
2007-06-23 14:22:51Re: Plane lands safely at Logan after landing gear trouble Hollis
2007-06-22 03:44:30Re: Airforce One at KHSV NickBartolotta
2007-06-21 15:43:53Justin, do you copy? Jayhawk
2007-06-12 21:35:18JFK Ground stumped for an answer Hollis
2007-06-11 19:10:30Is the ATC too sharp? MathFox
2007-06-09 06:42:50We're Staring at an Owl! Pearson
2007-06-08 23:47:09JFK Ground having another hectic afternoon Hollis
2007-06-05 08:54:24KOWD crash - Norwood Airport - N4126H - June 4, 2007 10AM EDT dave
2007-06-04 19:16:06Boston John fun - continued timmy
2007-06-04 19:16:06Boston John fun - continued timmy
2007-06-02 12:59:09Can you start up? MathFox
2007-05-28 20:35:21Re: KSFO near miss MathFox
2007-05-24 17:33:28some funny EHAM stuff bairni
2007-05-24 17:33:28some funny EHAM stuff bairni
2007-05-22 22:26:42JFK Ground with a smart answer Hollis
2007-05-21 01:24:31JFK Grnd: near collision by JetBlue 1097, and persistent Air China pilot Hollis
2007-05-21 00:39:12'Boston John' having fun with another language Hollis
2007-05-20 21:06:20Jazz CRJ Gear Collapse at Pearson Pearson
2007-05-19 14:25:44Northwest emergency landing @ KBUF dan9125
2007-05-18 04:23:10Canadian Plane Crash near Dunkirk bcrosby
2007-05-17 05:52:30'Honkers over Yonkers' - Extra JFK traffic Hollis
2007-05-17 00:22:48Complaints About Weather Radar NickBartolotta
2007-05-16 09:03:30Re: Emergency vehicles at JFK??? Fryy
2007-05-15 16:24:52New airline in Buffalo dan9125
2007-05-14 22:20:19WJA First Flight to Kitchener (CYKF) bvanbrunt
2007-05-08 06:07:06Re: A tight squeeze at JFK Hollis
2007-05-07 02:28:10O Canada....correction...Air Canada BCote689
2007-05-03 02:44:32Controller and pilot diss Buffalo - Just had to say something KSYR-pjr
2007-05-02 20:16:36Midnight emergency at JFK Hollis
2007-04-29 10:38:12JFK: Lufthansa pilot leaves aircraft on taxiway timmy
2007-04-27 16:14:07A billion planes! cessna157
2007-04-27 16:14:07A billion planes! cessna157
2007-04-26 15:28:14Another Great Boston Controller kimbers_2080
2007-04-25 14:09:48WJA682 Birdstrike on Departure CYVR bcradio
2007-04-24 12:47:21American 44 faulty radios causes abort Hollis
2007-04-23 00:17:15Re: JFK Clearence saying hello to someone in the plane sanjet
2007-04-21 16:21:05AA1179 MD82 lost engine returned to Newark rjdowling
2007-04-19 22:39:35Comair955 abort at BOS Hollis
2007-04-15 22:49:10Where's Toronto? Pearson
2007-04-14 19:59:06United 816 Gear Problem Himerzi
2007-04-13 21:41:31JFK Ground...OOPS! Hollis
2007-04-13 04:21:46Re: Do you sleep enough? w0x0f
2007-04-12 02:27:35Re: Maxicana at JFK loosing fuel on take off Himerzi
2007-04-10 16:44:37Re: Top Ten Audio Clips Scrapper
2007-04-09 17:16:06Re: 40 knot wind shear just reported on KBUF freq (4/4) PHL_Approach
2007-04-09 17:16:06Re: 40 knot wind shear just reported on KBUF freq (4/4) PHL_Approach
2007-04-08 19:46:09Re: 40 knot wind shear just reported on KBUF freq (4/4) Jason
2007-04-05 00:28:22Re: Continental Flight turns back to KMCO after developing a hydraulics leak, 29 indigohjones
