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Why isn't this airport or ATC facility covered?
LiveATC feeds are provided by both LiveATC and a large and growing group of volunteers near airports around the world. New feeds are being added constantly, but feeds can disappear for several reasons (feed volunteer moved, feed is down for an extended period of time because it is being moved, volunteer is no longer able to provide the service, etc.). In many cases we try very hard to recruit a new volunteer and we take pride in maintaining high uptime and high quality reception. We aren't perfect, but we do strive for constant improvement.

What can I do to help?
If you know of anyone who might live near your airport or region of interest please have them get in contact via this contact form.
The main requirements to host a feed are:
  • Police scanner or any receiver capable of monitoring airband (118-136 MHz)
  • Always-on internet connection (LiveATC uplink uses only 16kbps)
  • Decent reception of a local airport, approach control facility, or ARTCC
  • Windows, Mac, or Linux/FreeBSD computer with sound card (requires very little system resources)
  • Inexpensive audio cable to hook your receiver to your sound card
  • Free software that we help install


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