2007-04-03 22:30:10JFK Ground/Clearance "suggest" airline invest in new radios. indigohjones
2007-04-03 20:00:02Speedbird tries an April Fools athaker
2007-04-01 19:02:06My IR and PPL checkride Greg01
2007-04-01 19:02:06My IR and PPL checkride Greg01
2007-03-31 00:22:31JFK Controller Ernesto_182
2007-03-31 00:22:31JFK Controller Ernesto_182
2007-03-30 03:42:09Re: AAY emergency landing. KSFB Biff
2007-03-30 01:28:09Re: AAY emergency landing. KSFB Biff
2007-03-28 02:08:40Controler-Pilot dispute Mx App. Himerzi
2007-03-22 13:13:12Re: Continental Aircraft Engine "Shatter" @ KEWR mhawke
2007-03-19 21:15:46A380 "Super" arriving at KJFK jphil
2007-03-17 19:58:23Busy day at KPBI - Possible bird strike and sick passenger. jphil
2007-03-16 17:39:04Galaxy skidded off runway at HPN - snowy day ae5x
2007-03-15 13:32:08Re: Blown Tire at KJFK during evening rush hour, plus ARNIE Biff
2007-03-14 14:12:52Stuck Mic at JFK jogales
2007-03-10 08:58:54Blown Tire at KJFK during evening rush hour athaker
2007-03-08 19:24:38"Close Call" at BOS - 3-6-07 PHL_Approach
2007-03-03 04:42:59Another emergency at BOS 3/2 skins914
2007-03-03 04:15:15Emergency at KBOS 2/28 skins914
2007-03-02 02:13:30Alaska Airlines 42 unauthorized low approach at PANC Alex
2007-02-27 23:46:59B-17 landing KSNA Kujuman
2007-02-22 18:55:22Comair pilot with stuck mic dan9125
2007-02-22 02:52:02Flat tire closes runway at San Antonio (KSAT) gusty987
2007-02-13 01:58:12KJFK Stuck Mic Fryy
2007-02-11 15:39:14Re: AAL Captain retires at Logan davolijj
2007-02-08 20:48:25A little talk about White Sands Missile Range PHL_Approach
2007-02-05 07:52:11Re: Another F-Bomb Dropped in Toronto Pygmie
2007-02-01 20:27:42Re: Continental Pilot Tells “Boston John” To Speak English!! Greg01
2007-01-31 03:14:52Re: Interview at Phoenix Tower knish1231
2007-01-22 15:14:32PHL strong winds - "Interesting Landing" IndyTower
2007-01-21 18:32:11Emergency landing at Buffalo dan9125
2007-01-20 03:55:37Re: US Air 4439 Emergency Landing at KCHO aviator_06
2007-01-18 23:37:29Comair 191 Kentucky audio mk223
2007-01-17 22:30:19Re: Fatal Jet Crash @ KVNY knish1231
2007-01-13 02:58:49Boston Charlie kimbers_2080
2007-01-06 00:49:58JFK almost swear nitroboie
2007-01-04 18:06:37YYZ controller swears when his mike was inadvertantly live KSYR-pjr
2007-01-03 14:21:23Antonov 124 In Philly JALTO
2007-01-03 00:53:55Re: "First lander of 2007" Adrian8
2007-01-02 02:43:40Cleveland Incident Last Night Adrian8
2007-01-01 05:05:08"First lander of 2007" Adrian8
2007-01-01 05:05:08"First lander of 2007" Adrian8
2007-01-01 05:05:08"First lander of 2007" Adrian8
2007-01-01 05:05:08"First lander of 2007" Adrian8
2006-12-29 21:34:08IFR...Hey Peter! Greg01
2006-12-27 19:41:48Eating My Mic bcrosby
2006-12-27 15:06:20Emergency at BOS 12/19 skins914
2006-12-21 01:43:28Re: Interesting Day Greg01
2006-12-19 21:07:12Re: Pilot orders coffee during emergency landing @ KBUF today dan9125
2006-12-13 12:00:29AAL833 JFK Fryy
2006-12-12 05:38:33A380 @ CYVR Vancouver! Tomato
2006-12-12 05:38:33A380 @ CYVR Vancouver! Tomato
2006-12-04 23:40:24Re: DAL140 JFK Fryy
2006-12-04 03:43:50DAL140 JFK Fryy
2006-11-29 21:52:59DC-9 has trouble inbound to Buffalo dan9125
2006-11-26 21:01:48Re: Funny Seattle Approach/United exchange Tomato
2006-11-26 20:36:27Vancouver has a snow day! Tomato
2006-11-24 00:48:02You Called Me Comair... Adrian8
2006-11-13 21:20:59Comair 238 scolded at KJFK brone
2006-11-08 20:20:01JFK ATIS Whiskey - 11/04 Jason
2006-11-08 20:18:17Re: LiveATC as an Educational Tool Fryy
2006-11-02 15:26:35Daytona Beach Duchess Crash 01Nov06 StogieC
2006-10-28 21:20:32I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night... udpilot
2006-10-28 14:11:13JFK GND getting upset knish1231
2006-10-21 04:35:37Northwest 27 "heavy" fuel dump over San Francisco, CA SQK7700
2006-10-12 09:08:29Re: Anyone get the audio of the SR20 crash in NYC? Fryy
2006-10-02 20:37:03Re: Classic 'John Moments' from KBOS Jason
2006-09-29 11:51:52KBOS - DAL1908 - Aircraft on ground w/ smoke in cockpit dave
2006-09-26 23:55:49Headset fails and coincidentally the door blows open: A story and short clip KSYR-pjr
2006-09-25 20:00:18Good Boston John clip - "working me like a big dog" dave
2006-09-22 14:07:21ELT over Buffalo dan9125
2006-09-20 02:04:32Team USA arrives in Dublin lpower
2006-09-18 21:33:44C172 busting TFR at Morristown keith
2006-09-15 20:41:30Pilot has problem with his brain @ KBUF! dan9125
2006-09-12 06:18:10Re: Boston John.... frantzy
2006-09-07 17:22:43Affirmative I'm an Idiot? Candyman
2006-09-01 18:50:19Airshow Chatter on CZYZ bcrosby
2006-09-01 07:28:40Sorry, What's the Frequency? Adrian8
2006-08-21 00:46:21AAL802 going around in emergency spallanzani
2006-08-20 05:10:44Air Canada 152 A Little Dazed Adrian8
2006-08-17 20:19:03Re: Anyone catch London-DC diversion to Boston on 8/16? knish1231
2006-08-17 16:10:38Chicago Approach - lobster IndyTower
2006-08-16 02:26:53Re: JFK gnd and Iberia nitroboie
2006-08-15 17:50:03Re: JFK gnd and Iberia nitroboie
2006-08-12 19:35:25Boston John.... knish1231
2006-08-12 01:08:53I'll take the rappist for a thousand Bryant Andrew
2006-08-05 18:05:40JFK Ground Funny Clip knish1231
2006-08-01 02:49:04KOSH accident during AirVenture fly-in davolijj
2006-07-26 20:45:16How not to arrive at Oshkosh KSYR-pjr
2006-07-26 19:24:05AAL134 Emergency at JFK davolijj
2006-07-24 23:06:28Re: JFK tower getting mad Pygmie
2006-07-23 20:54:33NY/Carribean "cell call check" T_N_T
2006-07-14 22:21:22Re: Pilot orders coffee during emergency landing @ KBUF today KSYR-pjr
2006-07-13 20:26:06Pilot orders coffee during emergency landing @ KBUF today dan9125
2006-07-06 03:41:21Lost Pilot (Cessna 890) at DuPage cjserio
2006-06-29 14:26:49Flight LEEEEEEEEEEVEL bcrosby
2006-06-18 15:11:27Re: JFK Area Violating Aircraft @ 1434z Jason
2006-06-15 20:14:24JFK Turtle ups702
2006-06-14 18:37:55AAL115 smoke emergency at EIDW lpower
2006-06-04 09:57:23Anything Else You Want to Tell Me? whiterabbit
2006-06-04 09:31:15Philly Nerves 2 whiterabbit
2006-06-02 23:27:49Lear35 crashes at GON today 6/2 ecrane99
2006-05-27 04:19:47Maintain Visual...with the boat. davolijj
2006-05-19 20:37:08Teaching the Circuit with a stuck mike bcrosby
2006-05-18 22:53:32Re: Philly Approach Trying to Think whiterabbit
2006-05-18 22:53:32Re: Philly Approach Trying to Think whiterabbit
2006-05-18 22:49:21Re: Saturday Nights at Philly whiterabbit
2006-05-16 00:57:02Cessna 96525 Mistakenly Broadcast Hijack Signal - Sanford Tower skydrol
2006-05-12 23:47:09KSNA - NASA F-18 Flight Testing off Coast XTSKid
2006-05-12 22:30:18Philly Approach Trying to Think whiterabbit
2006-05-11 19:46:36KJFK - "Stinkin' Lead-In Lights" nitroboie
2006-05-08 23:24:20Wildfires Biff
2006-05-05 20:58:47Alaska 737 Gets RA @ KSNA XTSKid
2006-05-02 01:44:58This is for any Redsox fan mk223
2006-04-28 13:43:05file dan9125
2006-04-28 02:17:40Contollers wife? dan9125
2006-04-27 12:55:07"Give me a number and your ID please." KSYR-pjr
2006-04-26 21:03:46"Give me a number and your ID please." KSYR-pjr
2006-04-24 19:13:30Re: ice KSYR-pjr
2006-04-21 00:52:45Golf or Foxtrot bcrosby
2006-04-18 15:58:16Keep Me Away From Airplanes bcrosby
2006-04-18 04:50:48SEA TWR no answer frantzy
2006-04-18 04:50:48SEA TWR no answer frantzy
2006-04-15 14:31:09KSFB Emergency Biff
2006-04-10 20:44:28Someone like's their job... Jason
2006-04-08 23:38:01Will You Marry me? bcrosby
2006-04-08 22:56:38Slight engine issue at KBED msk1172
2006-03-24 16:58:05My first solo out of KSYR scottskywalker
2006-03-23 21:24:50"You're giving him a good run for his money." KSYR-pjr
2006-03-23 16:36:18Fire onboard a US Airways Embraer ERJ-175 flying into SYR KSYR-pjr
2006-03-22 21:44:50Lear35 in an icing stall on approach to Buffalo 3/22/06 KSYR-pjr
2006-03-15 07:37:22USA1167 Fryy
2006-03-11 04:35:25ZID controller change - stuck mike IndyTower
2006-03-10 07:40:20Position and Holds Fryy
2006-03-04 18:53:09Aircraft Off Runway at TEB? keith
2006-02-28 21:05:54pilot passes PPL checkride keith
2006-02-28 14:37:26Engine Failure, Emergency landing on I-265 Louisville, Ky. flyboie01
2006-02-27 03:33:39More Nerves at JFK davolijj
2006-02-22 01:36:53Class C Confusion Biff
2006-02-15 23:23:11Entwistle arrival at KBED dave
2006-02-15 01:48:38Speak Faster! Biff
2006-02-14 04:24:08Showdown at JFK! msk1172
2006-02-14 04:24:08Showdown at JFK! msk1172
2006-02-14 04:24:08Showdown at JFK! msk1172
2006-02-14 00:48:25Near Runway hit at Midway PHL_Approach
2006-02-13 10:07:18KJFK - JBU49 Emergency Fryy
2006-02-08 18:33:38ATC reads poem. :) dave
2006-02-07 02:08:27BA 184 @ KBOS 20060206 Smoke in Cabin DTAK
2006-02-06 02:55:19Superbowl XL scores being transmitted 'cross the NAS Jason
2006-02-03 23:59:24Landing at your discretion Biff
2006-02-02 22:40:38KCDW radio transmission failure keith
2006-02-02 05:07:38American Airlines 875 Emergency Landing in KSEA mk223
2006-01-31 01:10:26russian experience kuznetsova
2006-01-14 21:11:06The Safehouse nfredrich
2006-01-11 04:24:14Boston John (again) Neil
2006-01-08 21:26:24Connection Two-twenty niiiiiiinnnneeee..... Biff
2006-01-05 16:27:20Favorite tower controller - KSEA IndyTower
2005-12-30 07:03:04MD-80 Decompresses departing KSEA cpumodem
2005-12-28 07:52:06F-16 engine failure over Iraq, 2/17/91 Wolfala
2005-12-24 05:29:40Jeff Gordon IndyTower
2005-12-21 03:46:50MEP 210 Emergency at Logan davolijj
2005-12-12 00:45:13Missile shot at AAL 612 out of LAX November 26th 2005 Wolfala
2005-12-12 00:45:13Missile shot at AAL 612 out of LAX November 26th 2005 Wolfala
2005-12-06 05:28:58Where you goin? IndyTower
2005-11-25 06:31:13CYYZ at 1:20am to 1:50am loca Jane G
2005-10-31 03:45:59Glasses IndyTower
2005-10-21 00:24:06Wasie bcrosby
2005-10-10 03:03:10Dead Skunk on Runway 9 (KBOS) kevin
2005-10-04 19:22:08the race is on keith
2005-10-04 19:13:23anyone wanna go down town? keith
2005-09-27 16:29:38What's abeam mean? IndyTower
2005-09-24 19:12:54BOS ATC retire skydrol
2005-09-24 18:19:11ccccccya skydrol
2005-09-24 16:57:45Cyaaa skydrol
2005-09-23 23:30:53Jet Blue Landing at LAX - Anyone have the audio???? Love_To_Fly
2005-09-13 17:38:15Philly fun IndyTower
2005-09-11 12:18:47PVD Runway Incursion gbntpilot
2005-09-11 07:49:07And Then the world changed.... rb37
2005-09-10 18:51:51wisecracking CFI msk1172
2005-09-02 20:21:10Another KBOS 'Charactor' Kimbers
2005-09-01 01:48:22mocha clearance part 2 msk1172
2005-08-24 09:33:59ccccccya dave
2005-08-24 08:47:42Alpine Aviation Fun Air to Air Conversation LORm
2005-08-24 06:24:00KBOS near miss IndyTower
2005-08-24 04:02:58ccccccya msk1172
2005-08-21 22:39:55CYUL - Jazz 7674 is not able to lower gears spallanzani
2005-08-10 03:49:29PHL Transponder out.... Neil
2005-08-04 23:32:31Maps IndyTower
2005-07-19 15:05:12How are these new runways working out? IndyTower
2005-07-18 20:25:35Boston Tower near miss (June 9, 2005) dave
2005-07-18 20:25:35Boston Tower near miss (June 9, 2005) dave
2005-07-14 15:47:34Who's the controller here? IndyTower
2005-07-14 15:27:29IND/ZID Incorrect readback IndyTower
2005-07-09 03:34:39That's what I get paid for...not cranky guy eitha Jason
2005-07-09 03:30:29Delay BGR?...ya want your clearance? Jason
2005-07-08 15:09:11More Vintage SFO Tower davolijj
2005-07-08 14:59:20Crazy traffic at SFO davolijj
2005-07-02 21:55:50Short nerves at PHL IndyTower
2005-07-02 21:47:48Sean Connery IndyTower
2005-06-07 05:18:12One Last EAA/Oshkosh pweeden
2005-06-07 05:11:48Even More Oshkosh/EAA pweeden
2005-06-07 04:56:27More Oshkosh/EAA pweeden
2005-06-07 04:52:22Oshkosh VFR arrivals during EAA Convention pweeden
2005-06-06 08:28:12Enthusiasm is contagious IndyTower
2005-06-04 19:25:07Is it really that wonderful maam? IndyTower
2005-06-02 11:43:22Commander N1381J Accident - Engine Failure dave
2005-06-02 11:34:56KBOS ILS 4R - WINNI or WINNI? dave
2005-06-02 11:30:58Minor TFR procedure spanking (KBED) dave
2005-06-01 19:16:07Everyones a friend Jason
2005-06-01 18:08:03One of the very best approach controllers (N90, EWR) dave
2005-06-01 12:46:51Favorite tower controller dave